Dragon Nest Oracle Elder / Freya Tips and Guide – Equipment & Skill Build Level 95

Talk about the spin-off class, an exclusive character that only could be made in a limited time, people in Dragon Nest sometimes also call them with “event class.” Well, that’s a horrible name for a great class, I guess. This class could transform into a stronger mode, even several spin-off class has a different skill when they are transforming into dark or white form. However, Oracle Elder is a little different.

Oracle Elder, or also known as Oracle Freya in Japan is the spin-off class of Kali, where you can move rapidly and use the fast-paced skill rotation. Even this class has an unlimited buff called Agility Aura to make her move faster. The whole skills are similar to the dancer, has a high agility (despite she’s using bear or str option), and spinning around to kill the enemies.

Dragon Nest Oracle Elder

Just like what I said before, Oracle Elder is a little different. As you know that several spin-off class like Ray Mechanic or others have their own active skill to transform, while Oracle Elder doesn’t need that. Her transform skill is a passive skill, which means you need to gather 10 bubbles to make her transform.

The bubble itself could be gained when you use the main skills and they successfully hit the enemies. So, when you use your main skill 10 times, you will transform into Oracle Elder. And also, the skills don’t change much! The transform mode acts as buff, your movement speed and attack will increase by any%.

Even her ultimate skill Ancient Grace acts as a buff. It will increase both your physical attack and defense. She also has debuff skill called Ray Diffuse that makes the enemies’ elemental defense decrease. Imagine, you use the debuff, transform into Oracle Elder, and use your ultimate skill, you will get very high damage, especially if you have high budget and equipment!

Alright, before we talk about her equipment and skill build, it’s better if you watch my gameplay video below!

Spinning around, and kill the enemies. Honestly, I’m not a Kali user. This is my first experience using this class, so I don’t know much about this class before. But it’s really fun… she is very agile and sexy!

Skill Build

Just like the other spin-off class, Oracle Elder’s skill build is pretty straightforward. I give a maximum level to all my main skill, and other for several skills that I use the most. My skill build is actually for PVE, if you want to use for PVP, don’t forget to build hybrid skill in Kali tab. Anyway, this is my skill build!

Oracle Elder Skill Build 1 Oracle Elder Skill Build 2 Oracle Elder Skill Build 3

Note: There’s an option where you can choose to increase FD or Critical. If you decided to become FD user, just choose B in the “second” option.

And here’s my combo or skill rotation:

  • Keravnos is the first attack skill I always give to the enemies. It will give a really huge damage! Especially when the enemies are gathering in one place, they will die instantly.
  • Hurricane’s Edge. It can be stacked in 3 layers. But I always use them all at once by clicking the skill 3 times.
  • Banishing Spada. This is a bad-ass skill.
  • Rising Gust. At the end of the movement, you will be in the air. Follow up with Aerial Rush by clicking Space while you in the air.
  • Twister. This skill will produce a little tornado. Click special attack to activate Position Shift so you will give the enemies double tornados.

At this point, usually, I have gained 10 of bubbles and transform into Oracle Elder (look at my video 00:54). Once you’re transforming, all skills will be reset and you can use skill rotation once again. However, the class mastery II is very interesting, where you can spam Hurricane’s Edge (look at video 02:36) with pleasure!

Here’s another point you have to note!

  • Use Spirit of Genie to increase STR, AGI, INT, and VIT by 80%.
  • Activate Agility Aura to move faster.
  • I almost never used Wild Spada. But sometimes it’s very useful to add the bubble.
  • I almost never used the Class Mastery III.
  • Class Mastery III will give Sting Breezer different animation, and it can be linked with Banishing Spada after that. However, you will lose the first attack of it.
  • I always use Chain Rush after Hurricane’s Edge by clicking space. It will also activate the Class Mastery II.
  • I only use Ray Diffuse to the stronger enemies, or whenever I have a chance to use it.

Yes, everyone has their own fighting style, but at least I want to give you some recommendations how to use this class effectively.


The first thing you have to know is, Oracle Elder use the same equipment with Dancer class and use the light elemental. So, while I stack the str stats to increase my physical attack, I have also to increase my light attack by using light jade. Anyway, this is my equipment with low equipment.

Oracle Elder

It’s different with Raven that I have posted several days ago, he only gets around 150K physical attack, but Oracle Elder gets 216K. It’s mainly because the publisher (Japan server) gifted us the OE users with one set of costumes and it increases the PATK effectively.

And by wearing 4 light jades that I attached them in weapons and rings, I got around 47% light attack. It’s not too bad!

Anyway, this is my equipment build:

  • Chakram and Charm: Light Jade
  • Armors: Bears (Vit. option)
  • Rings: Light Jade
  • Earring and Necklace: Bears (Crit. option)

While the plates are:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Ultimate
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Health

For the skill plates are:

-soon- in the video above, I didn’t wear any of skill plates. I’m currently researching which one the best for this class.

And the talismans are:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Health
  • Life

That’s all. I hope my tutorial will help your adventure in Lagendia. Give me 5 stars if you love this article, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on Youtube, thanks for reading, HAPPY SPINNING and see you again!

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