Dark Avenger Dragon Nest Guide Level 95 in 2020

Dark Avenger has a very simple skill rotations, but huge damage! Especially when the enemies is suffering from debuff. So, welcome back again to my Dragon Nest guide, hope it gives you brief information about this class.

Well, this isn’t my first time using Dark Avenger, so I fully aware that this class has several changes in skill rotation, especially when Dragon Nest reached cap 95.

In this guide, I will show you how to use this class properly using my simple skill rotation and combo. And then understanding about the buff and debuff potential, plus how to choose equipment including weapons, armors, dragon jades, heraldry, costume, and talismans.

Before you read this guide, make sure you watch my video first below. It’s Dark Avenger gameplay, so if you like my fighting style, then this guide is definitely for you.

let’s get started!

LATEST UPDATE: August 2020 SEA Patches


Dark Avenger has several buffs that increased all stats, physical attack, fire attribute, and stacking your bubbles called Avenger Force.

He is also equipped by debuff potential that makes enemies receive more damage and all attribute resistance reduce.

The main skills of Dark Avenger is called “Nightmare Skills”, it includes Graves, Dark Stinger, Piercing Crescent, Dark Riser, Doom Blade, Vengeance Storm, and Dark Crash.

Dark Avenger has unique bubble called Avenger Force. This bubble will increase your stats and keep you from transforming as Dark Avenger mode. This bubble can be stacked up to 30.

Buff Potential

Buff is very necessary to be activated before any fight! Here are some buffs skill you have to use!

  1. Courage. All warrior class have this buff, including Dark Avenger. This buff could boost your both physical attack and all stats by 8%. Last for 900 seconds so you can set it and forget.
  2. Shadow Call. This buff could boost your fire attribute by 45%. Just like courage, it lasts for 900 seconds so you can set it and forget, as well.
  3. Avenger Force. This buff will give you 10 Avenger Force. So you can transform into Dark Avenger mode without hitting the monster at the first place.
  4. Dark Avenger. This is transforming skill. Once you become the Dark Avenger, your physical attack increases by 20%, and all Nightmare Skills are awakened.

Debuff Potential

Fact, I divided my skill into 2 pattern, which is the first pattern focus on debuff skills.

  1. Dark Stinger. This skill acts as debuff when you are in Dark Avenger mode. Without transforming, the debuff won’t be activated. Dark Stinger itself could make enemies receive more damage by 20%, but it lasts for 10 seconds, so you have to use it as much as possible, especially before using the highest DPS skills. Well, I’ll explain in the skill rotation section.
  2. Soul Cutter. This skill could reduce enemies’ all attribute resistance by 20%. So, it’s good idea to bring any class that using elemental attack as members of your party. It lasts for 30 seconds.

Class Mastery

A unique skills that makes Dark Avenger is excited to play. They are:

  1. Class Mastery 1. Your Strength stat increases by 50%. It also boost your critical damage by 5%, and creates Avenger Force every time you hit the enemies successfully. With this, you need to focus on STR, critical damage, and critical chance. Also, if you want to keep on Dark Avenger mode, you have to hit enemies as much as possible.
  2. Class Mastery 2. Step blade and Soul Cutter can be linked and makes soul cutter become an instant. The instant and normal mode doesn’t share cooldown, so you can use it 2 times in a row like I always do.
  3. Class Mastery 3. Rising Slash is changed to fire attribute. It can be linked with Dark Crash by clicking space button, and Piercing Crescent by clicking the left mouse button.

Selective Skills

Just like the other spin-off class, Dark Avenger is also being equipped with selective skills. It’s little tricky especially for newbies and new comers.

But, I am here to help you which selective skills you need to choose, I also explain why.

  1. Defence Accelerator. Choose A. I prefer high defense stats than Max HP increased. Defense stats will make you stronger even the enemies hit you like a shit.
  2. Power Accelerator. Choose A. Final Damage is very necessary for almost all classes in Dragon Nest. Despite the B option will make you gain more fire attribute stats, but compare to the final damage, A option is better.
  3. Attack Accelerator. Choose B. It will give the enemies additional damage by 5% every time you hit enemies accurately with critical. Because of this option, you need to boost your own Critical to the max, which is 89%.
  4. Dark Avenger Ex. Choose A. It has strong correlation with Attack Accelerator. For B option, maybe it will be useful in PVP.

After understanding the basic of Dark Avenger, let’s dive deeper!

Skill Tree

As PVE and solo player, I highlighted some skills that have huge DPS, they are Vengeance Storm, Piercing Crescent, and Dark Crash.

Before we talk about the skill rotation, please watch my video first below. It consists of Dark Avenger skill showcase.

Skill Build PVE

Dark Avenger has no hybrid skill, so I think this build could be also used in PVP. But, I have no experience, so make sure you activate some skills in warrior tab.

But for PVE, here skill build you can consider

For the Dark Crash additional level, you can get it by using the Skill Up Heraldry, buy it using your “Hero’s blood, sweat and tears” point through Adventure Guild Member David.

Note: I don’t use Dark Suffering at all! I just have no idea how to use it properly in PVE. Just leave a comment below if you know how.

Skill Rotation and Combo

Just like what I said before that I have 2 patterns skill rotation and combo here.

The first pattern focus on debuffing the enemies, while the second pattern is to hit the enemies as crazy as possible.

Let’s do it.


  1. Activate your buff, Courage and Shadow Call to boost your PATK, all stats, and fire attribute.
  2. Avenger Force. It will give you 10 Avenger Force bubble.
  3. Dark Avenger Transformation. Transform to the DA mode to boost your critical damage and awakened your Nightmare Skills.

Pattern 1

  1. Vengeance Storm. It is just like a surprise attack. I just really love to use it as my first skill in this rotation. Give a positive vibe.
  2. Dark Stinger. It acts as debuff to the enemies. Make them suffer more damage by 20%. Last for 10 seconds. I prefer click the right mouse button for additional hit
  3. Doom Blade. It skill area.
  4. Class Mastery 2. Just linked the Step Blade with Soul Cutter. It will make enemies prone to the attribute attack by 20%. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  5. Avenger Force. To gain more Avenger Force and to shorten the Soul Cutter’s animation.
  6. Soul Cutter. Basically, it has good damage, so it doesn’t hurt you at all if you use it 2 times in a row after CM3.

Pattern 2

  1. Dark Stinger. Again? Yes! It lasts for 10 seconds, so after you did pattern 1, its debuff effect has gone. Just use it again before you kick the enemies’ @$$
  2. Class Mastery 3. Just linked the Rising Slash with Dark Crash. click the space button after Rising Slash.
  3. After you stomped using Dark Crash, click space button to activate Dark Riser. You will end up in the middle of the air.
  4. Click the left mouse button to activate Piercing Crescent. You can fly while using this skill by performing Dark Avenger Tumble.
  5. Ultimate Skill Death Knell. If it’s available. If it’s still cool-downing, skip this step, and continue to number 6 below.
  6. After dancing in the air, click the right mouse button to activate Aerial Blade.
  7. Graves. There’s no specific reason, but I think it’s a good skill for closing.

Optional Pattern

This is an optional, which means that you can skip out on it and back to pattern 1 after performing the pattern 2.

But I personally love to use this pattern just for fun! It performs after I did the number 7 above.

  1. Dark Stinger. Again! It lasts for 10 seconds, use it as much as possible.
  2. Class Mastery 3. This time, I linked Rising Slash with Piercing Crescent by clicking the left mouse button. Just use it once!
  3. Dark Crash. While still in the air, use Dark Crash.
  4. Back to pattern 1.

On Several Situation

  • Relieve. To removes debuffs up to 5. Sometimes I also use it after I getting knocked down.
  • Counter Slash. Click the right mouse button to counterattack after getting hit by enemies.
  • Dash Combo. To break barrier, or acts as follow-up skill to activate Dark Riser by clicking the space button if Dark Stinger failed to hit the enemies.

Item Build

First thing first, you need to know that Dark Avenger using 3 main stats, they are Physical Attack, STR, and Fire Attribute.

But don’t forget about defense, critical, and other aspects to complete your build.


After world remaster 3 has been released to the public, we can acquire the Skilla set easier, just doing the main quest and you will get Lapis and other items for crafting Skilla.

Here is my gear:

  • Skilla Set. Craft through blacksmith. You can get the material needed by clearing the main quest around 380 times.
  • Legion Malachite Rings. You can buy them in the Trading House.
  • Heavenly Corundum Necklace. You can buy it in the Trading House, as well.
  • Determination Earring. Free equipment after you reached level 95.

While for Dragon Jade, I’m using:

  • Attack Jade. Should have Attack Power and Fire stats. If you have STR or Critical on it as third stats, it’s better. Attached into Sword, Gauntlet and 2 rings
  • Defense Jade. Should have a Physical Attack, STR, Vit stats. Attached to armors and necklace. I don’t use Critical stats because my critical has reached limit 89%.

And for the costume sets, I’m using Mystery Solver set you can buy through David using Hero’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears point.

Heraldry and Skill Plates

For the heraldry I’m using:

  • Destruction
  • Bear
  • Ultimate
  • Fatal
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Limitation
  • Health

And for the Skill Heraldry includes:

  • Dark Crash. Damage 20%
  • Piercing Crescent. Damage 20%
  • Dark Stinger. Damage 20%
  • Doom Blade. Damage 20%
  • Vengeance Storm (Goddess). Damage 57%
  • Skill up Heraldry. Dark Crash +1


For the talisman, I’m using Talisman Slot Extension Coupon 30 Days. I bought it through David using Hero’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears point. So, I can open 4 additional slots!

  • 200%. Destruction, Bear, Ultimate
  • 175%. Fatal, Limitation, Wind
  • 125%. Iron Wall, Tent, Health
  • 100%. Life Vitality


By using this build, I personally get stats like:

  • ATK: 3,1 M
  • Physical Defence: 75%
  • Magical Defence: 68%
  • Critical: 87% (Boost to 89% more after transformed into Dark Avenger)
  • Critical Damage: 276%
  • Fire Attribute: 90.60%
  • Final Damage: 67%

I hope this guide will help you! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to my other Youtube Channel here.

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