Dragon Nest Gear Master Guide: Skill & Equipment Build (Level 95)

Hello, my fellow chibi character user. Alright, I’ll admit that I love this class a lot, but it’s not meant that I’m a lolicon. And of course, you also don’t want to be called like that. But once again I’ll admit that Gear Master is my most favorite class after Artillery, and she’s the second character I created after Gladiator in cap 70, and I’m still using that class until today. However, that’s a lot of pros and cons when using this cute class, especially in damage.

First thing first, Gear Master is the secondary specialization class of Tinkerer in Dragon Nest game, precisely, Tinkerer (Academic) => Engineer => Gear Master. Her rival could be a Shooting Star class.

This class doesn’t have a lot of active skills because she focuses on summoning robot ducks. I wonder why the developer didn’t choose more general animals like cat or dog, as the duck is really uncommon one. Maybe they just want to make this class more unique and anti-mainstream? I don’t know. However, these ducks are really good at attacking the enemies.

Even most of the main skills of this class focus on the ducks, including the ex-skill except Big Mecha Bomber.

In addition to the ducks that could move around freely, you can also summon several ducks that use machinery, there is a gatling gun, ice tower, turret, and even chainsaw! Before the game reached the level 93, I personally never care about Gatling gun and Cannon (turret), I just spamming 2 kinds of Tower Skills, Chainsaw and Ice Tower. However, the awakening skills change all that. The developer forced me to use some skills that I don’t like to use, and it’s hard to avoid when you using the Gear Master.

For more detail, just check out my gameplay video below:

So, the big question is, why the damage so suck? If you read about my Ray Mechanic guide, you must have seen the class is so powerful, despite she’s wearing the same equipment with my Gear Master class.

And the answer is, the latest disaster, Gear Master has been nerfed since level cap 90, right after the Ice Dragon Nest has been opened in public, and there is no revamp since then. (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s different with Raven who got really huge revamp which makes his population increased. One of the publishers in Indonesia, Gemscool, revealed that Chainsaw Tower has been nerfed from 3150% to 2692%. Even the player from Reddit said that the damage has been decreased after update 2 years ago. That was horrible!!!

As the Gear Master user, this really sucks honestly. As I mentioned above that Chainsaw Tower is one of the skills that I use the most. I still remember in cap 70 where I just have to summon all of the ducks and then stay away from the monsters. A few seconds later, all monsters are gone. But not in today! Moreover, the class mastery III skill in cap 95 is really not for me, which I’ll explain in skill tree section.

Skill Build

Welcome to the cap level 95, which means that we have to change our skill tree so we can use this class properly. The first thing you have to be considered is, how you use the skill rotation.

This is my recommendation. It’s up to you to use it or not.

First, just summon your duck, followed by 4 main towers. You can summon the ducks as much as possible to create your own armies. After that, activate your Mechanic Mode, so your physical damage will significantly increase because of your awakening skill. From this point, you can use Mega Cannon skill or Gravity Grenade to activate Big Mecha Bomber instant skill. Plus don’t forget that in addition to Ice Tower, Big Mecha Bomber also acts as a debuff.

If you move to another area, use Tower Recall skill first to summon 4 of your towers that you’ve summoned before, and then follow the skill rotation again like above.

Note: Don’t use Mecha Bomb and Mega Cannon at the same time! I recommend you use the Mega Cannon first and then spamming your Mecha Bomb.

And how about Class Mastery III? Well, I don’t care about that.

My skill tree is very straightforward… Here’s the detail:

For the Awakening skill, just activate all of them.

Gear Master doesn’t need to summon Alfredo and ping-pong explosion, however, these two skills are very useful in PVP, so I don’t want to talk about them in more specific. The only thing that I want to talk about with you is the class mastery III.

Honestly, I’m still confused to use this kind of skill, about the damage and the timing. The damage is pretty low, and it can’t be used in Mechanic Mode. But I think it’s still useful on PVP.


Alright, many people have the same question, Is Gear Master using Agi/Wind or Str/Bear. And my final answer is, Agility of course! The Str could be used for the second option. Here’s my current stat.

Dragon Nest Gear Master

I’m wearing one set of Rune Dragon equipment:

  • Weapon & Secondary Weapon +13 = Attaching the Destruction Enhance Jewel (AGI)
  • Armor +10 = Attaching the Wind Enhance Jewel (Vit)
  • 2 Pair of Ice Dragon Rings Legend = Attaching the Destruction Enhance Jewel (AGI)
  • Ice Dragon Earring and Necklace Legend = Attaching the Wind Enhance Jewel (Crit)

While the Heraldry includes:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Ultimate
  • Iron Wall
  • Health
  • Defence

Skill Heraldry consists of:

  • Dodge (Cooldown) – Gear Master is a summoner, you need dodge and dodge after summoning your robot.
  • Big Mecha Bomber (Damage) – C’mon, this is one of your precious skills!
  • Mechaduck (Cooldown) – We need to summon mechaduck as much as possible, right?
  • Horizon (Damage) – This is an ultimate skill. Honestly, I prefer the Chainsaw Tower, but there’s no damage option, so I skip it because cool down option has been useless since the Awakening skills appear.


  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Health
  • Life

If the developer makes a new update about this class, including the revamp or class mastery III, I’ll update it as soon as possible.

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