Dragon Nest Bleed Phantom Review – Skill Build and Equipment

We have been introduced to several spin-off class, from warrior to kali so far. And this time is the most famous class in Dragon Nest, assassin spin-off class called Bleed Phantom. As someone who loves to play the assassin, of course, I have been waiting for this class since the Dark Avenger was introduced to the public. That time, I wondered, how if assassin class got a spin-off, it’s gonna be awesome and bad-ass. But, today… I have different impression!

We all know that most of the spin-0ff class has their own AoE attack that makes the enemies suffer a lot from damage like Dark Avenger’s Dark Crash, or has the special movement like Silver Hunter who has the unlimited flying ability. But, Bleed Phantom really makes me confused! First of all, he doesn’t have AoE skills – he does but very limited – and his main skills are low in damage! But don’t worry – and please don’t be offended – you still can find several pros when using this class.

Until finally, I found my own fighting style and I think this is the best, at least according to me. hahaha.

If you want to know about my fighting style, here’s the gameplay video. For the ‘how to’ and skill rotation, I will explain in the combo section.

If you are my subscriber in my Youtube Channel, you may already know that I always create some characters gameplay video with “the same equipment”, just to show you which class who has the most potential than others, both in damages and skills. So, I have also compared between Bleed Phantom and the other assassin class. And my assessment will be explained below.


Bleed Phantom is the spin-off class of assassin. Well, I’m sure you already know about this. But the thing that makes me surprised is the skills! I thought his skill would be AoE or more unique than the original assassin, but it seems I put my expectation too high! Bleed Phantom is actually a close-range attacker. His main skill use melee combat, just like Ripper. However, his main skill doesn’t give huge damage to the enemies, except you put your buff at the right time and place, plus the Shadow Overdrive which includes the long-range attack.

Alright… That’s enough for my ego. Looks like I’m too spoiled. I almost forgot that this post is a guide – not a place for my complaint. So, before we talk about skill build and combo, let’s learn the skills themselves and their effects on the enemies.

Dragon Nest Bleed Phantom
Bleed Phantom casting ultimate skill [Pain Killer]

Buff Potential

As usual, let’s talk about his buff potential to know what kind of stat he needs and how the effect to your other skills.

The first one is Raid in Assassin tab. This buff is a non-elemental buff so it can be used by all of the assassin class, including Bleed Phantom. Well, this buff could give additional damage of critical by 15%. Please note that this doesn’t count as critical chance, that’s why you can use STR or AGI to any class of assassin. And of course, with a different effect. STR to stack the critical damage, while AGI to stack the critical chance.

The Vaporize will make the enemies lose their aggro while boosting your movement speed by 25% for 6 seconds. It can be activated by clicking [space] while using any attack skill. When you put this skill into your combo, it will help you a lot in both saving you from the nasty situation and attacking the enemies.

The Bleed Phantom Transformation will give you an exploding effect that hits the enemies, but it sacrifices your 5% of your max HP. The more you use it, the more you will lose your HP. But there’s a way to prevent that, honestly. Also, the transformation will give you 20 bubbles. Anytime you use his main skill – which is called the [Flagship Skill], it will consume 1 bubble, but the damage is greatly enhanced in exchange.

The ultimate skill Pain Killer can attack the enemies, but also act as an active buff. In human form, it will boost your defense and restore your HP as much as 2% every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. But when you transform, the Pain Killer turns into [cruel] mode which could boost your attack and movement speed by 30%, also the Bleed Phantom Transformation is no longer sacrificing your 5% HP.

*That’s why I’m always using this ultimate skill whenever I see my bubble below 4, as I don’t want to sacrifice more HP when I want to re-transform.

The passive buff called Blood Armor can be found in Bleed Phantom skill tab. This skill relies on your Draw Blood skill, which makes the skill to be one of the most necessary skill to be used as much as possible. When you use the Draw Blood to the [bleeding] enemies, the Blood Armor will be activated and it will boost your defense by 15% from your HP for 10 seconds.

If you still confuse and say ‘what the heck is bleeding‘, then I will explain what is bleeding effect in Debuff potential below.

Debuff Potential

Bleed Phantom is also being armed with several debuffs that makes the enemies suffer more damage from your skills. The most basic and important one is…

Blood Sign will give [mark] to the enemies and gives a [bleeding] effect. The mark itself will last for 60 seconds and make them suffer more damage by 20%.

When the passive skill called Chain of Pain is activated, the bleeding effect will also affect the enemies around.

Death Web is one of my favorite skill. It resembles the Abyss Walker skill, anyway, and includes into the middle-range attack. When it used, the enemies will lose their action speed by 50%, and it will make them easier to be hit. However, for certain reason, it won’t work to the bigger enemies like a boss.

Class Mastery

So far, the class mastery is very useful for me…

Class Mastery 1, it will boost your AGI and STR by 30% and your attack power by 20%. Also, when Lethal Torture and Shadow Overdrive skill successfully hit the enemies, it will reduce ultimate skill cooldown by 1 seconds per hit. This class mastery is really necessary, so you can re-transform into Bleed Phantom without sacrificing your HP anytime you run out of the bubbles.

Class Mastery 2, when you use Phantom Call, the Lethal Torture changes in an instant. The Lethal Torture instant and standard doesn’t share the cooldown, so theoretically you can use the skill 2 times in a row, but I don’t recommend it. Lethal Torture standard has long casting skill (before revamp). I prefer Lethal Torture instant but it won’t activate the class mastery 1, what a pity.

Class Mastery 3, this is the most necessary CM for Bleed Phantom, I guess. To activate it, you have to link the Speedy Cut with Shadow Overdrive. As you know that Shadow Overdrive has long cast, but class mastery 3 resolves this matter.

Revamp (April 2018 – Korea Server)

There’s a huge revamp of Korea server that will change my gameplay greatly. So this guide can only be used before the revamp arrive in your server. The revamp includes:

  • Shadow Step. Now usable in the air (forward motion only). Not usable during Dash.
  • Blood Sign. Bleeding effect removed. Debuff duration increased from 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Draw Blood. If you hit Bleeding enemies, your HP will now recover by 4% over 8s.
  • Death Web. The last hit now reduces action speed of the target.
  • Chain of Pain. Bleeding enemies take 10% additional damage when hit.
  • Phantom Drive. Now has a chance of inflicting Bleeding. Probability 30%. Duration 30 seconds. 1 Bleed Damage 10%. Cooldown recovery increased from 1 to 2 seconds. Damage reduced from 3600% to 1850%.
  • Madness. CTC reduced to 2 and made available at level 1.
  • Soul Breaker. Cooldown reduced from 15 to 10 seconds.
  • Intense Suffering. Now recovers one cooldown of Madness when it hits an enemy.
  • Lethal Torture. Animation changed. No longer casting anymore.
  • Pain Killer (ultimate). The number of explosions decreased from 5 to 3, but total damage does not change. If you are attacked immediately after using the skill, all of its damage will be dealt with once and the animation will end. HP recovery effect removed.
  • Bleed Phantom Transformation. Damage reduced from 3600% to 1150%.
  • Shadow Overdrive. Cooldown increased from 15 to 18 seconds.
  • Top Suffering (Cruel mode). No longer include somersault kick. Total damage remains the same.
  • Lethal Torture Instant. Now inflicts Bleed upon the target. Probability 100%. Duration 15 seconds. 1 Bleed Damage 10%.
  • Class Mastery 1. Increase in STR/AGI changed from 30% to 50%. Removed 20% damage increase.
  • Class Mastery 2. Removed 20% increase in elemental damage. Added 15% damage increase.
  • Draw Blood Enhancement A. Number of additional hits increased from 1 to 4. Damage remains the same.
  • Draw Blood Enhancement B. HP recovery effect changed to happen instantaneously.

I play this class in Indonesia server. So, I will update this article once this revamp arrives.

Skill Build

Just like the other spin-off class, I always build my skill as straightforward as possible, devoted to the PVE only.

Bleed Phantom Assassin Skill BuildBleed Phantom Phantom Skill BuildBleed Phantom Skill Build

Please note that this skill build won’t work for PVP player, except you’re a good player.

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s talk about the enhancement skill, about the pros and cons. I honestly, I choose A, all of them. The reasons are:

Blood Sign Enhanced A. This is totally for attacker! The Blood Sign will make the enemies lose their attribute resistance. This option will be useful for any element party. While the B for you who only focus on defense.

Vaporize Enhanced A. It will boost your action speed by 10%, plus with its basic buff around 25%. Total 35% action speed boost will make your Bleed Phantom move faster and faster. I love to use the agile assassin anyway, not a sluggish one. While the B once again for defense. It will remove 1 of your negative buff.

Draw Blood Enhancement A. It will give additional damage when you use Draw Blood skill. While the B only reduced the action speed of enemies. One of the biggest reason I don’t choose B is, I’m afraid it won’t work for the boss.

*But once the revamp arrives, I will choose B instead.

Bleed Phantom Enhanced A. It will boost your attack power by 10%. While the B will boost your defense by 20%. I don’t need the B considering I have already owned the Blood Armor.

Skill Rotation and Combo

Just like what I said before that it’s really hard for me to use this class at first. But now, I’ve found my best fighting style according to me. hahaha… But I will change it after the revamp arrives, again.

Bleed Phantom Skill Rotation

  1. Buff yourself with Raid and transform into Bleed Phantom.
  2. Use Blood Sign to one of the enemies to give it [Mark]. Make sure you choose the strongest ones. If you think all of the monsters are equal, just throw the Blood Sign in random.
  3. Use Phantom Call and you will jump to the marked enemy. Here, you have activated the Class Mastery 2, but before that…
  4. Use Draw Blood first. Besides you hit the enemies around, you will also gain super armor from Blood Armor passive skill.
  5. Then, use the Lethal Torture instant.
  6. The instant is only temporary, so make sure you do it fast between number 3-5.
  7. Use Pass Away and clicking the right click as fast as possible. You will throw shuriken-like to the enemies while jumping back. This will give a distance between you and enemies.
  8. Activate the Class Mastery 3 by using Speedy Cut and link it with Shadow Overdrive.
  9. Click [Space] after that to activate the Vaporize. Your action speed will be boosted further.
  10. Use Death Web to make enemies suffer from the negative buff. If they are little mobs, they will gather in the center which makes you easier to hit them.
  11. Follow it up with Phantom Drive. This is a very-very good skill.
  12. Keep attack the enemies by using Madness 3 times in a row by clicking [special attack button]. You can also use it in mid-air, too.
  13. Use the Soul Breaker.
  14. The last attack should Top Suffering.
  15. Back to number 2.

But in several situations, I also use:

  • Combat transition. In several situations when dodging the enemy’s attack with Shadow Step, I always linking it with Phantom Drive by clicking left click mouse.
  • The ultimate skill Pain Killer should be used when my bubbles less than 4. If you use this ultimate skill, you don’t have to sacrifice 5% of your HP when you re-transform. But make sure you use this in Bleed Phantom mode (not in human mode because it will give you different effect).

Equipment Build

Many people ask me what kind of stat we should choose for the assassin? STR or AGI? Honestly, you can choose any of them. But still, you have to consider your fighting style. If you want to boost your critical damage, choose STR. If you want to boost your critical chance, choose AGI.

Bleed Phantom Stat

Most of my assassin characters are using AGI, but today, I want to try a different atmosphere. I’m using STR…

  • Scimitar/Dagger and Crook (Weapon): Dark Jade.
  • Armors (STR & VIT): Bear Jade (STR & VIT).
  • 2 Pair of Rings: Dark Jade.
  • Necklace & Earring: Bear Jade (STR & VIT).

Most of my skill build is only focusing on attacking only, so I need to boost my defense through vitality in jade.

Heraldry and Skill Plates

Here we go, for heraldry plates are:

  • Destruction
  • Bear
  • Wind
  • Fatal
  • Ultimate
  • Tent
  • Shining/Iron Wall
  • Health

And for skill plates include:

  • Shadow Overdrive (damage). You know? This skill is the biggest DPS we have here. It’s necessary to use this skill plate.
  • Phantom Drive (damage). I love this skill. It’s the flagship that can regain its own cooldown on hit. But I think I will replace it when the revamp arrives.
  • Draw Blood (cooldown). I use this skill a lot. In fact, this skill helps me to boost my damage.
  • Madness (damage). This is additional, you can replace it with other plates if you wish.


For the talisman, it’s almost same with plates:

  • Destruction
  • Bear
  • Wind
  • Fatal
  • Limit
  • Health
  • Tent
  • Shining/Iron Wall

That’s for your Phantom Blood. If you love this article, please give me 5 rates and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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