Dragon Nest Ruina Guide and Tutorial Level 95 (Awakening) – Skill Build

Let’s talk about another cute cat class, and today is Ruina. Well, last time, we have talked about her sister Defensio who have a good balance of both offensive and defensive. But, Ruina is slightly different. Instead, she got so much discrimination because of being the lowest DPS class we have in Dragon Nest. For more information just check it out in Divinitor Blog.

But yeah, the post was published back in December 2017, so is there a little different? For me, Ruina is a good class with high skill combo. Your experience in this game will be needed to become a good Ruina player. You need to have good control, good reflex, among others. But it’s really different with her sister Defensio because Ruina is only good at offensive, so you also have to own good eyes to dodge every enemy’s attacks.

Well, this class looks like the other melee class such as Ripper and Tempest that need a good reflex to balance your attack and defense – you should know when to dodge and use your skill, or else, you will suffer to the death.

Before we continue our conversation, I hope you give me some times to watch my Ruina solo agameplay below to ensure we have the same taste in fighting style.

Just like Defensio, Ruina is also relying on two mechanisms called [Gear Step] and [Command Enhancement] when it comes to the combo. In Ruina skill line, the Gear Step includes Foot Stomp and Rock Away, while the rest are Command Enhancement. Confused? Don’t worry, I will explain it more detail!


Well, this class is one of the hardest class can be played in Dragon Nest. Most of her skills are melee that have a high risk when you use it, except you’re a very good player. But luckily, now she also has AoE skill after awakening, and I really love it to use this skill in my combo.

But, before we talk about her skill build and combo, let’s talk about her potential first!

Dragon Nest Ruina
Ruina casting Awakening Skill Gigant Fist

Buff Potential

After awakening patch arrives, both Ruina and Defensio lose their ability to multiply the damages after utilizing the Gear Step and Command Enhancement. This is a shocking news for Machina users! But in another side, we can find the other passive buffs turn into active skills, which makes this class easier to be used.

For example, Overboost (Attack) that located in Ruina skill tab. After awakening, this skill now acts as an active buff that gives you 20+ bubbles. Your ducking skill is now spammable. It also boost your final damage by 10% and action speed by 5%.

In Machina tab, you will find a buff skill called Overhowl that boosts your final damage stat by 10% for 300 seconds. That’s why the Ultimate plate is needed to make this buff useful.

In Patrona tab, you can also find an active buff called Overclocking. This skill also gained a revamp and now acts as a normal buff. When buffed, your physical attack increase by 10% and physical defense increases 40% proportionally to your physical attack. But remember, Ruina is not a defender, so after awakened, this skill’s function changed. You will give more damage to the enemies if you successfully land critical hits.

Debuff Potential

Rock Away will boost your action speed by 25%. But not only that! It also makes enemies received more damages by 20%.

Flow Through Ex, while the non-ex in Patrona tab doesn’t give any effect to the enemies, the Flow Through Ex definitely could reduce all attribute resistance by 20%. For this reason, you can also build your Ruina with Elemental Conversion Jade. But unluckily, I won’t discuss it here.

Class Mastery

Class mastery also suffers from revamping (or maybe nerfed), especially the…

Class Mastery 1, when [Gear Step] is used, [Super Armour] is greatly enhanced for a while and additional [Steam] is created. But increase in Final Damage has been removed, replaced with the increase in physical attack.

Class Mastery 2 is still same! When Flow Through is used, Kidney Blow EX changes to Instant for a while and can be used quickly and immediately. The Kidney Blow ins and regular don’t share a cooldown, so you can use it two times in a row. But I really don’t recommend it. For more detail, I’ll explain it in combo section.

Class Mastery 3, Pivot Gun Shot increases the damage and attack range. or after using Pivot Gun Shot, press [normal attack button] briefly to activate [stage one charging] of [over-charging] immediately; or you can activate [2nd level charging] by holding normal attack button; or [special attack button], you can punch with the knuckle gear forward, After that, if you link [Overheating EX], it will be immediately connected to the attack.

I personally love to use the last option: press the special attack button after Pivot Gun Shot and then link it with Overheat skill. Most people ask how to use Overheat skill? Well, before you activate this ex skill (in level 90), you must hold your left click mouse and this skill need to successfully hits the enemies at the same time. But after you activate its ex skill, you don’t have to do that again. Just hold your left click mouse and done!

Revamp (February 2018 – Japan server)

This revamps information will only show the Ruina skill description line.

  • Charging Gear: It no longer inherits the damage of previous skills and deals damage according to its own board damage.
  • Overclocking: The animation has changed and it is now a normal buff. When buffed, your physical defense increases proportionally to your physical attack.
  • Flow Up: Damage increased. The debuff has been moved to Rock Away.
  • Flow Through: Damage increased. Instead of blowing enemies away, it pulls them toward you.
  • Ducking: Can be canceled at any time with other skills.
  • Deus Ex Machina: Damage increased. When the Whirlpool collides with you, it has been changed to deal continuous damage to nearby enemies.
  • Flow Through Ex: The additional attacks are now created without the need to click Special Attack.
  • Overcharge: It no longer inherits the damage of previous skills, and deals damage according to its own board damage. Added skill cooldown.
  • Overboost (Attack): No longer consumes Steam.
  • Class Mastery 1: Removed the increase in Final Damage. Added an increase in physical attack.
  • Class Mastery 3: Increased the damage increase for Pivot Gun Shot.

Skill Build

Just like what I mentioned in other guide and tutorial, I’m not a hybrid-type player. Which means my skill build lvl 95 will also straightforward and only focuses on Ruina skill line. However, I also take two Defensio’s skill line for personal preferences. The reasons will be explained in the combo section.

Ruina Machina Skill BuildRuina Patrona Skill BuildRuina Skill BuildRuina Awakening Skill Build

Awakening Skill

We know that Ruina is a melee class without AoE Skill. But now, the developer added the AoE attack into her awakening skill tab. I personally love this skill. Here are for more detail:

  • Gigant Fist (active): Strongly punch the ground up to four times, creating a circular shockwave around you. Afterward, pieces of debris fly up to attack the enemy. The amount of debris depends on the number of times you punched the ground. Can be used in the air.
  • Beast Combo (active): After dashing forward and hitting the enemy with your shoulder, unleash a frenzy of Ruina skills. Invincible during the frenzy. Can be canceled at any time with Duck.
  • Ducking (passive): Ducking can be canceled at any time during Flow Up, Flow Through, Flying Knee-Kick, Kidney Blow, and Overcharge. When canceled, its cooldown decreases.
  • Overclocking (passive): When buffed, if you land critical hits, additional damage will be applied.
  • Steam Mastery (passive): Gain 2 Steam when you use Flow Up, Flow Through, Flying Knee-Kick, or Kidney Blow.
  • Overcharge (passive): Increases the damage of Overcharge. If you enter the backward button during the second stage, you can launch a powerful attack without moving forward.

Skill Rotation and Combo

Please remember that I’m a PVE player, so this combo can’t be used in the PVP.

Ruina Skill Combo

  1. Activate your three main buffs (Overhowl, Overclocking, and Overboost). It will boost your stats including final damage, physical damage, and more damage any time you land critical hits.
  2. Use Foot Stomps and then click [normal attack button] to activate the Flow Up.
  3. Click [space] to activate the Ducking skill, follow it up with [special attack button] to activate the Rock Away. Remember, now Rock Away also acts as a debuff. So, your next hits will give more damages to the enemies.
  4. Click [special attack button] again after Rock Away to activate the Kidney Blow. This skill will leave you in the mid-air.
  5. Still, in the midair, you can use the Gigant Fist skill. Just hold your left click mouse until the animation is over. Or you can cancel it by using the Ducking skill if you think you’re in a nasty situation.
  6. Right after Rock Fist, click [space] again to activate Ducking. Follow it up with [normal attack button] twice to activate the Foot Stomps and Flow Up.
  7. Use Beast Combo after that. Make sure it hits the enemies, or else, the animation and combo will stop there.
  8. Follow it up with [space] button to activate the Ducking again. And then [special attack button] to activate the Rock Away.
  9. After Rock Away, click [normal attack button] to activate the Flying Knee Kick.
  10. Use Foot Stomps and then click [special attack button] to activate Flow Through skill. It will also activate your Kidney Blow instants. But before that…
  11. Click [space] to activate Ducking skill in order to reset Foot Stomp skill.
  12. After that, you can use Kidney Blow instant.
  13. Please note that you have to proceed as fast as possible in number 10-12.
  14. Use Pivot Gun Shot and [special attack button] to activate the Class Mastery 3 that could be linked in with Overheat.
  15. Back to number 2.

I know that this is a really complex combo. But as non-machina specialist, this is not too complicated as it only focuses on Ruina skill line. However, in several situations I also:

  • As you can see in the skill build PVE above that I activate the Air Shove and Beyond the Wall skill.
  • Well, Air Shove is activated to unlock the Beyond the Wall skill. But it’s also useful to shield me from the unwanted attacks launched by enemies.
  • While Beyond the Wall is only a step to reach the enemies. I use this skill between number 4 and 5 if the enemies are out of range of attack. (Check the gameplay above minute 0:18)
  • I only use the Ultimate Skill Deus Ex Machina to stronger enemies like a boss.
  • Sometimes I also use Pivot Gun Shot by holding [normal attack button] to only one enemy left in an area.

Equipment Build

So, if you ask whether Ruina using AGI or STR? I will definitely answer AGI! You can also see that her root stat is agility, while the other aspects are awakening Overclocking: “When buffed, if you land critical hits, additional damage will be applied“. Because of this, you need to stack more and more critical chance through agility.

Ruina Stats

And here item build for your Ruina:

  • Knuckle Gear and Claw (Weapon): Destruction Jade (AGI option).
  • Armors (AGI & VIT): Wind Jade (AGI & VIT).
  • 2 Pair of Rings: Destruction Jade (AGI Option).
  • Necklace & Earring: Wind Jade (AGI & VIT).

In my opinion, this is a very necessary build because Ruina is a melee class with low defense stats. She isn’t as strong as Defensio, so make sure you stack vitality state to make you keep safe and sound.

Heraldry Plates and Skill Plates

Here we go, for skill plates:

  • Destruction (physical attack)
  • Wind (agility)
  • Bear (strong)
  • Fatal (critical chance)
  • Ultimate (final damage)
  • Tent (magical defense)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (physical defense)
  • Health (vitality)

Machina has a skill called Overhowl that increase your final damage. That’s why you need the ultimate plate for sure.

While for skill plates including:

  • Kidney Blow (Damage): This is one of my favorite skill and I use this skill a lot. It also has good DPS. So, why don’t we boost the damage a little more?
  • Flying Knee Kick (Action Speed): I hate this skill, it has long animation and casting, but I still need it! That’s why I use Action Speed. You can replace it with damage if you want.
  • Overheat (Action Speed): Overheat also has long animation. Oftentimes, I always miss the last attack everytime I face more aggressive monsters.
  • Flow Up (Damage): This is optional. You can replace it with the other skill you love. But for me, I use this skill a lot just like Kidney Blow. I just want to maximize the damage.


For the talisman, it’s almost same with plates:

  • Destruction (physical attack)
  • Wind (agility)
  • Bear (strong)
  • Fatal (critical chance)
  • Ultimate (final damage), or Limit (critical damage) if you broke.
  • Tent (magical defense)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (physical defense)
  • Health (vitality)

That’s for your Ruina. Let’s say ‘hooray’ for Dragon Nest because now all of the class have been awakened.

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