Dragon Nest Dark Avenger Guide Level 95 – Equipment and Skill Build

Dark Avenger is the very first spin-off class in Dragon Nest. Back then, many people – including me – got a little confused about this class, until finally this class was released and it turned out to be a special class that could only be created in a limited of time. Just like the other spin-off class, the Dark Avenger is a fusion between 4 of his root class, Warrior. So you will find some skills that resemble the Gladiator, Moonlord, Barbarian, and Destroyer.

I have built this class back then in cap 80, and just like the other players, I was so excited to play this class for the first time. But it’s only a temporary feelings. I mean, I switched back to my old and main characters, Gear Master, after the hype is over.

But then, I re-create this class once again in level 95 and I have totally different experience. I manage to bring back the hype feelings once again by using this class. And of course, since there’s always nerf and revamp, I also changed my gameplay and fighting style. But before we talk about that, let’s discuss his potential!


Dark Avenger has several active buffs that boost his own and party members, as well as can debuff the monster to make them receive more damages.

Just what I mentioned above that Dark Avenger is still count as Warrior class, so you will find an active buff called Breaking Point that will boost your Physical Attack and Magical Attack of yours and allies. But you will only need a Physical Attack boost, while the magical attack is for Moonlord or allies who use the magical attack as their main stats, for example, Adept or Sting Breezer.

The other active buff is Shadow Call that will boost your fire attribute by 40% for one minute. For this reason, you have to keep rebuffing, or else, your fire element will drop and the damage won’t be huge.

You can also find an active buff and debuff skill, namely Avenger Force. While this skill will give you 10 bubbles of avenger force, it also could slow down the enemies movement if you successfully hit them with this skill. Anyway, what does this [bubbles of avenger force] work for? It’s for two main reasons!

First, the Dark Mastery passive skill will need this avenger force to fully active. Your strength stat (PVE) and physical attack (PVP) is increased based on the number of [Avenger Force] created. Your STR will increase by 3% every 1 bubble created. The maximum of the bubble could be stacked until 30 bubbles. In other words, you will need the Avenger Force skill to activate this Dark Mastery. Of course, if you have zero bubbles, then you won’t gain any benefit from this passive skill. Second, the transformation also needs Avenger Force.

But there’s other option to gain avenger force without using Avenger Force skill, that’s Class Mastery 1. By activating this skill, you will gain 1 bubble whenever you deal Critical damage on enemies with skill.

While the Class Mastery 2 is an instant skill of Soul Cutter. It will be activated if you use Step Blade skill. But I almost never used this CM2, and the reason will be explained in the combo guide section.

And for the Class Mastery is involving the Rising Slash and Piercing Crescent. If you left click after Rising Slash ends its animation in midair, you will have a different style of Piercing Crescent giant sword energies.

Dragon Nest Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger Casting Class Mastery 3’s Piercing Crescent

Anyway, talking about Soul Cutter, this is also an active skill to debuff the enemies. They will have [All Attribute Resistance] reduced. And the other debuffer skill is Dark Stinger. But make sure you use this skill while you’re in Dark Avenger mode.

Skill Build

Just like the other spin-off class, this skill build is really straightforward. I always give the maximum level of main skills, and the additional skills based on the necessities. For example, if you are a PVP player, you will tend to activate all of his skill. However, as PVE player, I tend to not activate all of them since it will cost my SP. I will only use my SP for the skills that I really need.

Dark Avenger Warrior Skill BuildDark Avenger Avenger Skill BuildDark Avenger Skill Build

So, like you may think, there are some skills that I don’t totally use! And there’s no awakening skill for Dark Avenger.

Combo Guide

For the combo guide or skill rotation, it’s different from the other class I’ve ever played. I mean, usually I always using the debuff skill to only stronger enemies like the boss, but I give different treatment to this class. I always use every debuff skill to any other monster, whenever I have a chance to use it. The reason? It’s because his debuff skill is pretty easy to use and can’t be separated with my fighting style.

Dark Avenger Skill Rotation

Here’s more detail about my combo guide and skill rotation:

  1. Activate your buff Breaking Point to boost your physical attack by 10%. The duration is pretty long, so you can leave this for a while.
  2. And you can focus on Shadow Call instead. This buff is only active for 60 seconds, so you have to rebuff as often as possible, whenever you have a chance to use it.
  3. Use Avenger Force to gain 10 bubbles, and then you can transform into Dark Avenger.
  4. Those 3 steps are preparations to fight the enemies, and now let’s start the party!
  5. Dark Stinger can be a good choice to be used first. In Dark mode, this skill can inflict the enemies with a debuff to make them receive 20% more damage.
  6. Use the Vengeance Storm to the enemies.
  7. Follow it up with Avenger Force (If only the skill available, since you just used it to gain 10 bubbles to transform into Dark Avenger, and most likely it’s still in cooldown. In that case, you can skip this step). If you successfully hit the enemies, they will suffer from debuff as well.
  8. Make them more suffer by using Doom Blade. Several enemies will instantly die, or else, they will be lifted to the air, except the boss.
  9. Use Soul Cutter to inflict the -20% Elemental Resist debuff. Well, this is a great skill for Dark Avenger. ‘if this skill is very important, why I didn’t use it ahead?’ It’s because the animation so sucks. That’s why I put it before…
  10. Dark Riser skill. This skill can cancel the Soul Cutter by clicking the space. Luckily, even you’re not completing all of the animation, the debuff can still be given to the enemies.
  11. Click space once again in midair to activate the Dark Crash skill. Since the enemy is suffering from 2 debuffs (Dark Stinger and Soul Cutter) you gave earlier, then the damage of this skill should be huge.
  12. In case you’re still seeing one or two monsters left in the area, you can finish them off with Graves or activate your Class Mastery 3 by linking the Rising Slash skill with Piercing Crescent.
  13. Don’t forget to rebuff the Shadow Call, and back to number 5.

In certain situation, I also use:

  • Dash Combo to destroy the barrier.
  • Recovery will be activated automatically whenever you got hit. Your super armor defense power will increase for a while.
  • Counter Slash whenever I got hit by clicking the right button of the mouse.
  • Step Blade to activate the Class Mastery 2. It will activate the instant skill of Soul Cutter. I only use this class mastery whenever I need to debuff the monster, while the Soul Cutter is still in cooldown state. Well, Soul Cutter standard and instant skill don’t share a cooldown.
  • I almost never used the Death Knell. I only use this skill whenever I want to use. There’s no special reason, though. The animation is pretty slow, and the damage is not so high either.
  • I will Relieve whenever I suffer from negative buffs.

That’s all for Dark Avenger combo.

Equipment Build

Let’s check his main buff potential first! There’s a Dark Mastery skill that boosts your STR stats, and Shadow Call that boosts your fire element. For this reason, you have to stack those stats, the fire element, and STR. Anyway, all of his skill is also use the fire element!

So, in this build, I will only focus on how to balance the physical attack, STR, and fire element.

Dark Avenger Stats

Alright, here’s what you need:


  • Sword and Gauntlet: Attaching the Fire Jade level 93, or Attack Jade with Fire Element and Physical attack level 95
  • Armors: Attaching the Bear Jade level 93 with Vit. option, or Attack Jade with Str. and Vit. stats.
  • 2 pair or Rings: Attaching the Fire Jade level 93, or Attack Jade with Fire Element and Physical attack level 95
  • Earring and Necklace: Attaching the Bear Jade level 93 with Vit. option, or Attack Jade with Str. and Vit. stats.

Please note that I’m a defense build lover, which means I don’t like to build my character with low Max HP or vitality. If you are an extreme player who focuses only on the offensive, try to change vit. option with critical damage option.

Plate Build and Plate Skills

  • Destruction (Physical Attack).
  • Bear (STR)
  • Wind (AGI)
  • Fatal (Critical Chance)
  • Limit (Critical Damage)
  • Health (Vitality)
  • Defence (Physical and Magical defense)
  • Ultimate (Final Damage)

for the plat skills include:

  • Dark Crash (damage). In my fighting style above, I use this skill after I gave the enemies 2 debuffs from Dark Stinger and Soul Cutter. Yeah, the damage will boost!
  • Doom Blade (damage). This skill has a very great damage!
  • Vengeance Storm (damage). I also use this skill after Dark Stinger. You will give more damage by giving it plate skill.
  • optional: Soul Cutter (Cooldown). Or other skills you like.


For the talisman, it’s almost same with the Plate build:

  • Destruction (Physical Attack)
  • Bear (Str)
  • Wind (Agi)
  • Fatal (Critical Chance)
  • Limit (Critical Damage), or Ultimate (Final Damage) if you have a high budget.
  • Health (Vitality)
  • Tent (Magical Defense)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (Physical Defense).

That’s for Dark Avenger. If you have any question regarding this class, please leave the comment below.

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