Dragon Nest Adept Tips and Guide

Adept is the only class that is possessing 2 elemental attribute at the same time in Dragon Nest. Born as Academic class, her sister is Physician which is also elemental user.

The 2 other Academic class are Gear Master and Shooting Star. But it’s different with Adept, they don’t have elemental attribute.

Despite she has 2 elemental attribute, but you don’t have to worry and get confuse because those element is merged once you reach level 95.

You will also find other information through this guide, including skill build that could be used for both PVP and PVE, skill rotation and combo, and equipment you need to wear.

But before you follow this tips and guide, make sure you watch my gameplay below. If you think my playstyle is suck, you can leave. But if you think that it will fit for you, keep reading buddy!

So, let’s get started!

Latest update: October 2020 SEA patch


When it comes to Adept, the first thing you need to know is her Alchemy Bubble. This buff can be stacked until 20 and they are used when you cast several skills.

Based on my Skill Rotation, you can gain Alchemy Bubble by casting several skills including Icing Mass, C2H5OH, Disease, Magma Punch, Icing Punch, Magma Jump, and summoning Ice Palm. Don’t worry and don’t confuse, I’ll explain further later.

dragon nest adept guide

For now, let’s talk about her buff and debuff potential first.

Buff Potential

  1. Auto Dispenser.Just like the other Academic class, Adept has also a skill that summon Auto Dispenser. Just throw it down and it will produce some foods that give you buffs. For example, cheese and milk will boost your Attack, Flash Elixir will boost your speed, Bird’s Nest will reduce your cooldown all of skills, and more.
  2. Cocktail. It’s different with cocktail 2 years ago, now it’s easier to use. This buff will increase your INT, heal skill recovery rate increases by 10% (good for physician), and Cooldown of all skills reduce by 25%. It lasts for 900 seconds so you can set it and forget.

Debuff Potential

Adept is also being equipped by debuff that will make the enemies suffer from damage and elemental reaction. But some elemental reactions don’t have any effect on boss monster.

So I personally divide her debuff into 2 group, weakening and elemental reaction.

  1. Magma Punch. This skill include into weakening debuff. It will make enemies reduce their attribute resistance by 20%. But it last for 10 seconds, so in my skill rotation, I use this skill a lot, and cast follow-up-skills as fast as possible.
  2. Ice Elemental Reaction. This group includes Icing Mass, Ice Beam, and Icicle Expression. Icing Mass and Icicle Expression slow down enemies movement, and Ice Beam tent to make enemies freeze up. But the ice elemental reaction doesn’t seem have any effect on the boss monster.
  3. Fire Elemental Reaction. This debuff will burn your enemies up, and give them continuous damage. This group includes Napalm Bomb and Magma Wave.
  4. Disease. Yups, disease skill is belong to Physician, but I’ll take it for a reason. I’ll tell you later in the Skill Tree section.

Class Mastery

  1. Class Mastery 1. Own fire and ice attribute attack are increased, and when Alchemy Bubbles are created by using Fire and Ice Attribute skills (I’ve written all of the skills above), you will gain buff that increases for 10 seconds. This buff affect your attack power and increase by 10%, and Fire-Ice elemental by 30%.
  2. Class Mastery 2. An instant skill. When Icing Punch is used, Ice Beam Ex changes to an instant for a while and can be immediately used over a wide area. The regular and instant is sharing their cooldown, so you can’t cast it 2 times in a row.
  3. Class Mastery 3. A linked skill. After using Napalm Bomb, use Magma Wave EX on the flame trails to create additional flames that deal damage on the enemies.

Maybe, the most CM that has huge influence on my fighting style is Class Mastery 1. It makes me divide the combo into 2 pattern, which is I explained below.

Skill Tree

In this section, let’s talk about her skill build that will suit for your PVE and skill rotation.

Skill Build

First, you can check my skill build out!

dragon nest adept skill build

This time, I don’t only focus on Adept skill tree alone, but also I activate almost all of the Physician skill tree. The reason is pretty simple, I need Disease and Chemical Bubble Charging to help me create Chemical Bubble.

Plus side is, this build can also be used for PVP, despite is not completed, but it’s enough for me to knock my enemies down.

But I won’t speak up PVP more than this. I’m not someone who in charge doing that thing. Because through this post, I only focus on PVE, no more. So, let’s see how to implement this skill build into your action!!

Skill Rotation and Combo

Just like what I said before that I divided my skill rotation and combo into 2 pattern, it’s Bubble charging pattern and Burst Damage pattern.

dragon nest adept skill rotation
No.1-5 is Chemical Bubble charging skill. They also act as debuff
dragon nest adept combo
No.1-4 and G are Burst skill

Please note that this skill rotation could be used by BMJ and non-BMJ user. For DDJ user, I don’t have any suggestion for you.

So, if you use BMJ or don’t use DDJ, here is to use skill build above.

  1. Pre-Fight. Let’s make our preparation. It’s very important so make sure you do this before any fight. First, stack your Chemical Bubble up to 10. You can spam several skill like Magma Punch, Icing Punch, and Poison Charging, or whatever.
    And then, don’t forget about your Auto Dispenser, and Cocktail.
  2. Ice Palm. It’s necessary to give additional damage on enemies even without you lift a finger.
    After you’ve done with your preparation, now let’s give the enemies debuff while charging your Chemical Bubble even more.
  3. Icing Mass. It will give Ice Elemental Reaction. It will also make an Ice Crystal on the ground
  4. C2H5OH or Ethanol. If you throw it right into the Ice Crystal, it will produce explosive reaction.
    Tips: click normal attack button after Icing Mass.
  5. Disease. Besides it gives enemies debuff, it will also give you Chemical Bubble. This is the sole reason why I use this skill.
  6. Magma Punch. It acts as debuff. Very necessary.
  7. Class Mastery 2. Just use Ice Punch and it will turn your Ice Beam into an instant.
    Tips: click normal attack button after Magma Punch.
  8. Magma Jump. This is an optional!!! Sometime I use it to dodge enemies’ attack, or just to give a little distance between enemies and myself.
    So far, you’ve acquired 20 bubble, now it’s time to give pain to the enemies.
  9. Class Mastery 3. Just link Napalm Bomb with Magma Wave. If you use the Blood Moon Jade, the damage is greater.
  10. Magma Wall. Oftentimes I cast it while pressing W.
  11. Elemental Flair. It needs 7 bubble. That’s why Pre-Fighting is necessary just like what I said above.
  12. Icicle Expression. It needs 5 bubble if you want more damage. I use this if Elemental Flair cooldowning or can’t be used because you only have 5-6 bubble.
  13. Back to number 2.

If you ask me about Bubble Bubble skill, well, I use it when in PVP only.

Equipment Build

Adept is using Magical Attack, Intelect, and Elemental Attribute. So, it’s necessary for you to stack those stats among other things.

Beginner Set

If you just reached level 95, you can use these equipment build:


  • Skilla Set. Craft through blacksmith. You can get the material needed by clearing the main quest combined with clearing Mission Board quest or other ways.
  • Accessories. After you reached level 95, you will get one set of accessories. Just use them and save your money for advanced build later.
  • Costume. Buy all costume and accessories in adventurer David using Hero’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears point.

Dragon Jade

While for dragon jade, Dragon Nest has change the system into Vibrant dragon jade. So the first thing you need to do is to measure your Critical stat and defence first.

  • Vibrant Attack. First, focus on your Critical Rate. If it is still below 89%, choose Vibrant Fatal. If it does, choose the Vibrant Limitation instead.
  • Vibrant Defence. While for defence, you need to measure you Physical and Magical defense first. If they are still below 70%, choose Iron Wall and Tent. But if they did, choose the Vitality instead.
  • Blood Moon Jade. It will boost your Magma Wave skill.

Heraldry and Skill Plates

For the heraldry I’m using:

  • Magic
  • Intellect
  • Ultimate
  • Fatal
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Limitation
  • Health

And for the Skill Heraldry includes:

  • Magma Wave: CD 20%
  • Ice Beam: CD 20%
  • Napalm Bomb: Damage 20%
  • Ice Palm: CD 20%
  • Icing Punch (Goddess): Damage 57%
  • Skill up Heraldry: Magma Wave +1


For the talisman, I’m using Talisman Slot Extension Coupon 30 Days. I bought it through David using Hero’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears point. So, I can open 4 additional slots!

Here are for beginner and starter with a very low budget:

  • 200%. Magic, Intellect, Ultimate
  • 175%. Fatal, Limitation, Health
  • 125%. Iron Wall, Tent, Life Vitality

Advanced Build

After you got all of beginner equipment, now it’s time for you to achieve more damage by using advanced build. Here’s you goal:


  • Weapon: Polishing Forest Dragon Bubble Gun (or End of Dream is better)
  • Secondary Weapon: Cultivation Zephyr Dragon Timble (End of Dream is better)
  • Helm and Shoes: Crushing Wave
  • Upper, Lower, Gloves: Minos
  • Rings: Punishing Obsidian (or Sandstone are better)
  • Necklace: Heavenly Corundum (or Zuu is better)
  • Earring: Noble Geraint (or Zuu)
  • Costume: One set Epic costume and accessories. Using Converter is better.
  • Pet and Mount: Any that gives you additional stats. Legend options are recommended.

Dragon Jade

  • 4 pieces of Vibrant Limitation Attack. Attach to main weapon, secondary weapons, and rings.
  • 3 pieces of Vibrant Tent Defence. Attach to armors or accessories.
  • 3 pieces of Vibrant Iron Wall Defence.
  • 1 piece of Vibrant Life Vitality.

Or if you are lucky enough, you can get Vibrant Ultimate Dragon Jade.

  • Blood Moon Jade. Attach to your main weapon.
  • Aurora Dragon Jade. Attach to your necklace.

Heraldry and Skill Plates

It’s almost same with the beginner build, but if you have more money, find additional stat of Final Damage. Or if your budget limited, use additional stat of Intellect is also good enough.


  • 200%: Magic, Ancient, Ultimate
  • 175%: Guardian, Limitation, Intellect
  • 125%: Iron Wall, Tent, Fatal
  • 100%: Life Vitality, Health

Sometime, you need to do trial and error, especially if you find additional stat Intellect of your talisman.

Well, this tips and guide is not complete yet, maybe I’ll update it later.

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