Dragon Nest Defensio Review Level 95 (Awakening) – Equipment and Skill Build

If you feel that Dragon Nest is a boring game because of the battle system is too easy to play, wait until you use this class. The Machina class could be one of the hardest class in Dragon Nest, while the others are Ripper and Sting Breezer. Well, I can say that this class, Defensio, isn’t for a newbie because there are several things to understand when it comes to using her skills.

Both in Ruina and Defensio skills line, there are mechanisms called Gear Step and Command Enhancement. These two factors are the most basic thing when you use Patrona, the predecessor of Ruina-Defensio and first specialization after Machina. The Gear Step skills include Foot Stomp, Rock Away, and Step Up. These three skills are needed to activate your combo. But in Defensio case, especially in my tutorial here, you only need Foot Stomp and Step Up. Make sure you use these two skills first before you do any hits.

While the Command Enhancement skills (in Defensio skills line) are Beatdown and Leaf Over. How to use these Gear Step and Command Enhancement will be explained later in the combo section.

However, there is a huge disaster in this month update right after Machina awakening was released. Many players and Machina users really love how they can multiply the damage by utilizing Gear Step and Command Enhancement. But now this effect has been removed! So, whether you using Gear Step combo or not, the damage still same. So, you can rely only on critical chance!


  1. This guide is created by non-Machina-specialist. Which means that my fighting style is only focus on Defensio skill line, not as a hybrid player.
  2. Most of my guide here is only rely on basic combo by understanding the skills description themselves.
  3. This guide is made after Defensio Revamp released in February 2018 in Dragon Nest Japan server. Your server (like SEA, EU, NA) will catch up soon.

Before you read and follow my tutorial here, make sure you watch my Defensio gameplay video below first.

If you think that my video above sucks, just forget this tutorial and leave one-star rating or thumbs down in my YouTube video gameplay. But if you feel that my fighting style will suit yours for sure, then of course, you can follow my guide here!


What is Defensio, anyway? Well, she is the other non-human race after archer (elf) and assassin (dragon). This class was introduced in cap 90 but many players tend to forget after the hype is over. However, after undergone several revamps, the population of Ruina and Defensio are back in no time.

Before you use this class, make sure you understand the skill potential, Class Masteries and her revamp!

Dragon Nest Defensio
Defensio Launches Beatdown with Awakening Effect (Healing Energy)

Buff Potential

Just like the other class, Defensio has also several buffs that aid your adventure in Verathea. The most basic buff in Machina tab skill is called Overhowl. It will increase your final damage by 10% for 300 seconds. This buff will also affect your party member, so Machina will be useful for any FD parties in the nest.

Overclocking has been revamped! It won’t produce [Steam] anymore, but now it acts as a normal buff. When it’s used, your physical damage will increase by 10% and your physical defense will also increase proportionally to physical damage by 40%. Plus, the awakening grants a friendly shield to you and allies for a certain amount of time, that absorbs damage based on their HP.

Overboost has been changed from passive to active skill. It also acts as a normal buff that should be linked with Defensio skill line. The effects including boost your FD by 10%, boost your action speed by 15%, boost your Physical-Magical defense by 22%, and resetting Ducking skill so it’s spamable now.

Repairs can remove up to 10 negative buffs of yours, and give you invincible mode for 0,5 second.

Debuff Potential

While the multiplying effect from Gear Step and Command Enhancement have been removed, but you still can find a good debuff to make you and your allies keep safe and sound. It’s Beyond the Wall that makes enemy’s attack reduce by 20% for 10 seconds. This skill has also suffered from revamp, which is explained below along with other skills.

Class Mastery

In Class Mastery 1, when [Gear Step] is used, super armor is greatly enhanced for a while and when Air Shove and Beyond the Wall are used, additional [Steam] is created.

In Class Mastery 2, when Beyond the Wall is used, Beat Down EX changes to Instant for a while and can be used quickly and immediately. The Beat Down Standard and Ins don’t share the cooldown.

In Class Mastery 3, if you use Taunting Blow right after Lariat, the [Marks] of Taunting Blow will be exploded 3 times without clicking special attack.

Revamp (February 2018 – Japan server)

I won’t discuss all of the skills revamp, but only based on my fighting style.

  • Fly By: You can change your angle or move the camera when it hits the enemies that lead to a rolling attack.
  • Lariat: The damage increases, but it won’t multiply your damage from Fly By.
  • Beatdown: Damage increases.
  • Overclocking: Has been changed into a normal buff that increases your physical damage by 10% and physical defense proportional to your physical damage by 40%.
  • Beyond the Wall: The capture ability has been removed, but it will be an offensive skill that deals damage instead. It will also increase the damage of any aerial skills like Beatdown and Meteor Fist (awakening).
  • Air Shove: Healing Energy has been removed until you activate the Air Shove Ex. The Healing Energies themselves only apply to yourself, but the duration has been increased.
  • Class Mastery 1: Increasing final damage effect has been removed.
  • Class Mastery 3: Increasing Lariat damage.

Skill Build

Just like what I said above that my fighting style isn’t a hybrid type, but solely focus on Defensio skill line. So, my skill build will also straightforward, but still borrowing the Ruina’s Foot Stomp to activate the Ducking skill.

Defensio Machina Skill Build

Well, many players tend to activate the Rock Away skill, right? To be honest, I’ve tried to use this skill and attempted to put it in my combo so many times, but always fail. That’s why I leave it. But as you can see that I still have more SP left, so you can use it and make some improvisation if you want!

Awakening Skill

After a long wait, the developer finally released the awakening skill of Machina. Thus, all of Dragon Nest class have already awakened! That’s great! Here we go, more detail about awakening skill. (The skills name based on the translation from Japanese server, there may a slight difference in your country).

  • Reverse Order (Active): Commands the Healing Energy around you to change into Explosive Energy and attack the enemy.
  • Meteor Fist (Active): Jump into the air and strike the ground with your fist, lifting the terrain up to generate shockwaves that damage the enemy.
  • Air Shove (Passive): Aerial Parry activates automatically when you are hit on the ground or in the air.
  • Overclocking (Passive): When using Overclock, grants a friendly shield to an ally for a certain amount of time, that absorbs damage based on their HP.
  • Taunting Blow (Passive): Enables the use of Taunting Blow in the air. Using it in this way recovers half of its cooldown. However, aerial Taunting Blow does not cause Provoke or a Mark.
    (I never use this awakening. lol).
  • Airflow Mastery (Passive): If you link Step Up with Beat Down or Leap Over, you will generate one healing energy on the ground.

Skill Rotation and Combo

Once more time I want to say that this combo guide will only focus on Defensio skill line, and of course for PVE. Here we go!

Defensio Skill Rotation

  1. Activate all of your buff (Overhowl, Overclocking, and Overboost).
  2. Use Foot Stomp and click [Space] to activate Ducking skill.
  3. Click [Space] again to activate Step Up skill.
  4. Click [Normal Attack Button] to activate Beatdown.
  5. After you hit the ground, click [Space] to activate Ducking again.
    (Because of Overboost has been activated, the ducking is spamable now).
  6. Click [Space] again to activate the Step Up once again.
    (If you give maximum level of Ducking, your Gear Step skill’s cooldown like Step Up will be reduced up to 90%, means it will also spamable now every time you use Ducking).
  7. Click [Special Attack Button] to activate Leap Over. When you’re in the air, click [Space] to jump backward.
  8. Follow it up with Beyond the Wall. Make sure you catch the enemy by clicking [Normal Attack Button].
  9. At this point, your Class Mastery 2 has been activated. But before that…
  10. Use Meteor Fist before you landed as this skill could only be used in mid-air.
  11. Follow it up with Beat Down Instant.
    Please note that Beat Down Instant has a very short amount of time, so you have to do it fast when using the combo number 8-11.
  12. After you landed, use Reverse Order to order Healing Energy explode.
    Because of Awakening skill, you will see lots of Healing Energy on the ground so far!
  13. Click [Space] again to activate Ducking and Step Up skill, meh… again.
  14. Click [Normal Attack Buttton] again to activate – you know what – the Beatdown skill.
  15. Use your Lariat and link it with Taunting Blow to activate the Class Mastery 3.
  16. Use your Reverse Order again.
    Don’t worry, it has short cooldown.
  17. Back to number 2.

That’s really complex combo and skill rotation, right? But it’s still not over yet! Because for several situations, I also use:

  • Fly By to fly. Sometimes I link it with Lariat by clicking [Special Attack Button].
  • Air Shove to parry the enemies attack and then follow it up with Reverse Order.
  • Ultimate Man to Man whenever I face stronger enemies, especially when they launch a fatal attack that can’t be parry or dodge. (Ex: Several boss monsters in Nest).
  • Reverse Order whenever I failed hit enemies because of [Air Shove Awakening] activated.

Equipment Build

Both Ruina and Defensio are a non-elemental class, but they really rely on critical chance. That’s why I build this class with AGI, not STR. When I try to stack both AGI and Physical Damage, here what I got.

Defensio Stats

So, are you ready to build your Defensio? Here what you need to get!

  • Knuckle Gear and Claw: Destruction Jade (AGI option).
  • Armors (AGI & VIT): Wind Jade (AGI & VIT).
  • 2 Pair of Rings: Destruction Jade (AGI Option).
  • Necklace & Earring: Wind Jade (AGI & VIT).

Please remember that Defensio is a tank class, so it’s still useful if you want to boost your defense stats. And you certainly remember that I’m a huge fan of defense! hohoho. If you want to boost your physical attack instead, replace the VIT with STR.

Plates and Skill Plates

Here we go, for skill plates:

  • Destruction (physical attack)
  • Wind (agility)
  • Bear (strong)
  • Fatal (critical chance)
  • Ultimate (final damage)
  • Tent (magical defense)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (physical defense)
  • Health (vitality)

Machina has a skill called Overhowl that increase your final damage. That’s why you need the ultimate plate for sure.

While for skill plates including:

  • Beat Down (Damage): In my skill rotation, we use this skill a lot!
  • Leap Over (Damage): This is the highest DPS skill you have!
  • Taunting Blow (Damage): It’s still one of your main skill!
  • Man to Man (Cooldown): But still, you have to remember that Defensio is a supporting and tanker class. 調子になるなよ!


For the talisman, it’s almost same with plates:

  • Destruction (physical attack)
  • Wind (agility)
  • Bear (strong)
  • Fatal (critical chance)
  • Ultimate (final damage), or Limit (critical damage) if you broke.
  • Tent (magical defense)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (physical defense)
  • Health (vitality)

That’s for your Defensio. For the next article, I will try to make her sister Ruina. So, keep stay tuned guys! And don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, and leave the comment below if you want to ask questions or just to say hello!

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