Dragon Nest Shooting Star Tips & Guide – Equipment + Skill Build (Level 95)

This guide was made before Shooting Star revamped. It may be out of date.

We are still in chibi characters. I’m sorry guys I published the Academic class 3 times in a row because these three class: Shooting Star, Gear Master, and Ray Mechanic are using the same equipment. So, I don’t need to spend more gold to build them. I just have to transfer the equipment currently I have via Server Storage and done. I can use them in dungeons and nests.

So, several days ago we talk about the Shooting Star’s fellow classmates, Gear Master and Ray Mechanic. If we compare them, I think the character that gives the most damage to the enemies is Ray Mechanic, and Gear Master is in the last place. Which means, the Shooting Star is an average class when it comes to the damage.

*Attention: If you have cool Shooting Star fan-art, please email me. I’ll give you a “live link” to your site as a credit. (Your name, with your link). The fan art will also be displayed on this post and on my Youtube gameplay.

The thing I like the most from this class is she can spam one or more skills over and over, as long as the bullets are still available. Of course, you have to use the reload skill to get those bullets. However, since the revamp, one bullet will be added every 2 or 3 seconds. I don’t really take attention. lol. But honestly, keep using the Reload skill is tiresome, so the revamp really helps me a lot when using this class.

But still, there are pros and cons about this class, mainly her skills. When I was using this class since cap level 80, my friends are always lecturing me to use the Splash Ex skill. They told me that the skill only consumes 1 bullet, but honestly, I don’t really like this skill! It’s because the damage sucks, and it’s always putting me in a risk. In a ‘business term’ could be ‘high-risk low-return’. That’s true, while the damage is pretty low, the enemies or boss will hit you so easily. And also, not only this skill, there are several skills that put you at high risk when you using them, which I’ll explain on Skill Build section.

There are several skills that I don’t use, completely. They are Splash Ex, Cannon Blaster, Chemical Grenade, and the Class Mastery III. Hahaha… that’s a shocking, right? So, the new level cap 95 didn’t give so much influence on me. Instead, I’m using some skills on Gear Master’s tree: Turret and Ice Pump Tower.

So, there may be a little debate with your friend if you follow my current skill build. But this skill tree really fits me. Even I can use it properly, without any trouble. So, before you use my current skill tree, make sure you watch my gameplay first to adjust your fighting style into mine. Check this out!

Skill Build

If you see my video above, I’m always summoning Ice Pump Tower and Turret. In other words, this skill build will be a semi-hybrid, or whatever you wanna call it. You don’t have to worry about PVE or PVP, because this skill tree could be used on them, at least in my opinion.

Alright, before I show you the skill tree, let me explain the skill rotation or how to use this skill build properly.

  1. Summon your Alfredo, and activate the Alfredo Stomp. He will automatically use it, so just activate it and forget it.
  2. When you reach the place where the monsters gather or boss stay, use Alfredo Recall and follow up with the Summon Buster skill.
  3. While Alfredo prepares to attack, summon Ice Pump Tower and Turret. Don’t forget to dodge and find the better place to summon them. Don’t put yourself at risk.
  4. Spam Biochemical Missile Ex, Mine Thrower Ex, and Awakened Cannon Blaster. 
  5. Sometimes I use the Ping-Pong Bomb, depending on the situation.
  6. Don’t forget to always reload your bullets using your Ammo Recharge.

That’s so simple, right? But still, you have to be careful because the action speed really sucks. You need to dodge and dodge anytime the monsters launch attacks on you.

Okay, if you have decided to use my fighting style, you can follow my skill build below! And also, I will explain why I don’t use several skills despite they are meant for Shooting Star.

Dragon Nest Shooting Star Skill Build 1

Dragon Nest Shooting Star Skill Build 2

Dragon Nest Shooting Star Skill Build 3

Dragon Nest Shooting Star Skill Build 4

Let me tell you, why I don’t use several skills on Shooting Star skill tree.

  • I don’t use Splash because the damage sucks and put me at risk.
  • I don’t use Quick Shot for class mastery III, so you can ignore it.
  • I don’t use Chemical Grenade. I give it SP because a requirement to unlock the Awakening Chemical Experiment skill, and I really need it.
  • I almost never used the ultimate skill Demolition, despite it could give a good damage on enemies. But it always puts me at risk. As you can see on my gameplay video above, I hesitate to use that skill because it needs the right time to use it.
  • I don’t use Cannon Blaster Awakening because I don’t need to reduce Demolition skill. I don’t use it a lot which I’ve explained above.

Equipment / Gear Build

Dragon Nest Shooting Star

It’s not different with Ray Mechanic and Gear Master that I have posted several days ago. I still use the same equipment, the following is:

  • Cannon + Threaded Loop = attaching Destruction jewel (Agi stat).
  • One set of armors = attaching Wind jewel (Vit stat).
  • Two pairs of rings = attaching Destruction jewel (Agi stat).
  • Earring and Necklace = attaching Wind jewel (Crit stat).

So, if you ask me about agi or str / wind or bear… my final answer is… the Shooting Star is still using agility until now. You can use the str as the second option, for example on your Unique Armor (Agi and Str stat), or on your plate.

Talking about the plates, here is my recommendation:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Ultimate
  • Defence
  • Tent
  • Health

And here’s my skill plate… and also my explanation why I chose them:

  • Biochemical Missile (Damage). We will spam this skill. C’mon, be rational!
  • Mine Thrower (Damage). Same as above.
  • Alfredo Stomp (Cooldown). Shooting Star has bad action speed. You have to make your Alfredo provokes the enemies “as much as possible”, so you can use your skills freely. I don’t want to be chased by monsters when I use the skills, y’know.
  • Ice Pump Tower (Cooldown). Originally I want to use the Alfredo Beam Cooldown. But for some reason, the skill plate doesn’t exist. So I replaced it with Ice Pump Tower. It’s really useful though because, in my skill tree, I have to use this skill as much as I can, but the cooldown is pretty long. Yes, this skill plate to be my solution.

And about my talisman:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Life
  • Health

Once again, you have to dodge and dodge and read the situation if you want to use the skills. If not, you will die so easily. Good luck.




What am I doing? This is not an official letter, why did I put my name on it along with regard-something. ah… whatever… Anyway, thanks for reading my tutorial. If you have any questions, just leave the comment below. If I know the answer, I’ll answer it. If not, I’ll Google it.

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