How to Get Axe in Rune Factory Frontier

Axe is one of the most necessary farming tools in Rune Factory Frontier. Without this tool, you can’t gather any lumber and expand your house, except you make some monsters to do that. However, you can’t tame monsters without a barn, and you need 10 lumber to make it. So, it’s still necessary to get your first axe to make your story moves forward.

Just like hammer or sickle, you can also get the axe for free from someone in the village. This time, you will receive the Cheap Axe from sister Stella. Just talk to her several times and she will definitely give you the axe.

Chopping up branches with an axe automatically turns it into lumber and stores it in the Lumber Shed,” said an unofficial village-chief of Trampolli village, sister Stella. “If you check the Lumber Shed, you can see how much lumber you have,” she added.

However, you won’t be able to do anything about the tree stumps. Which means you have to upgrade your axe before breaking the stumps and make them as lumbers. Using the Cheap Axe, you only could chop up the branches both in your fields and dungeons. One branch only produces one lumber. But it’s really a good milestone to make your very first barn for your monsters.

To get some lumber, you can check out the video below.

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