Dragon Nest Sting Breezer Guide Level 95 (Awakening) – Equipment and Skill Build

I’ve made this class in cap level 80, and that time my build and fighting style was bad, totally bad until those newbies will call me a newbie – the newbie among the newbies. But, it’s not because I’m so bad at playing a Dragon Nest game, it’s because Sting Breezer is one of the hardest class I’ve ever played, especially before revamp. So, many players prefer her sister then this class.

But anyway, when Dragon Nest reached cap 95 and Lancea got her awakening skill, I once again tried to create this class and my experience is totally different than the previous one. As you know that I’ve created Flurry class several weeks ago, and yes, she’s very agile and easy to play. However, Sting Breezer is a little different. I’ve told you that she is one of the hardest class I’ve ever played, but even after revamp and awakening released, she still hard to be played. So, I won’t recommend this class if you are a new to this game.

Almost all of her skills, need a trigger to make them hit the enemies so hard. Plus, if the enemies have a great agility, and always move from one place to another place from time to time, then you will have a hard time, and you’re in a world of pain.


Okay, once again that I have to tell you that, please don’t use this class if you’re new to this game. Most of her skills need a trigger to make them right. Or else, you will lose your damage and the enemies – even a very little mobs – will laugh so hard.

Setting aside, Sting Breezer still has her own pros – of course. For example – just like her sister, Flurry – you have a buff called Harmonize and Erratic Power. The harmonize will boost your and your party member’s str, agi, and int at the same time, while Erratic Power will boost your movement speed. In cap 80, the Erratic Power has a time limit, but today, you can use it freely as you wish.

And about the trigger, you have to use Arcane Focus as much as possible. Some skills like Hovering Blade, Dent Blow, and even the awakening skill Angelic Spear need this Arcane Focus if you want to give the enemies an additional damage.

Sting Breezer Angelic Spear
Sting Breezer casting Angelic Spear awakening skill

The other trigger is Spear Hand. After you use Piercing Spike Ex, just follow it up with Spear Hand (with left click mouse) and they will explode and give the enemies a huge damage. But after awakening was released, I prefer using awakening skill Flag Sign to make them explode.

The other things you have to know are, the Class Masteries. Well, maybe you already have known that Class Mastery 1 can boost your magical attack by 30% for any seconds. While the Class Mastery 2 will activate your Dent Blow instant skill. But luckily, the standard Dent Blow and its instant skill don’t share a cooldown, so you can use it two times in a row.

But thing becomes more interesting after Class Mastery 3 is available for this class. If you use Cross Cutter and then “link” it with Dent Blow, you can draw 3 “Magic After-Images” rather than 2.

Skill Build

Just like the other PVE build, I built this class pretty straightforward, except the Shutter Bounce. Well, I have my own reason which I will explain in the combo or skill rotation section. Anyway, this is my skill build for PVE.

Sting Breezer Lancea Skill BuildSting Breezer Piercer Skill BuildSting Breezer Skill BuildSting Breezer Awakening Skill Build


Please note that the skill build above is created so that you can use some specific skill repeatedly. Just like what I said that you need a trigger to make several skills give a huge damage to the enemies.

Okay, here’s more detail about my combo and skill rotation:

Sting Breezer Skill Rotation

  1. Don’t forget your buff Harmonize and activate your Erratic Power.
  2. Use your Wall Maker (awakening), and make sure you’re in the circle as long as possible.
  3. Angelic Spear will be a great first attack. The casting takes a little longer, so make sure you have a distance with the enemies.
  4. Use Spring Haze, and it will activate your Dent Blow instant skill.
  5. Use Arcane Focus (the trigger) to the enemies (recommended: target the stronger ones). It will order your previous Angelic Spear and Spring Haze to attack the enemies once again.
  6. Use Poking Beehive (Awakening).
  7. Activate your Class Mastery 3 (link Cross Cutter with Dent Blow).
  8. And use your Arcane Focus again to orders 3 [magic after-images] and 8 of Spring Haze’s [Magic Spears] attack the target.
  9. Fling Fling. Hold your left click mouse to trigger its awakening.
  10. Summon 4 [Magic Spear] by using Piercing Spike twice in a row while you’re in mid-air. Then follow it up with Flag Sign to make them explode.

And in certain situations:

  • I only use Shutter Bounce to hit the stronger enemies like a boss. The purpose is just to debuff the enemies. So I decided to leave it 1. Yes, 1 is enough!
  • I almost never used Scar Maker. Since the Wall Maker got its awakening, so I believe that use this skill alone is enough to give more damage to the enemies.
  • I only use Champagne to the stronger enemies. It’s because the effect just like Scar Maker and Wall Maker, and it’s limited by time and the cooldown is long, so if I use it to the mobs, it becomes an excessive resource.
  • I only use Spear Hand and Hovering Blade anytime I saw one or two mobs left in the area.

And that’s all for your Sting Breezer.

Equipment Build

Here’s my equipment:

Sting Breezer Stats

Well, based on the image above, I’m only using a standard set of equipment. Well, I won’t call it with “low equipment” or “low budget” anymore. It seems some audiences on my Youtube Channel doesn’t like it when I call it as Low. Despite I still believe that this set is still count as low, but let’s change the name anyway. Maybe, I have to call it with “Medium Budget”? gahahaha… Just leave the comment below if you have a good name for this set.

Don't call it Low Equipment Dragon Nest

Please note that Sting Breezer is a magic-light user, so you have to balance between magic and light element. Okay, as you see that I use:

  • Rune Dragon Weapons (Unique): attaching the Light Dragon Jade.
  • One Set of Armors Level 95 (Epic): attaching the Wise (int) Dragon Jade level 93 (vitality option) – Yes, I’m still using Jade 93, and it’s not a mistake!
  • 2 pair of Rune Dragon Rings (Legend): attaching the Light Dragon Jade.
  • Rune Dragon Earring and Necklace (Legend): attaching Wisee (int) Dragon Jade (critical option).

If you have a little money in your pocket, maybe you can go with the low budget option:

  • Epic Weapons 95: attaching Light Dragon Jade level 93, or Attack Dragon Jade level 95 (Magic and Light option)
  • Epic Armors 95: attaching Wise Dragon Jade level 93 (Int and Vit option), or Defence Dragon Jade level 95 (Int and Vit option).
  • 2 pair of epic Rings 95: attaching Light Dragon Jade 93, or Attach Dragon Jade level 95 (Magic and Light option)
  • Epic Necklace and Earring 95: attaching Wise Dragon Jade 93 (Int and Crit option), or Defence Dragon Jade level 95 (Int and Crit option).

So simple right? And now, the plate build:

  • Magician (magic)
  • Wise (int)
  • Bear (str)
  • Fatal (crit)
  • Tent (magic def)
  • Iron Wall (physical def)
  • Health (vit)
  • Life, or Ultimate (FD) if you have enough money to buy it.

Maybe you ask me why I include Bear on my plate build rather than Wind? It’s because I just want to boost my Stun effect to the enemies. As you can see that almost all of her skill will make enemies stun, so why didn’t you boost your Stun stat? It’ll be useful! But if you want to boost your critical chance stat, just chose the wind instead.

And now about her skill plate:

  • Dent Blow (damage): I think I don’t have to explain why… You already know the reason, right?
  • Poking Beehive (damage): One of the DPS skills.
  • Piercing Spike (damage): I love when the 4 of [Magic Spears] exploding and give a huge damage to the enemies.
  • Spear Hand (damage): It’s only optional. You can choose other skill if you wise.

The Talisman build is almost same with plate anyway:

  • Magician (magic)
  • Wise (int)
  • Bear (str)
  • Fatal (crit)
  • Limit (crit damage), or Ultimate (FD)
  • Tent (magic def)
  • Iron Wall (physical def)
  • Health (vit)

That’s all for your Sting Breezer. In the next post, I will back to the assassin class, I will make a Light Fury guide despite today the Bleed Phantom has been released. I can’t skip the Light Fury because it’s already level 93 and I’m currently struggling to learn how to use it properly. And maybe after I post LF, then Bleed Phantom will start to be analyzed.

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