Dragon Nest Arch Heretic Review Level 95 – Item and Skill Build

This week I still want to review the spin-off class in Dragon Nest, and this time is Arch Heretic. Just like what I said before that I created this class when the Bleed Phantom released in Japan despite this class was released back in October 2016 in Japan, if I don’t mistake. But yeah, we can re-create this class once the new spin-off class is available for you.

Talking about Cleric class, we all already knew that all of them are possessing the light attribute, right? However, this class is truly different as Arch Heretic is actually the Dark Class, which makes this class really unique. Also, maybe Arch Heretic is the only cleric class that depends on critical chance, and also need to stack the critical damage at the same time.

Then, you may be a bit confused and dilemma to build this class, whether he’s using the Agi or STR? But don’t worry, I’ll answer all of them in this post, complete with the pros and cons of the skill build in Arch Heretic’s line.

And also, this class will be fit for anyone who hates dodging! Just take a look at my gameplay video below. When I face the boss monster, I’m using the Block skill so I don’t have to dodge its attack.


So, who’s this cleric dark-element based guy? Well, Arch Heretic is the spin-off class of Cleric, or specialization class, or new breed class, or whatever you wanna call it. So, as expected, you will find several skills resemble his root class including Saint, Inquisitor, Guardian, and Crusader. But, when Guardian relies on his STR and the rest are using magical damage, while Arch Heretic himself using both critical chance and critical damage. It’s because of his skill potential!

Buff Potential

So, before we build his skill and equipment, then you have to fully grasp of his potential, especially his active-passive buff and debuff potential.

First thing first, Just like the other Cleric class, Arch Heretic owns the Toughness and Block skill. The Toughness could passively decrease damage received from physical attacks and magical attacks by 10%. While the Block – as the name suggests – could block 18 attacks with your shield that lasts for 20 seconds.

Be wise when using the Block skill because it could interrupt your casting skills. But I’ll tell you how to use it later in combo and skill rotation section.

Still, in Cleric skill line, you will also have a buff called Aura Restoration. It gives a buff that increases the maximum HP of the user and allies by 20% and improves the recovery rate of healing items and skills by 20%. So it is wise if you use this skill before Soul Steal.

Soul Steal itself is one of the greatest skill in Heretic tab. When you use it, you will absorb the soul of the nearby enemies to deal damage and recover own HP by 9%. This skill will guarantee your HP is always full.

Evil Stain acts as a passive buff. It will increase your STR stats based on the number of [Nightmare Force] created.

To get the bubble called Nightmare Force, you can use the skill called Pain to Gain. It will give you 30 Nightmare Force by sacrificing 10% of your HP.

Brutal Soul acts as an active buff. It’s also the most necessary buff you have. It will increase your dark attribute by 40% and it lasts for 180 seconds.

Land Corruption will increase your action speed by 30%. This skill is actually useful considering that some Arch Heretic skills have long animation and slower action speed.

And the last one is the transformation itself. When transformed, the character’s Physical Attack Power increases proportionally to the character’s strength. Also, some attack skills are changed into [Nightmare Skills] with enhanced effects.

Dragon Nest Arc Heretic
Arch Heretic casting Nightmare mode of Devastation and Execute

Debuff Potential

And how about debuff? Sure, it has several debuffs similar to Guardian. So, if you think that Guardian acts just as a tanker, you’re absolutely wrong! Poor Guardian! He is actually good at giving the debuff. But I won’t discuss him here, maybe in another post!

Back to Arch Heretic. Yeah, he has several good debuffs including:

Evil Hand that reduces all attribute resistance for enemies that are hit accurately. So, this class will be fit in any elemental parties. Plus, this skill could activate and strengthen the Savage Attack skill.

While Devastation skill will reduce the movement speed of the enemies by 30%. However, for some reasons, it didn’t work for big monsters like a boss. Also, please be wise when using this skill because it consumes 30 bubbles of Nightmare Force.

Class Mastery

But when it comes to Nightmare Force, you don’t have to always use the Pain to Gain skill and sacrificing your own HP. It’s because there are some other ways to gain Nightmare Force thanks to Class Mastery.

The Class Mastery 1 will give you 1 bubble every 2 seconds even you’re doing nothing. It will also reduce the Land Corruption’s cooldown whenever you successfully hit the enemies using the [Nightmare Skill].

The Class Mastery 2 is the only reason why I give the maximum level of Deadly Blow skill. It’s because every one second, [Deadly Blow]’s Attack Power increases by 50%, up to a maximum of 1000%. So, make sure you wait at least 20 seconds before using Deadly Blow skill.

And the Class Mastery 3 acts as a bridge between Divine Combo and Saw Blade skills. As you know that Saw Blade has long animation and slower in action speed. But if you link it with Divine Combo, the long animation is gone forever.

Skill Build

Just like the other spin-off class, my skill build is pretty straightforward. I just give the maximum level of Arch Heretic skill line, and never unlock the unnecessary skill. Here we go, my Arch Heretic skill build for you!

Arc Heretic Cleric Skill BuildArc Heretic Heretic Skill BuildArc Heretic Skill Build

Please note that this skill build is for PVE, so don’t use it if you are a PVP player. As you can see that I don’t activate all of his skill. I just don’t like to use the Cruel Rush because I feel that this skill is unnecessary in dungeon or nest, or my inner soul said that this skill can interrupt my skill rotation. hahaha…

Pros and Cons

In the option parts (I don’t know what I should call it), I chose A, all of them. Before you call me a stupid, let me explain why. Actually, I didn’t choose A without a reason, instead, I feel that this build can fit with my fighting style perfectly. And how about you? That’s why I add the pros and cons section in this post.

In Power Accelerator, I chose A that boost my Final Damage stat by 10%. While the B will boost your Dark Attribute by 15%. The reason is pretty simple and straightforward. Currently, I have 40% dark element, and it will boost to 80% in dungeon thanks to the Brutal Soul skill. If I already have such a high dark attack, then I also have to boost my Final Damage to give enemies more and more damage. But make sure you have Final Damage first from Ultimate Plate or other sets. And in case I want to boost my dark element more, I will buy costumes that includes the element attack on it.

In Attack Accelerator, I also chose A that increase Nightmare Skill attack by 5%, while the B will give additional damage by 5% whenever you hit the enemies with critical. Just like what I said before that I will build this class as balance as possible, between STR and AGI. But I don’t want to always rely my damage on critical alone because his root attack is STR.

In Enhance Buff, I chose A that increases my Critical Rate whenever I use the Brutal Soul. While the B will make your Pain to Gain skill get 50 bubbles of Nightmare Force, rather than 30. Actually, in my fighting style, I use Brutal Soul a lot! In other words, I can increase my critical rate almost all the time. But if I choose B, it’s really absurd because the Nightmare Force itself can be gained in lots of ways, including Class Mastery 1 and hitting the monsters with certain skills.

In Arch Heretic EX, I chose A that increases my physical attack by 10% whenever I transform. While the B will increase your physical attack by 5% and all attribute resistance by 10%, in other words, it will boost your both physical attack and defense. However, I still chose A despite I’m a defense lover. For me, the defensive itself can be boosted from gear that I will discuss in the equipment section below.

Skill Rotation and Combo

After we talk about the potential and pros-cons, let me share my skill rotation and combo. This combo has been adjusted with my skill build and equipment I choose. So, let’s get started!

Arch Heretic Skill Rotation

  1. First, don’t forget your 4 main buffs. They are Brutal Soul, Pain to Gain, Aura Restoration, and Transform into Arch Heretic. Use all of these buffs before you fight the enemies.
  2. Throw your Chaos Shield. If you use it to a bunch of little mobs, they will be sucked and gather at one point. It will make you easier on hitting them.
  3. Use Soul Steal to gain HP from enemies. Previously, you have been sacrificing your HP for Pain to Gain skill, but now you can re-acquire HP by using this skill.
  4. Use Evil Hand to make the enemies suffer from debuff (reducing all element resistance).
  5. Follow it up with Savage Attack by clicking Normal Attack button (left mouse click) right after Evil Hand.
  6. Use Devastation and click [space] to activate the Deadly Blow skill.
  7. Move away from the monster and find a good spot to activate the Class Mastery 3, as it can’t be used when the monsters are right in your cute face.
  8. Use the Execute and follow it up with Normal Attack button to activate the Carnage skill. Hold your left click mouse as long as possible.
  9. Once your main skills are available to be used again (after cooldown), back to number 2.

In several situations, I also use:

  • Land Corruption before number 3 above. I usually use this skill in the nest.
  • Activate the Block skill whenever I face the stronger opponent with AoE attack like a boss.
  • Execute or Guilt attack that followed by Carnage, whenever I see one or two little monsters left in one area.
  • Ultimate Death Gate to only stronger opponents like a boss. I use this skill after Evil Hand.
  • Sliding Knee Kick to destroy the barrier.

Equipment Build

It’s time to end your dilemma. To be honest, there are many players who ask me about Arch Heretic, whether he’s using STR or AGI, considering that this class also relying on critical chance. But most of the questions already answered above. And now the last step to make him get balance stats. Here we go, my current stats of Arch Heretic.

Arc Heretic Stats and Equipment

As you can see that I have around 153K of Physical attack and 40% of dark attack despite I’m using the low set. Please call this “low budget” because most of my equipment is still epic grade. Plus, I have around 1,7 M HP thanks to the jade. So, this is my equipment build:

  • Mace and Shield (STR and AGI): Attaching the Dark jade level 93
  • Armors (STR and AGI): Attaching the Bear jade level 93 (with vitality option)
  • 2 pair of rings: Attaching the Dark jade level 93
  • Earring and Necklace: Attaching the Bear jade level 93 (with vitality option)

Plates and Skill Plates

Just like what I said that this build also need Final Damage stats, so don’t be surprised if I suggest you to using Ultimate plate, and it is a must even though the price is crazy.

  • Destruction (Physical Attack)
  • Bear (Strong)
  • Wind (Agility)
  • Fatal (Critical Chance)
  • Ultimate (Final Damage)
  • Tent (Magical Defense)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (Physical Defense)
  • Health (Vitality)

In Arch Heretic case, you still need to stack your critical chance from Fatal and Wind. And despite he’s already strong, you still need some plates that boost your defense stats.

While for the skill plates include:

  • Savage Attack (Damage): This is one of the good DPS skill of his.
  • Devastation (Damage): The reason is still same, the DPS skill.
  • Death Gate (Damage): Arch Heretic has great ultimate skill. It can be used for a single monster or a bunch of mobs. Plus, it has good damage.
  • Block (Cooldown): In my fighting style (look at my gameplay above), I love to use this skill whenever I face the stronger opponent. He has long animation and slower action speed, so this block is necessary to avoid some nasty situations. But make sure you watch your enemies’ attack and know when to use your skills. Improper use will interrupt your other skills and you can screw up everything.

Before that, I used the Deadly Blow damage. However, since the damage almost doesn’t give any effect to it, I replaced it with Block.


In talismans, we still have to balance him as good as possible:

  • Destruction (Physical Attack)
  • Bear (Strong)
  • Wind (Agility)
  • Fatal (Critical Chance)
  • Tent (Magical Defense)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (Physical Defense)
  • Health (Vitality)
  • Ultimate (Final Damage). If you don’t have so much gold, Limit (Critical Damage) is also a good option.

That’s all for your Arch Heretic. Damn, this post is really long and I’m really into it till not realize I had spent about 3 hours to write this article. However, it’s still fun! And for the next post, I think I’m going to publish Defensio class since the Machina will get the awakening update this month.

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