Dragon Nest Gear Master Review: Skill & Equipment Build (Level 95)

This guide and tutorial are UP-TO-DATE. You can use this guide after revamp in March 2018 (SEA server) until the next revamp (if available).

Hello, my fellow chibi character user. Alright, I’ll admit that I love this class a lot, but it’s not meant that I’m a lolicon. And of course, you don’t want to be called like that, too. But once again I’ll admit that Gear Master is my most favorite class after Artillery, and she’s the second character I created after Gladiator in cap 70, and I’m still using that class until today.

First thing first, Gear Master is the secondary specialization class of Tinkerer in Dragon Nest game, precisely, Tinkerer (Academic) => Engineer => Gear Master. Her rival could be a Shooting Star class.

This class doesn’t have a lot of active skills because she focuses on summoning robot ducks. I wonder why the developer didn’t choose more general animals like cat or dog, as the duck is really uncommon one. Maybe they just want to make this class more unique and anti-mainstream? I don’t know. However, these ducks are really good at attacking the enemies.

Even most of the main skills of this class focus on the ducks, including the ex-skill except Big Mecha Bomber.

In addition to the ducks that could move around freely, you can also summon several ducks that use machinery, there is a Gatling gun, Ice Pump Tower, Cannon Tower, and even Chainsaw Tower! Before the game reached the level 93, I personally never care about Gatling gun and Cannon (turret), I just spamming 2 kinds of Tower Skills, Chainsaw, and Ice Tower. However, the awakening skills change all that. The developer forced me to use some skills that I don’t like to use, and it’s hard to avoid when you using the Gear Master.

For more detail, just check out my gameplay video below:

Several months ago, I complain about how come this Gear Master damage could be this low? Then I make her sleep on my characters list. But after the revamp in March 2018 in SEA and INA server, I wake her up because she has been making a comeback.


As a summoner, she’s also equipped with the buff and debuff which make her more awesome. In addition, all of her turrets and the ducks summoned will give the enemies continuous hits, several skills that give the enemies negative buffs will also make them receive more damage. Using this class means you have to know when you use the skill, and where you put the armies, which I explain in the skill rotation section.

Dragon Nest Gear Master Guide
Gear Master casting Big Mecha Bomb, accompanied by her duck armies

For now, let’s talk about her potential, both of buff and debuff!

Buff Potential

The first is Wax. This skill can be found in the Academic skill tab. It can increase your movement speed by 50%. So it’s kinda useful when you are rushed. This skill also acts as debuff which could make enemies in the region to have a certain chance of slipping by 33%. However, it didn’t work to any larger monster, so don’t ever use this skill for this purpose in PVE.

Auto Dispenser could be the most useful buff we have here. Basically, it’s not a buff skill, however since it’s a vending machine that produces lots of food to generate unique buffs, then I include this skill into the buff potential section. You can gain several buffs at once randomly starting from HP, movement speed, action speed, attack, critical, and final damage, among others. The buffs themselves lasted for 90 seconds. What a great, huh?

Mechanic Mode can be found in Engineer skill tab. This skill will make your tower-summoning skill become an active skill. But I have a different purpose when using this skill, that’s the buff! When it’s used, it will boost your attack power by 30%, boost your action speed by 20%, also all damages received are reduced by 22%. Which means it does not only boost your hit, but also your agility and defense. Thanks, dev!

Debuff Potential

Gear Master also has several debuffs, but I won’t include the wax here. I’ve explained the reason above. Instead….

Chemical Grenade that can be found in the Engineer tab. Basically, this skill is owned by Shooting Star, but I borrow it for one reason, that’s to reduces attribute resistance of enemies. Maybe you think that I’m dumb because utilize this skill. But once again, I have my own reason.

Gear Master is a non-elemental class, but she owns some skill with 3 different elemental attacks. It’s Dark in Gravity Grenade, Ice in Ice Pump Tower, and Light in Mecha Shock. So, when you throw this grenade to the enemies, then those three skills hit will be boosted. But I have a method to make all of my skill gain this benefits by using Elemental Conversion Jade, which I’ll explain in the Equipment Build Section. 

Mecha Shock is a passive buff. Means it will cast by your duck automatically. Once the ducks release electricity from their body, causing nearby enemies to receive Light-attribute damage and there’s a chance to suffer from electrocuted.

Mecha Siren, another passive buff. It still is cast by your ducks. Mecha Duck radiates ultra soundwaves to silence nearby enemies and remove their buffs.

Ice Pump Tower, the summoning skill. It shoots ice arrows to nearby enemies. Since it possesses the ice element, then the movement speed of attacked enemies will be reduced by 30%.

Big Mecha Bomb also acts as a debuff to the enemies. It will increase your damage by 20%, both standard, and instant. Mecha Duck Bomb changes its size in three stages, and attack power increases together with the bomb’s size.

Class Mastery

Class Mastery 1, when you summon all tower, your movement speed will increase by 30% for 5 seconds. The tower-summoning cooldown also reduced by 50%.

Class Mastery 2 is very useful for me. When you use Gravity grenade, then the Big Mecha Bomb changed to instant so it can be directly cast. Your attack boost by 25% (revamped)

Class Mastery 3, enhanced your Air Shot skill.

Revamp (March, 2018 – SEA server and others)

Just like what I mentioned above that Gear Master has been making a comeback because of developer made a huge revamp of her. Including:

  • Mecha Shock: Damage increased from 521% to 1026%.
  • Mecha Bomb: Damage increased from 1449% to 2124%.
  • Chainsaw Tower: Damage increased from 2479% to 3930%.
  • Big Mecha Bomb: Damage increased from 3672% to 8138%. (woow)
  • Mecha Bomb Ex: Damage increase changed from 30% to 100%.
  • Class Mastery 2: Damage increase changed from 5% to 25%.
  • Mecha Cannon: Cooldown decreases from 45 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Mechanic Mode (awakened): Action speed increase changed from 10% to 20%.

Okay, let’s use this class again, buddy!

Skill Build

After conducting several tests, I confident that this skill build is the best one! It focuses only on DPS and just only for PVE.

Gear Master Academic Skill BuildGear Master Engineer Skill BuildGear Master Skill BuildGear Master Awakening Skill Build

Gear Master doesn’t need to summon Alfredo and ping-pong explosion, however, these two skills are very useful in PVP, so I don’t want to talk about them in more specific, that’s why for PVE option, I never activate these skills.

Skill Rotation and Combo

My combo only focuses on 70% summoning and 30% using some actives skill. I almost never use mechanic mode to attack the enemies, it only serves as buff! So, make sure you watch my video above before following my skill rotation below. If you think that my fighting style could suit you for sure, then you can follow my step here.

Gear Master Skill Rotation and Combo

  1. Summon Auto Dispenser and eat everything in sight!
  2. Summon two ducks and all 4 towers (Gatling Gun, Cannon, Ice Pump, and Chainsaw). You can put them randomly.
  3. Summon your ducks using Mecha Ducks skill.
  4. Activate your Mechanic Mode.
  5. Approach the enemies and use Tower Recall to call all of the summoned-towers.
  6. Use the Mecha Cannon. Not only it hits the enemies, but also it will call the ducks you’ve summoned before.
  7. Order your ducks to explode using Mecha Bomb
  8. Throw Gravity Grenade to activate the Big Mecha Bomb instant.
  9. Since the Mecha Bomb Ins and Standard don’t share the cooldown, you can throw this disastrous bomb twice in a row.
  10. Unactivated your Mechanic Mode, and use Class Mastery 3 by using Air Shot skill followed by holding [normal attack button] for 4 seconds.
  11. Summons more ducks by using Mecha Duck skill.
  12. Reactivate you Mechanic Mode, and back to number 7.

Please note that, when you use Gear Master, don’t ever be rushed! Watch your timing and monitoring all of your order skills are necessary.

In several situations, I also use:

  • Chemical Grenade to the stronger enemies like the boss.
  • The ultimate skill Sky Line right after the enemies suffered from Chemical Grenade’s negative buff.

Equipment Build

Alright, now let’s talk about the equipment build. Just like what I said before that I want to make all of my skills gain benefit from Chemical Grenade that reduces attribute resistance of the enemies. That’s why I use the Elemental Conversion Jade.

Gear Master Stat

Elemental Conversion Jade

In case of Gear Master, there are 3 options you can use, namely Dark, Ice, or Light. But since all class in Dragon Nest can’t possess two elements or more (except the summoning skill), the effect could be like this:

  • Lightning: All of your skill will turn into the light attack. Mecha Shock skill will greatly be enhanced. But Ice Pump Tower and Gravity Grenade will remain the same.
  • Abyss: All of your skill will turn into the dark attack. Gravity Grenade skill will greatly be enhanced. But Ice Pump Tower and Mecha Shock will remain the same.
  • Lake: All of your skill will turn into ice attack. Ice Pump Tower will greatly be enhanced. But Gravity Grenade and Mecha Shock will remain the same.

Choose wisely! But I suggest you use Lightning instead because Mecha Shock has been enhanced by awakening and ex-skill in the first place. So, using Lightning is a good option for me.

Here we what you need:

  • Cannon: Attaching Lightning Enhance Jewel (ECJ) level 95.
  • Threaded Loop: Attaching Light Enhance Jewel level 93
  • Armors: Attaching Wind Enhance Jewel (vit option) level 93
  • 2 pair of Rings: Attaching Light Enhance Jewel level 93
  • Earring and Necklace: Attaching Wind Enhance Jewel (vit option) level 93

If you do it right, you will gain around 13% of the light attack. It’s not too bad! You can gain more and more elemental attack through costume, accessories, and other items in-game. And don’t forget to always stack AGI, not STR.

Heraldry and Skill Plates

Here we go, for heraldry plates are:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Health
  • Ultimate
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall/Shining

While for the skill plates, there is almost no option for this class. So, my skill plates are pretty simple and straightforward, including:

  • Mecha Bomb (cooldown): I want to use this ‘order’ skill as much as possible like a boss!
  • Big Mecha Bomb (Damage): Sure, this skill has been boosted after revamp. Let’s boost more and more!
  • Dodge (Cooldown): I think dodge skill is really needed for any summoner class, especially Gear Master.
  • Mechaduck (Cooldown): It’s optional. There’s no other option, so I chose this one.


For the talisman, it’s almost same with plates:

  • Destruction (200%)
  • Wind (200%)
  • Bear (175%)
  • Fatal (175%)
  • Limit (125%)
  • Health (125%)
  • Tent (100%)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (100%)

That’s for your Gear Master. If you love this article, please give me 5 rates and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!


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