Dragon Nest Japan February 2018 Update – Machina Awakening, etc

Hangame Japan released the information update for Dragon Nest on February 21st, 2018. The update including Machina Awakening and New Cerberus Nest. Detailed information on the future will be announced in this post and will be reported at any time.

Machina Awakening

Dragon Nest Japan February 2018

Machina is the ninth class in Dragon Nest which is introduced in the cap 90. So far, Machina only has 2 major class, Defensio and Ruina, after completing the specialization quest in level 44 as Patrona. The awakening quest will be available once the players reach level 90 right after update on February 21, 2018 in Japan server. More information, please visit the official site for Dragon Nest Japan.

The publisher also released the video teasers of Awakening skill teaser for both classes.

Cerberus Nest Challenge

In addition to our cat class, Dragon Nest Japan will also introduce the new Cerberus Nest in this month patch. Cerberus Nest is an old nest in Cap 32 where the players have to fight against the three-head big dog comes from somewhere in Dark Overlord Entrance in Foothills of Black Mountain.

Specific conditions are required for the challenge!

Cerberus Nest Level 95

Stay tuned for more information!

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