How to Get Harvester in Rune Factory Frontier

Harvester can be used to catch runeys, and it’s one of the most necessary tools in Rune Factory Frontier game. Without this tool, you can’t unlock the Lava Ruins after you beat the Green Ruins. It’s because you need a Rune Stone to open the dungeons. Which means, you can’t move the story forward. So, it’s an important thing for you to get this Harvester no matter what.

You can’t buy this tool in any place, it’s because Harvester is a unique tool to catch Runey. But you can get it from someone in the village, as usual. Don’t worry, through this article I will also give you the complete tutorial how to get harvester and how to use it.

Get The Harvester

You can get this harvester for free. Someone in the village, Candy, will give you the tool for free. However, Candy will not appear in the game until you trigger a specific event. To do that, you have to speak to Kanno, an old man who lives in the Clock Tower several times, and in Spring 9, he will start to babbling about there’s no one in the village who bring him foods, so he asks her granddaughters to come to take care of her, they are Cinnamon and Candy.

After the sisters come to the village, you have to speak with Candy to get the Harvester. Like her big sister, Candy has an ability to communicate with spirit through song, it’s called Spirit Song. It’s a song where you can speak to the Spirits, so Candy could cause miracles like Rune Wonders by asking the Spirits. Rune Wonders can change the weather or speed the growth of plants.

Speak to Candy and ask her about Rune Wonders, and she will definitely give you the Harvester.

How to Use Harvester

Just like I mentioned above, there’s a specific task to do, that creates miracles like Rune Wonders to change the weather, speed the growth, or make a Rune Stone as a key to a specific dungeon and several secret places inside it.

Rune Wonders themselves are, in short, miracles that are caused by Runeys. If you can bring some Runeys over, Candy could try to wish for them to cause miracles. And, to gather the nearby Runey, you need a Harvester.

Anyway, do you know what Runey is? That’s a ghost-like floating in the village. You can catch them with the Harvester.

Harvester can be used for things other than catching Runeys. You can use harvester to get all sorts of things from your monster friends, such as eggs, milk, honey, and even wool. What you will get depends on the monster, so try it out in your barn.


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