Dragon Nest Light Fury Guide Level 95 – Equipment and Skill Build

Light Fury is a strong rival for Saint in cap 80 and 90. Just imagine, not only can cure party member of negative buff and heal them whenever they are dying, this class can also be a good debuffer and attacker. In that era, Saint is nothing compare to this class, and many people prefer to bring this class to the nest rather than Saint. As a healer, it’s kinda sad.

However, after the Dragon Nest reached cap 93, and now level 95, Light fury suffers lots of nerf, especially the Chakra Heal. But I’m glad about this nerf because he’s become more balanced. It’s not because I’m the Saint lover, but I just feel that every class should have their own role in the game. If all abilities are taken by this class, then the other supporting class including Physician and other buffers and defubbers class are not needed anymore.


Light Fury is the secondary specialization of Assassin after you learned Bringer skills. As a supporter class, he got a little more attack skill than the others. Even his awakening active skills are being attackers. It’s a little absurd though, but let’s go with the flow anyway.

Well, there are several things you have to know about this class. Let’s talk about his buff first. Just like any other assassin class, Light Fury could boost critical by using Raid skill, that’s why I love to build any class of assassin with AGI stat.

He also has Chakra Cure skill that will remove up to 10 negative buffs you and your party member suffer from. Plus, you can use Chakra Energy to restore your HP.

The other great buff from this class is Blessing of Ajna. You can summon a cute raccoon who will assist you to increase your light attribute. In the past, the raccoon could also increase the dark attribute as well, that’s why the Abyss Walker users who use the dark attribute tend to activate this skill. But not in cap 95.

And don’t forget about the legendary Chakra Heal. This skill is a very damn good because it can cure your HP, reduce enemies’ defense, and reduce the damage you got from enemies! I mean, in cap 70 and 80. But not in today! In cap 95, the Chakra Heal is only recovering your MP, and damage reduction effect is added to the Chakra Heal Ex. But it’s not bad at all. I still love this skill especially when I face the stronger opponent like a boss.

The ultimate skill Ring of Energy also acts like buff if you follow it up with left click mouse, while the right click mouse will make the ring explode. But I always recommend any of Light Fury user to use it with left click, it’s because it can protect your party member from the high damage of enemies. That’s why I rarely use this skill if I go solo.

The most thing I love from this class is his Class Mastery 3 and Awakening skill called Unseen Art. The effect is just like Abyss Walker’s Nightfall or Inquisitor’s consecration – but it’s little different. The Unseen Art will summon the light chakra and seep into the ground which is only activated if you use several active skills. When it actives, it will pull the enemies while giving some damages. This skill will be activated when you use Outbreak, Full Brightness, Ring Strike, Sunshine Spark, and awakening skill Chakra Grip.

The last things you have to know is, Class Masteries. The Class Mastery 1 could increase your light attribute and your attack power buff is created whenever you use Outbreak and Full Brightness skill. Of course, it will give more and more damage to the enemies.

While the Class Mastery 2 acts 100% like a supporting class. Do you know Ring of Energy skill? It will protect your allies, and the CM2 will reduce the cooldown of Ring of Energy by 10 seconds whenever Sunshine Spark successfully hits the enemies.

And the Class Mastery 3 could be my most favorite skill. You can link Edged Fan with Ring Strike to give different animation. As you know that if Ring Strike successfully hit the enemies, your movement will slow down from air to the ground. Yes, it surely will give more damage to the enemies, but it has a huge risk if you use it to the boss who can’t be stunned. But the CM3 gets rid of this issue. Once you use Edged Fan and link it with Ring Strike, there’s no slow movement anymore. You will hit directly to the ground while still give huge damage to the enemies.

Light Fury Guide
Light Fury Casting Unseen Art and CM3 (Fan Edged links to Ring Strike)

Skill Build

After we analyzed his main skill, now we can create the skill build. Before you follow my path, don’t forget to watch my video above and see how I use this class using the skill build below.

Light Fury Assassin Skill BuildLight Fury Bringer Skill BuildLight Fury Skill BuildLight Fury Awakening Skill Build

I don’t think that this skill build could be the best, but at least it will give more damage to the enemies. However, this skill build is useless if you take him to the PVP. Just use this build PVE only.

Skill Rotation and Combo

And now, this is my combo and skill rotation:

Light Fury Skill Rotation

  1. Use your Raid skill to increase your critical, and summon the ninja raccoon by using skill Blessing of Ajna to increase your light attribute. This is a very necessary step for any Light Fury users.
  2. Use Unseen Art in the middle of the area. Make sure you bring all the enemies to the light chakra on the ground to give them more damage whenever you use certain skills.
  3. Use Sunshine Spark and throw the big light ball to the enemies.
  4. Use Outbreak. It will get you near the enemies.
  5. Follow it up with Full Brightness. So far, you have activated the CM1.
  6. Then, activate your CM3 – Fan Edges and link it with Ring Strike. The damage will be a damn great since your CM1 has been activated.
  7. And then the Chakra Grip (optional).
  8. Summon Shadow. It will assist you to clear up the enemies left in the area.
  9. Then back to the number 2-6.

In several situations, I also use this kind of combo:

  • I always Summon Shadow first if my Unseen Art isn’t available (cooldown).
  • I always use the Chakra Illusion with left click mouse first if I face stronger enemies or boss. Idk what kind of effect to the enemies. However, since I see a kind of negative buff in enemies body, I will use this skill first to the boss. There’s no more detail about this skill, even in the game itself.
  • When I face the boss, I always use Chakra Heal after summoning Unseen Art. Just click right mouse and you will dodge to the back and it will increase your attack power while reducing the damage you got from the boss.
  • I rarely use the Piercing Star awakening. But it’s still useful in the PVP.
  • I will use Chakra Cure whenever I or my allies suffer from negative buffs.
  • I will use Chakra Energy or Chakra Miracle whenever my HP below 80-70%.
  • I only use ultimate skill Ring of Energy in the party, not in solo.
  • I don’t use Illusion Strike, Night Explosion, or even Plasma Burst. They are only requirements to unlock the Summon Shadow.

That’s all!

Equipment Build

Alright, and now it’s time to build your equipment. In cap 70, I played Dragon Nest in Indonesia server because that’s time I lived in there. I can’t play the Dragon Nest Japan because they blocked the country outside of Japan, and using PVN is a pain in the foot. So, I decided to build my character on that server for a while.

The unique thing that time was, many people told me that they were using the magical attack. Since I never built the Light Fury in that cap, I felt that natural consider the animation and skill he has. But once I returned to the Dragon Nest Japan in cap 95, and created my own Light Fury, apparently he’s using the Physical Attack, not Magical Attack. I don’t know whether there’s any change in the update, or they only want to fool me? It’s such a mystery.

Whatever, now I have my own build, though! So, things you have to know is Light Fury is using Physical Attack and Light element. Just like Sting Breezer, you have to balance both of the stats. Let’s see my stats first.

Light Fury Stats


It’s not huge, but still can be useful if you want to start your Light Fury from zero. So, this is my recommendation to build your LF class:

  • Crook and Dagger: attaching Light Jade level 93, or Attack Jade with Light attribute level 95.
  • Armors: attaching Wind Jade level 93 with vitality option, or Defence Jade level 95 with Agility and Vitality option.
  • Rings: attaching Light Jade level 93, or Attack Jade with Light attribute level 95
  • Necklace and Earring: attaching Wind Jade 93 with Critical option, or Defence Jade level 95 with Agility and Critical option.

Plates and Skill Plates

While for the plates are:

  • Destruction (physical attack)
  • Wind (agility)
  • Bear (strong)
  • Fatal (critical)
  • Tent (magical defense)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (physical defense)
  • Health (vitality)
  • Life (max HP) / Ultimate (final damage)

And for the skill plates are:

  • Sunshine Spark (damage): I just love how big the damage is!
  • Ring Strike (damage): In my skill rotation, I use this skill after CM1 is activated and it’s linked it with fan edges. Of course, the damage will boost!
  • Chakra Miracle (cooldown): Despite this skill cooldown will be reduced whenever your Sunshine Spark hits the enemies, but I still love to use this skill as much as possible! Imagine, your allies will grateful you’re there with them.


The talisman is almost same with the plates build:

  • Destruction (physical attack)
  • Wind (agility)
  • Bear (strong)
  • Fatal (critical)
  • Tent (magical defense)
  • Shining/Iron wall (physical defense)
  • Health (vitality)
  • Life (max HP) / Ultimate (final damage).

That’s for your Light Fury. Finally, this is the last main class of Assassin. I’m glad that I can finish all of the Assassin class before 2018. But I still have one other Assassin, that’s the spin-off Bleed Phantom. Maybe I will create the guide in the next post. So, stay tuned guys!

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