Dragon Nest Flurry Guide Level 95 – Equipment and Skill Build

I decided to postpone the Assassin class guide, despite it is only one class left, Light Furry, or maybe 2 class left if Phantom Bleed has been released in the future. Well, it’s because I try to review the Flurry who got her awakening skill this month in Japan server. Maybe I will also review and make a guide to her sister Sting Breezer in the next post. And after that, I will back to the assassin class while waiting for his spin-off class to be released.

Many people said that this Lancea class is only a clone from Archer class. To be honest, I’m very uncomfortable hearing it. Maybe because her dance and other gestures (in Indonesia server or maybe others) have the same movement as Archer. And also, her agility is very similar to Archer. However, once you play this class, you will feel that Lancea is totally different!

Dragon Nest Flurry
Flurry casting Bifrost awakening skill


Once again, Lancea is totally different with Archer. The most likely thing is her main stats of physical attack. If the archer is using agility, then Lancea using Strong. However, her agility is beyond your imagination. I still remember that in cap level 80, Lancea is really hard to use, but today it’s kinda different. You can have an unlimited buff of action speed!

It’s called Erratic Power that will make your action speed increase by 10% plus your Final Damage by 20%. When she was first introduced to the public, the Erratic Power is little hard to be used. It’s because it was limited to 10 bubbles, and you have to turn it off in order to get rid of the slowness because of the bubbles. But today’s cap is different! You can use Erratic Power as you please because it’s really unlimited!

The other buff is called Harmonize that will make your movement speed and attack increase by 15%. Make sure you activate these 2 skills anytime you want to fight, so you will move so fast along with a great damage! If you want to make her become more and more bad-ass girl, just use your Scar Maker skill that will increase your attack by 15%.

If you want to know how fast she is, just watch my Flurry level 95 gameplay below!

You can also give your enemies a negative buff by using Shutter Bounce and the ultimate skill Fling Sky. If you feel that her ultimate skill is kinda lame, just think twice! If you successfully hit the enemies using your ultimate skill, they will become vulnerable for a while. While Shutter Bounce will make the enemies receive more damage up to 20%.

For the Class Mastery (CM), your STR increases by 50%, while at 5% chance, attacked enemies become vulnerable for 2 seconds. That’s why I want to say to all Flurry user to stack STR instead, not AGI.

And for the CM2, you can use the instant skill of Rough Sweep whenever you use Rushing Blade skill. To activate it, just tumble and left click your mouse, or left click while you dash will also activate this skill as well. The instant skill of Rough Sweep and its standard doesn’t share cooldown each other, so you can use it twice in a row.

While the CM3, I don’t have any idea about this skill. Whether you activate the CM3 or not on your skill tree, the animation of Deep Pierce is still same. But then… I realize that this may the most important skill! It will make the enemies become more and more vulnerable. Many players in Japan server recommend me to max its level, but after I did some tests, I decided to not follow my friends in Dragon Nest, which I explained in the skill build section.

Skill Build

Alright, this is my skill build. Just use it for your reference, which means that this may not fit with your fighting style, especially if you are a PVP enthusiast. Just like another DPS class, my skill build is pretty straightforward which I give a max level of Flurry skill tree!

Flurry Skill Build (Lancea)Flurry Skill Build (Piercer)Flurry Skill BuildFlurry Awakening Skill Build

Note: You can give a maximum level of Deep Pierce if you want. But for me, 17 is enough.

I know this skill build is little weird because I tend to not to give a maximum level of the vulnerable-giving skill like Spinning Skewer or Deep Pierce. But just like what I mentioned above that I just want to adjust to my fighting style. That’s all. Even in several posts earlier, I said that I always eliminating some skills that I don’t like much, for example, Shooting Star.

But if you think that my fighting style is good enough for you (just watch the video above), surely you can use my skill rotation below:

Flurry Combo and Skill Rotation

Alright, here’s the explanation of my Flurry combo:

  1. Activate the Erratic Power and Harmonize first. I have explained “why” above.
  2. Summon the ghosts by using Evil Punisher skill. This skill will give a huge damage to the enemies when they are exploding. If it 100% successfully hit the mobs, they will die instantly.
  3. Use Scar Maker or Wall Maker. Please note that you can’t use these skills at the same time. Just use one of them according to your situation at that time. Yes! Just read the situation!
  4. Use Bifrost whenever you see the stronger mobs or even boss.
  5. Follow up with Spinning Cut. There are 2 options when you use this skill. The first one: you can use it as it is, and the other option: you can give a double damage to the enemies when you do a right click “at the right time”. Frankly speaking, the Spinning Cut Awakening is a little tricky to be used. If you fail, you won’t give a huge damage to the enemies. If you successfully hit the right click at the right time, you can give the enemies double damage and show you a different animation. Hint: Use the standard skill if you are in the middle of the mobs. and Use the Awakening skill of Spinning Cut if you face the stronger monster like a boss.
  6. You can use the Spinning Swing after spinning cut. Well, I don’t have any particular reason here. Maybe I just love to follow it up with Lollipop Chups and then Rough Sweep.
  7. After that, I always do tumble and left click to activate Rushing Blade skill, so I can activate the instant skill of Rough Sweep. I can use the skill twice in a row, right? And the damage is totally huge!

But, there is some situation where:

  1. I use the Stab Screw and Shutter Bounce first when I face the stronger enemies like a boss. It’s because these skills can make your enemies more vulnerable.
  2. Follow up with Ultimate Skill Fling Sky and then Deep Pierce. After that, just attack the enemy with your other skills and look at the damage it got!
  3. I always use Scar Maker before using the Bifrost.
  4. I always use Wall Maker before use Spinning Cut and Spinning Swing. These two skills need a little time to cast and long animation. Just in case the enemies hit you so hard when you use these skills, you won’t receive too much damage.

Equipment Build

I have said above that this class is using Physical Attack and Strong (Bear). So, let’s stack these stats! In the video above, I use the low equipment by mixing Rune Dragon Unique and Armor level 95 level +20. But in this guide, let’s imagine we already have one set armor and weapon level 95.

Dragon Nest Flurry Stats

It’s different with Abyss Walker – despite I’m using the same equipment, Flurry tends to have a higher physical attack. Don’t shock! It’s because the publisher in Japan giving us (Lancea user) one set of costume for free to celebrate her awakening update.

  • Spear and Bracelet: Attaching Attack Jade (option: Physical Attack).
  • Armors: Attaching Defence Jade (option: Str and Vit).
  • Rings: Attaching Attack Jade (option: Physical Attack).
  • Earring and Necklace: Attaching Defence Jade (option: Str and Crit).

I think this build will make a balance Flurry. We still need Critical anyway. So, let’s move to the Plate Build:

  • Destruction
  • Bear
  • Wind
  • Fatal
  • Defence
  • Limit
  • Ultimate
  • Health

Piercer has a skill that increases your Final Damage. So, if you want to be a Final Damage user, then it will be a good idea. Of course, don’t forget about your plate skill:

  • Spinning Cut (Damage): I don’t need to explain why… This is one of the DPS skill of yours.
  • Spinning Swing (Action Speed): If you prefer the damage, just use the damage. But I personally prefer to increase its action speed. This is one of the skills that give a high risk when you use it. It has long animation, so I just want to make it short! Just you can see in my video above, I move so fast!
  • Rough Sweep (Damage): oh my goodness! This skill is pretty awesome! You can use twice (with instant skill) and it’s mandatory for any Flurry user to use this skill plate.
  • Fling Sky (Cooldown) – optional: Yes, you can use the other skill plate if you wish. This is only an option. But I do use this skill so often, so I love to decrease its cooldown.

For the talisman, let’s use the same type as usual:

  • Destruction
  • Bear
  • Wind (or Ultimate if you have high budget)
  • Fatal
  • Limit
  • Tent
  • Shining
  • Health

That’s for your Flurry. I don’t know when Lancea’s awakening will be released in other countries, maybe in January 2018 in Sea or Indonesia. For the next post, I will still talk about Lancea class, it’s Sting Breezer. Thanks for reading, and see you next week.

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