Silver Hunter Dragon Nest Guide in 2020

After a long wait, finally my Silver Hunter guide is up-to-date. The last time I update this post is in 2018. But today, you can follow my guide to build your Silver Hunter in 2020, September patch of SEA server. Back to the topic. Well, there’s almost no change in this class in the last

Attack on Titan Manga Review on Amazon

Anime fans, time to get excited. For you who love anime so much, it’s not surprising that you have heard about the famous anime called Attack on Titan. It’s becoming famous especially in Japan or America. But, for anyone who is wondering what Attack on Titan is, it’s considered as the biggest manga come out

Attack on Titan 2 Game Review – All Consoles

Are you wondering about what actually Attack on Titan is? Well, it’s considered as the biggest manga that came out of Japan within the last decade. It tells the story of humanity’s struggle against a group of man-eating Titans who are threatening to destroy their world. Attack on Titan game came out in 2016, and