How To Get Sickle in Rune Factory Frontier

Sickle is one of the farming tools from Rune Factory Frontier series. This tool is really necessary to cutting grass to feed the monsters, cutting wild grass if necessary, and the most important thing is you can process your main story quest. That’s right! You need a sickle to make your main quest moves forward, because as you know that you can’t open the Green Ruins without this tool.

Just like the other tools such as hammer or axe, you can acquire a sickle for free from someone in the village. The first sickle you will get called Cheap Sickle which could only cut one grass per swing. However, you can upgrade your sickle to another level, so you can cut the 3 or even 9 grass all at once. How to upgrade your sickle and what materials you need will be explained in the different section.

For now, let’s focus on how to get your first sickle in this game. Basically, you can acquire this tool right at the start of the game. I got this tool in Spring 4 year 1. The trick is really simple, the only thing you have to do is speak to Erik several times, maybe until he got a little amount of friendship meter called FP, and he will start to talk about tilling your field.

But please make sure that you need to speak to him regularly – not in a single day and hope to get your first sickle. Talk to him regularly just like you speak to a normal and real people. And as a sign of friendship and your hard work in maintaining your field, he definitely will give you a sickle you want.

Sickle are tools to cut grass“, said Erik, an experienced farmer from Trampoli Village’s South District. “Just be careful when you use it because you could end up cutting your crops rather than just weeds, and you don’t want to do that,” he added.

*** little spoiler ***

Just like what I mentioned above that sickle is really needed to make your main story moves forward. It’s because there’s an event involving Mist. She will ask you to weed her field in front of her house, and it will lead you to the new dungeon in Trampoli Village called the Green Ruins.

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