Dragon Nest Abyss Walker Review – Equipment and Skill Build Level 95

Let me share another assassin class, this time is Abyss Walker. This class is a dark class which uses the set-and-forget type skill and count as a middle-range attacker. Just like another DPS class, Abyss Walker can give huge damage to the enemies with his trapping skill, thus he will be fit for anyone who doesn’t want to put themselves at risk when using the skills.

Dragon Nest Abyss Walker

It’s true that Abyss Walker’s skills tend to be safer than Ripper who needs him to be close to the enemy. In other words, Abyss Walker is easier than Ripper, almost similar to Raven who also uses the same element, the Dark element. Despite the two of them have different line, which is Abyss Walker is the secondary specialization class of Bringer.

Setting that aside, Abyss Walker has the skill that transforms into the dark mode. Yes, he’s not a spin-off class from Dragon Nest, however, you still can transform into the dark mode. If you know about Illusion, the antagonists and one of the apostles who works for Red Dragon Feder, then you’ll be familiar with his transform mode. The Awakening skill let you use Illusion as one of your skill which will I explain in this post below.


Alright, before we enter to the main topic, I hope you will watch my Abyss Walker gameplay as usual…

Okay, let’s talk about his skill and vital point first. Just like what I mentioned above that Abyss Walker is using the dark element, so it’s not surprising if you find a buff skill that boosts his dark attack. It’s called the Dark Incarnation that boosts your dark attack by 20% for a minute.

You can also boost your agility and strong by using Illusion Strike or Shadow Focus. It’s because the Class Mastery I will activate this active buff.

There’s also one other buff, it’s Summon Shadow. Yes, it’s only summoning 2 Illusion’s shadow and hit the enemies. However, when you unlock the Awakening Skill level 92, you will have 2 options. The first one, you can use the Summon Shadow as it is, while the other one is you can activate the skill while pressing [S] to transforms into illusion. This will boost your action speed by 10% for 20 seconds, and also will boost Shadow Focus damage to 100%.

The Class Mastery II will allow you to activate the instant skill of one of the highest DPS skills, Line of Darkness, by using Chakra Illusion skill. The instant skill and the standard LoD doesn’t share the cooldown each other, so you can spam the instant skill as long as your Chakra Illusion is available to be used. But it’s really hard to use.

You can also link the ultimate skill Dark Conviction with Night Explosion because of the awakening skill level 93. Honestly, this is one of the best damage of Abyss Walker. Just try it out by yourself, this link-skill will give a huge damage to the enemies. However, after maintenance and update Lancea’s awakening on November 22, 2017, in Japan, this awakening skill is suffering BUG! When you link them, there’s no damage at all, or the Dark Conviction’s ball just disappears without a trace. That’s why in my video above, I didn’t utilize this cool awakening.

And the last one is, the Class Mastery III. I want to say that this level 95 skill is kinda lame. The Speedy Cut skill will have different animation and can be linked to Plasma Burst. However, it’s really hard to use and it’s always missed.

Skill Build

And now, it’s about the skill build. Well, It’s different with Ripper or Raven, this time I’m using the semi-hybrid skill build because there are several skills in Light Fury’s line I need. There are skills to be more certain. Please note that I’ve changed this skill build so many times until I got the best formula, at least for my opinion based on my fighting style.

Abyss Walker Skill Build Abyss Walker Skill Build (Bringer) Abyss Walker Skill Build Abyss Walker Awakening Skill Build

Alright, while I explain every one of them (which some I already have done above. lol), I also want to share my skill rotation or combo. This is maybe not a perfect one but my fighting style could be safer and gives huge damage to the enemies.

Abyss Walker Combo Guide and Skill Rotation

  1. Use the Raid to boost your Critical hit by 15%. This buff lasts for 300 seconds, so you can leave it for a while and focus on your battle, or…
  2. Focus on Dark Incarnation instead. It’s because this skill only lasts for 60 seconds. However, without this buff, you’re nothing. DI will boost your dark attack by 20% for 60 seconds and this is super necessary for any dark element user like you.
  3. By pressing [S] while activating Summon Shadow, I will be a shadow itself. I transform into illusion and boost my action speed by 10%. These 3 steps are just a preparation before I fight against the monsters.
  4. Whenever I see the monsters approached me, I always use the Killing Wave skill as an opening. The monsters will be inhaled into it and when the ‘big dark ball’ explode, it will give huge damage to the enemies as well.
  5. After that, I activate the class mastery II by using the Chakra Illusion and Line of Darkness instant skill. This will put you in the midst of monsters.
  6. Follow up with Plasma Burst.
  7. Use Abyss Claw. They will die instantly
  8. If there are still monsters around you, follow up with Night Fall to bind the enemies. You can click the [right mouse] to tumble to the back. This situation will allow you to use Night Explosion to give the enemies more and more damage.
  9. I usually use Line of Darkness as finishing attack. It really has huge damage. You can [right click] again to move back to your position, and [left click] again to use the second stack of LoD.

Plus, in some situation I also use these skills:

  • I only use the ultimate skill Dark Conviction whenever I face the stronger opponent. If it’s not a boss, I will never link it with Night Explosion.
  • I almost never used the Illusion Strike or Shadow Focus. I just don’t like them despite it will boost your Dark attack by 20%.
  • I unlock the Outbreak and Full Brightness skill in Light Fury’s line. But it’s only a requirement to unlock the Chakra Energy and Pact of Ajna.
  • I always use Chakra Energy whenever my HP below 90%. I know this seems ludicrous, but as being Abyss Walker, the healing effect isn’t as good as Light Fury. So I will use it whenever I see my HP doesn’t full.
  • Chakra Cure can be utilized whenever you suffer negative buff from monsters.
  • Pact of Ajna, whenever I face the stronger opponent like a boss in dungeon or in the nest.

That’s all…

Equipment Build

Alright, and now it’s time to talk about the equipment. I still use the low equipment as usual just like in the video above just to show you how I use this class properly.

Dragon Nest Abyss Walker Stats

Just like in the image above, I have around 170k physical attack and 54% of dark element. However, you can gain much more physical attack if you use the equipment level 95. So, I will explain what kind of armors and jade of level 95 you need to use instead.

  • Crook and Dagger: Attaching the Dark Enhance Jewel.
  • Armors: Attaching the Defence Jewel (Agi and Vit options).
  • Rings: Attaching the Dark Enhance Jewel
  • Necklace and Earring: Attaching the Defence Jewel (Agi and Crit options).

Abyss Walker is the dark element user, but he needs more Agi to boost his physical attack. Make sure you balance them. While the plates are:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Limit
  • Iron Wall
  • Tent
  • Health

The skill plates will include the skill that I use the most or has a huge damage! They are:

  • Line of Darkness (Damage). Yes, this is a bad-ass skill.
  • Nightfall (Cooldown). I really need this trapping skill, especially when I face lots of monsters. When you using this plate skill, you can reduce the cooldown around 4 seconds.
  • Night Explosion (damage). I love this skill, especially when it linked to the ultimate skill. Super duper high damage!
  • Dark Conviction (damage). Just like what I said, this skill is the highest DPS you have!

And the last one is Talismans. Here you need to have:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Limit
  • Iron Wall
  • Tent
  • Health

Yes… it’s totally same with the plates build.

Anyway, thanks for reading my guide. Maybe in the next article, I will talk about the Lancea who got her awakening 2 days ago. See you again!

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