Dragon Nest Silver Hunter Review Level 95 – Skill Build and Equipment

This time around, I’m still talking about the spin-off class in Dragon Nest. Well, a month ago, the dark class of Assassin has been released and that time I had a chance to create several other new breed class including Silver Hunter. All of this class has a limited time, but once the new specialization class is released, the previous ones are available to be created again.

In the last guide, I talked about the Dark Avenger. To be honest, I also create this class at the same time along with Arc Heretic. But unluckily, I missed a chance to create the Black Mara because the next day I went to a place called Mie prefecture for 2 weeks. Once I came back home, the event of Bleed Phantom is over. So, for my readers who request me on reviewing Black Mara, I’m really sorry that you have to wait a more little longer until the spin-off class of Lancea has been released (If it’s available).

Back to the topic… When it comes to Silver Hunter, there’s a unique fighting style here. As you know that this may be the only class that could fly in a very long time, as long as you know about the skill rotations and timing when you use the skills themselves. But again, there’s pros and cons. If you use the skills in the mid-air, sometimes you will suffer some bugs. The skills always miss and don’t give any output damages to the enemies, especially the Tornado Shot.

Well, I have a proof! I’ll show you one of the best examples! Just check my gameplay video below, and skip it to the minute 1:15. I was using several skills and all of them are suffering from the bug! Well, if you see a combo, it’s because of my Falcon, if you ask.

If you are an old Silver Hunter users, then you will know that the bugs have been persisted since the cap 90, and there’s no improvement until today. I hope this post will be read by lots of people including the developers, so this matter will be on their list.

And this is the only reasons why I’m always using the Tornado Shot on the ground…


Just like what I mentioned above, Silver Hunter is a spin-off class of Archer which a fusion from her root class, including Artillery, Sniper, Wind Walker, and Tempest. But things that make her so unique is she could fly while attacking the enemies as long as possible. However, to make her fly, you have to take an awakening quest in level 50 that will give you the skill to transform into Silver Hunter and all of her skills will turn into the Holy mode. The Holy mode skills are available to be used in mid-air.

That’s why the art of “mid-air-offensive” will determine whether you are able to use this class correctly or not. But of course, you can also use the main skills on the ground, but they tend to have a slower action speed.

Dragon Nest Silver Hunter Guide
Silver Hunter Casting the Holy of Rising Wind and Aerial Wild Shot

So, becomes a normal attacker, or mid-air attacker? You have to decide it! Unfortunately, if you want to be a normal attacker, then I can’t give you any advice, cause actually, I’m a mid-air attacker (except the Tornado Shot – I have explained the reason why). If you want to become one like me, then you can follow my guide here. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the skill rotation and tips as good as possible to make you stay in the mid-air as long as possible.

Buff and Debuff Potential

Before we talk about the skill rotation and skill build, firstly, you have to know the potential of her skills.

Basically, just like the other Archer class, Silver Hunter also owns the skill called Raged of the Owl which could increase Critical Chance of your party and yourself by 10%. The duration is 300 seconds, so you can leave it for a while.

You also have a buff skill called Hunter Eye which could increase your Intellect and Magical Attack by 30%.

There’s also a good buff that when it’s activated, it resembles the Sniper’s Siege Stance. It’s called Crossbow Link. The difference is if Siege Stance acts as the active skill, while Crossbow Link acts as buff and could be used while you’re moving around by clicking the Normal Attack button. It will create an explosion and make the enemy stunned for a moment.

Silver Hunter Transformation also acts as a buff. You will transform into holy mode along with your main skills are available to be used in the mid-air. Not only that, When transformed, the magical attack also increases in proportion to INT and Tumble changes to Aerial Tumble. Your main skills cooldown is greatly reduced for certain attack skills. When transformed into Silver Hunter, your summoned-Falcon transforms into Silver Falcon.

To use the Aerial Tumble, you need 7 energy that could be stacked up to 10 energy. The energy itself will be added automatically in every any-seconds.

How about debuff? Does she have one? Many Silver Hunter players don’t know that actually – yes – this class has also a debuff. It’s Deluge Bolt. If you read the description about the skill in DNSEA Wikia, you will see that it’s an instant type. But try to transform into Silver Hunter and use this skill in mid-air, it will give a negative buff to the monsters. However, there’s no explanation for this skill including in the game itself, so I don’t know exactly what kind of debuff it is. If you have any information regarding this skill, I hope you can share with us, just leave the comment below. 🙂

Class Mastery

The CM 1 is available at level 65. It’s responsible to keep you transform into Silver Hunter. The skill allows the 5 main skills on the Hunter tree to reduce Silver Hunter Transformation cooldown by 3 seconds whenever it scores at least 1 hit on target.

The CM 2 both acts as unlimited buff and give you an instant skill of Tornado Shot. The effects include:

  • Boost Magical Attack by 5%
  • Tornado Shot becomes an instant skill if you successfully hit the enemies with Liberty Attack. As you know that this skill has slow action speed, so the instant type is really needed.
  • Also, whenever Liberty Attack hit the target, Tornado Shot cooldown is reset.

The point is Both Tornado Shot standard and instant shares the same cooldown. That’s why you need to use the Tornado Shot standard first, and then Liberty Attack. In this way, you can use Tornado Shot two times in a row. I talk about this more detail in Skill Rotation section.

And the CM 3 will change your Archer’s Magic Arrow into the Light attribute. It also can be used in mid-air. Despite this skill doesn’t have good damage, but it helps me a lot in aerial combo.

Skill Build

Just like the other spin-off class, my skill build is pretty straightforward. Please note that this skill builds for PVE only.

Silver Hunter Archer Skill BuildSilver Hunter Hunter Skill BuildSilver Hunter Skill Build

Well, despite the Aerial Wild Shot has low in damage, but I’m using this skill a lot in my combo, so I decide to give it maximum level.

Pros and Cons

I don’t use Trap Master and Trapper skill. I think it’s unnecessary to use trap in dungeon or nest. But it’s still useful in PVP. My favorite is the trap that make our opponent freezed.

In Enhancement Evasion I choose B. It’s really great when Moment Evasion skill changes to a turning physical attack with invincible duration. It will help you a lot in any nasty situation, especially in Nest. However, this skill consumes so much MP, so just be wise when using it.

For Enhanced Attack I choose A. Silver Hunter is Magic user, but I also want to increase my Final Damage. Before you choose this option, make sure you have FD stat from Ultimate Plate or other gear. Zero FD won’t give any effect from this option.

For Enhancement Function I choose A. Your Falcon becomes a bad-ass bird with 3 times attack power of previous Falcon. Choosing B option is absurd because I will never use the Trap Master skill. I’ve explained why above.

For Silver Hunter Ex I choose B. It’s not an option, it’s a must! The B make your transformation skill reduces by 30 seconds (it becomes 60 sec cooldown). The transformation itself last for 60 seconds, so you can transform into Silver Hunter all the time. While the A you will be invincible for 5 second after you transform. There’s a huge different, right?

Skill Rotation and Combo

And now about the skill rotation and combo. In my fighting style, I’m always in Silver Hunter mode all the time and using several skills in mid-air without exception.

So, here’s my skill rotation and combo of Silver Hunter:

Silver Hunter Skill Rotation

  1. Don’t forget about buff (Rage of the Owl, Hunter Eye, and Crossbow Link), and transform yourself into Silver Hunter.
  2. Summon your Falcon to assist you on the battlefield.
  3. Jump and use the CM3’s Magic Arrow. You will be in the mid-air.
  4. Use Deluge Bolt to debuff the enemies.
  5. Follow it up with Rising Wind.
  6. Use Monkey Catch to keep you in the air. Remember, Monkey Catch is the main key to make you flying in the air. Need a perfect timing in using the main skills and Monkey Catch.
  7. Use Aerial Wild Shot. Don’t be rush! Just use this skill slowly and flawlessly. It has long animation up to 3 seconds.
  8. Use the Monkey Catch again.
  9. Use Arrow Storm and Spiral Bolt. Keep remembering your timing.
  10. Use Aerial Tumble but clicking [Shift + W] in the air. You can also click Normal Attack button to activate the Air Raid skill if it’s necessary.
  11. Use the Deluge Bolt again.
  12. Landed on the ground and use the Tornado Shot. Just what I said above that sometimes Silver Hunter suffers from the bug. This skill misses a lot. So, it’s wise to use it on the ground.
  13. Still, on the ground, use the Rising Wind (if it’s already available to be used again after cooldown).
  14. Approach the enemy and use the Liberty Attack to activate the CM 2. Your Tornado Shot will be reset and the instant skill is available for you.
  15. Back to number 3.
  16. Don’t forget to always rebuff the Hunter Eye and Crossbow Link, also re-summon your Falcon. All of them have a duration less than 2 minutes. And of course, don’t forget to re-transform into Silver Hunter.

While in the several situations, I also use:

  • Ultimate Skill Destruction Area for the stronger enemies like the boss monsters.
  • I always use the ultimate skill after Deluge Bolt to give the enemies more damages.
  • I always use Moment Evasion in every nasty situation, especially when I can’t dodge.

Equipment Build

It’s different with the other Archer which are the non-elemental class, Silver Hunter is possessing Light attribute attack. She also uses the magical attack, so, you have to stack the light element, MATK, and Intellect at the same time.

Silver Hunter Stats

In the image above, as usual, I’m not wearing so-high-equipment. But it’s enough for me to go to the dungeon level 95, right? And also, I’m a player who obsessed into the defensive. I’m not an extreme player! If you think that this build won’t fit for you, then you can change the vit stats with something like AGI to increase your critical chance.

Here’s my gear build:

  • Crossbow and Quiver (Magic and Int Stats): Attaching the Light Jade (level 93)
  • Armors (Int and Vit stats): Attaching the Wise Jade with Vit. option (level 93)
  • 2 Pairs of Rings: Attaching the Light Jade (level 93)
  • Earring and Necklace: Attaching the Wise Jade with Vit. option (level 93).

Plates and Skill Plates

While for Silver Hunter’s plates include:

  • Magician (Magic)
  • Wise (Intellect)
  • Fatal (Critical Chance)
  • Wind (Agility)
  • Ultimate (Final Damage)
  • Tent (Magical Defense)
  • Iron Wall/Shining (Physical Damage)
  • Health (Vitality)

For me, Silver Hunter needs fatal to increase her critical chance. It’s because the archer has a skill called Rage of the Owl. Stacking the Critical Chance could be a good bet.

For Silver Hunter’s skill plates are:

  • Deluge Bolt (Damage): You will often use this skill, it’s wise to give it more damage.
  • Tornado Shot (Damage): It has a good damage. Also, you will use this skill two times in a row by activating CM 2!
  • Arrow Storm (Damage): Just like Tornado Shot, this skill is also a bad-ass.
  • Rising Wind (Cooldown): I actually want a damage, but there’s no option in the skill plate itself. Because of this, I found new fighting style, I can use Rising Wind between Tornado Shot and Tornado Shot instant skill (look at number 13 in skill rotation above).


For the Silver Hunter’s talismans includes:

  • Magician (Magic Attack)
  • Wise (Intellect)
  • Fatal (Critical Chance)
  • Wind (Agility)
  • Limit (Critical Damage), or Ultimate (Final Damage) if you have lots of money. Fact, Ultimate talisman’s price is crazy!
  • Health (Vitality)
  • Tent (Magical Defense)
  • Iron Wall/Shining (Physical Defense).

That’s for Silver Hunter. Wow… it’s really long guide, huh? But I’m glad that I can help any Silver Hunter users out there, especially how to fly tutorial. In the next guide, I will still post the spin-off class, maybe the Arch Heretic. So, thanks for reading guys, and see you next time!

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