Dragon Nest Ripper Review – Skill Build and Equipment Level 95

Ripper is one of the hardest class I’ve ever played in Dragon Nest. As you know that Ripper has to get closer to the enemies when using their skills, or else, you can’t kill the enemies effectively, or even missed! That’s why all of his skills always put the players at risk. You need to know when you have to dodge, and when you have to use your skills, and that’s the hardest part of this class. So, I highly respect all of the Ripper users.

But despite that, I was having fun when using this class. It’s very exciting and challenging. It also trained me to sharpen my intuition when it comes to fighting the monsters, especially the boss monster. Since I’m always close to the monsters, so I know and learn how to dodge and monster attack pattern. So, if we compare to the long-range attack, this Ripper class will help you play Dragon Nest better and it’s not for newbies! Trust me!

Dragon Nest Ripper Guide

Ripper Overview

Ripper is the secondary specialization class of Assassin in level 45, after being Chaser in level 15. While his brother is Raven who uses middle-range and “throw-and-forget” attack type. Before we talk about the skill build and equipment, I have prepared my Ripper gameplay video below. I recommend you to watch the video below first, so at least you will know my fighting style when using this fire element class.

Alright, let’s talk about the skills for PVE before we focus on skill build. Here are some points you need to know.

Ripper needs a Shadow Hand skills. You have to give this skill maximum level as it’s needed to unlock the Class Mastery 3 and Awakening Skill. So, make sure you focus on this skills rather than the other basic skills on Assassin tab. Don’t forget to unlock the Raid as well which make your critical increased. Don’t worry, Raid skill doesn’t need any SP.

The Blade Runner is also needed to lower the enemy’s defense. This skill acts as like a debuff that reduces attribute resistance by 20%. The Izuna Drop is an awesome skill! I mean you can follow the Blade Runner with this skill and it will give you invincible mode for a moment. Even after the animation ended, he will squat and prepare to avoid enemy attack. (look video above at min. 5:57)

The ultimate skill Crippling Punisher is also an awesome skill. After you unlock the Class Mastery 1 and Awakening Skill, you can make lots of shadow (just like Naruto’s shadow clones) by clicking the certain skills including Shift Blow, Izuna Drop, Artful Chaser, and Beast Swipe. I personally love to focus on summoning the shadow clones (look video above at min. 0:47). You can also use the left-click mouse to produce a combo, but still, there’s pros and cons. The pros: You can reduce the Crippling Punisher cooldown. The more you use it, the less cooldown will be. But the cons: The damage sucks and it puts you at high risk.

However, if you prefer to focus only on summoning the shadow clones, you still can reduce your ultimate skill by using Burning Call skill. The Class Mastery 2 will help you to reduce the Crippling Punisher cooldown by 3 seconds whenever it successfully hits the enemies. Moreover, the awakening of Burning Call is as good as the other main skills of Ripper.

Ripper also has the Buff skill, it’s called Arsonist. It will increase your flame attack, so make sure you build Ripper class with the fire element. Just like the Artful Chaser, the Arsonist is only be found in Ripper skill tab. Anyway, Artful Chaser is also a very great skill, however, it will put you at high risk, very high risk. Not only the animation is very long, but also the action speed needs a little more time. So, make sure you use this skill wisely.

And Class Mastery 3. I feel like this skill is a little weird. This class mastery 3 needs you to use the Shadow Hand, so you can link it to Mortal Blow. If you use it against the stronger enemies like a boss or other monsters that are not easily affected by stun, this Class Mastery 3 could be used effectively (video above min. 3:28). However, it’s different when you use it to the smaller or weaker enemies. They will be pushed back after you give them Shadow Hand, and consequently, your Mortal Blow will miss if you linked to it (video above min. 0:21).

Skill Build

My Ripper skill build is very straightforward and focuses on PVE as usual. If you watched my video above, you will see that I never used the Raven tree skill, it’s because I didn’t unlock them, all of them! So, if you want to use your Ripper character for PVE, maybe this skill build will be useful for you!

Ripper Skill Build
Ripper Skill Build
Ripper Skill Build
Ripper Skill Build

Alright, here’s my combo or how to use this skill rotation.

  1. Flame Drag: This won’t make all monsters die, but it’s an excellent benchmark for starting the attack. Flame Drag will make the monsters got stunned, they will be shocked and make you have more chance to give the next series of attacks.
  2. Burning Call: You are going backward after using this skill and it will make the enemies confused. Plus point is, your ultimate skill cooldown will decrease by any seconds.
  3. Beast Swipe: This skill will give huge damage to the enemies. After you’re going backward, just use this skill to get back to the enemies while giving them some hits.
  4. Blade Runner: The enemies will remain collapsed while lowering their attribute defense.
  5. Izuna Drop: Entering the invincible mode while attacking the helpless enemies.
  6. Artful Chaser: Just like what I mentioned above that this skill will put you at high risk. But it’s very effective if you use it when the enemies are helpless.
  7. Dodge and right click mouse to activate the Flame Locus.
  8. After you use all of the skill above, usually the Flame Drag and Burning Call are available to be used again.
  9. Don’t forget to use the Class Mastery 3 if there are/is few monsters left.

The best example of this skill rotation, you can watch my video above at 3:42. And for several situations… here’s what you need to know!

  • Always use the Raid skill right at the start of the fight.
  • Don’t forget to always rebuff the Arsonist. The duration is 1 minute so don’t look away from it.
  • I unlocked the Illusion Step even to the max level, but I actually almost never used it.
  • Dedicated Shadow is used whenever my HP below 70%, while Dedicated Crow is used whenever the Boss monster’s HP below 80%.
  • I never used Shift Blow except to destroy the barriers, or summoning the clone shadow when my ultimate skill is being active.

Equipment Build

In the video gameplay above, I explained that the video was only a “low equipment challenge” and “how to use the Ripper properly, according to my style”, and it wasn’t a show-off of how much damage will you give to the enemies if you’re using high-budget-equipment.

That’s true, just like the other class I’ve ever played, this time I’m also wearing a low budget equipment, and here’s the prove:

Ripper Stats

Although my physical attack is very low, Irine seems can’t take her eyes off me… hahaha…

Alright, the only thing you need to know is Ripper use the agility or wind, physical attack, and fire element. You can also use the bear or str stats, but I prefer using the wind because I really need the critical instead. So, I decided to keep my stats as balance as possible between wind and fire element… and here my equipment build:

  • Scimitar and Crook: Fire Jade
  • Armors: Wind Jade (Vit option)
  • Rings: Fire Jade
  • Earring and Necklace: Wind Jade (Crit option)

While the Talisman:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Limit
  • Iron Wall
  • Tent
  • Health

And the plates are:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Ultimate
  • Iron Wall
  • Tent
  • Health

And for the skill plates are:

-soon- I’m currently testing which ones the best for this class.

Alright, that’s all. Thanks for reading my Ripper guide and tips on Dragon Nest game. I hope this tutorial is helpful!

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