Dragon Nest Raven Tips and Guide – Equipment & Skill Build Level 95

Let’s stop for the Chibi characters for a while, and now I want to move to the Naruto, sorry… I mean, to the Assassin class. People said that this class is the best class in the game, but for me, depending on the person who uses it. Raven, is my first Assassin class and if compared to the Tempest, I still love the Tempest. But I don’t want to make more comparison because it’s gonna be a “war zone” between Assassin and Archer users.

In this post, I just want to focus on Raven alone. I never used this class before the game reached level cap 93, so I don’t know the progress of this class. However, since level cap 90, the population of this class was increased. The reason, maybe you already know that Raven got good revamp… The damage is awesome and becomes the most potential Assassin class at that time.

For those who still not familiar with this class, Raven is the second specialization class of Assassin after Chaser. You can take the second job quest after you reached level 44.

The thing I like the most from Raven is the melee and mid-range attack. Most of the skills are “throw and forget” type, so the risk is still in minimum. It’s different with his brother Ripper who needs 100% melee attack to kill the enemies.

And also, after update in September 2017 (Japan server), Raven’s Guillotine Cross awakening skills got revamp again. Before the update, I always spamming Crow Storm awakening skill because it has huge damage to the enemies. But today it’s different. Crow Storm needs only one bubble and the damage is pretty low. It’s different with Guillotine Cross that needs 5 bubbles and has good damage.

In order to get bubbles, you need to use the “raven” skills tree, including Open Edge, Chain Combination (Awakening), Rake, and Edged Fan (Class Master III). After you got 5 bubbles or more, it’s up to you to use them for Guillotine Cross or Crow Storm. But I recommend you to only spamming the Guillotine Cross for a higher damage.

Before I discuss his skill tree and combo, I wish you watch my Raven gameplay video below. So, you can adjust your fighting style into mine. If you think that my fighting style is great, you can use my skill build as well.

In the video above, I showed you how to use Raven when you only have little money in your pocket. I didn’t use high-quality equipment, but it helped me improve my intuition when I face the stronger opponents. Skip to the boss battle, and you can see that I was observing the Boss’ attack pattern while dodging and attacking him.

Skill Build

As you can see that I never used the Ripper skills, which means my skill build is not a hybrid and only focuses on PVE. This skill tree has huge damage and DPS. So, if you want to use it in PVP, it won’t really fit because the Colosseum battle needs a good combo. Alright, this is my skill tree!

Dragon Nest Raven Skill Build 1

For Raven and Awakening, just activate all of them. 

Alright, let me explain how to use this skill build. In order to avoid the confusion because of the difference in skill name, make sure you see the Raven skills name in here, here, and here.

Skill Rotation and Raven combo:

  1. While you dashing, left-click mouse to activate the Triple Edge skill.
  2. The Triple Edge will activate your Rake instant skill (Class Mastery II). You will get 1 bubble if it hits the enemies.
  3. Use your Edged Fan (Class Mastery III). It will give you 2 bubbles.
  4. Use your Umbra to slowing down the enemies. Edged Fan Class Mastery III will protect you from enemies when you using this skill.
  5. Applause and Chain Combination. You will get 1 bubble.
  6. Punishment and Chain Combination again. You will get 1 bubble.
  7. Crow’s Deadfall and follow up with Rain Drop.

In several situations:

  • Sometimes I use Fade after Umbra. But sometimes it doesn’t very effective because the enemies will wander around the area, and it will make you hard to attack them.
  • Sometimes I use Open Edge after Umbra if the enemies are still in distance, just to get 1 bubble.
  • I almost never used The End ultimate skill to the enemies except for the boss or stronger opponents. This skill actually focuses only on one enemy.
  • I always use Dedicated Shadow whenever my HP bar down to 75% or less.
  • I always use Dedicated Crow when the boss HP bar below 80%.
  • I didn’t use Shift Blow. It’s just a requirement to open Flame Locust.
  • I only use Flame Locust to destroy the barrier. Just use your right-click mouse when you dashing, and it will be activated.


Just like what I said in the video above, that I use the low budget equipment. I’m still using level 93 equipment with +8 for weapons and +7 for armors. It’s really hard to beat the dungeon level 95 rapidly. But if you are a good player who can dodge and use the skills at the right time, it’s not a problem for you! Here are my current stats:

Dragon Nest Raven Equipment Build

Very low right? hahaha… Alright. Here’s what you need to build your Raven character.

  • Scimitar and Crook >< Dark enhance jewel
  • Armors >< Wind enhance jewel (Vit. option)
  • Rings >< Dark enhance jewel
  • Earring and Necklace >< Wind enhance jewel (Crit. option)

You can also build Bear (str) stats for your Raven, but I prefer Wind (agi).

While the plates are:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Ultimate
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Health

Skill plates:

  • Applause (Damage)
  • Punishment (Damage)
  • Crow’s Deadfall (Damage)
  • The End (Damage)

For the Talismans almost same…

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Health
  • Life

That’s for Raven build. I hope this post will help you a lot!

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