Mastering Gladiator Dragon Nest Level 95 – Skill Build and Equipment

Gladiator is the very first character I have ever created in Dragon Nest. Back then, I still had no idea about building and skill combo, just play like an idiot without knowing about his real potential. But after 10 years of Dragon Nest game online, I tried to create this class again for sure, so let’s mastering the Gladiator Dragon Nest class!

Latest Update: July 2020 SEA Patch

It’s different from his brothers like Destroyer or Moonlord, he has good mobility and agility while using the melee attack. All of them are melee attack so he has a high risk of premature death when fighting the boss monster.

The build him, you need to boost your ATK, STR, and Def stats. I am personally using the light elemental jade, but if you don’t like it, you can use pure ATK. There’s nothing wrong with it. Also, my skill rotation relies on three main DPS skills, they are Line Drive, Finish Attack, and Hyper Drive.

Before we talk about this class in more detail, make sure you watch my video first below. If you think that my fighting style is good enough, then this Gladiator guide is for you!

Alright, so let’s do it!


As a melee attacker, he is equipped with the buff and debuff that will make the enemies more prone to the critical hit. Unluckily, there is no debuff that makes your elemental attack increase, but using elemental jade such as light element is still worth to try.

So, let’s talk about the buff and debuff first!

Buff Potential

First thing first, you need to know about the bubble called Physical Rising. This bubble or unique buff is gained after you activate the Class Mastery 1 in level 65.

The Physical Rising itself is used to trigger 2 main DPS skills, namely Finish Attack and Hyper Drive. But if you are still confused, let it be for now. Just continue to read.

Basically, Gladiator has 4 skills including the Class Mastery 1, they are:

  1. Courage. Gives a buff that increases all Attack Power (ATK) of oneself and allies. ATK and all stats increased by 8% and lasts for 900 seconds. So you can set and forget after activating this buff.
  2. Relieve. Charges up inner energy to remove 5 debuffs on oneself. This skill is pretty awesome and necessary. You can be freed from damaging-debuffs like fire and poison, or stun and paralyzed by lightning and ice, or even you can get up instantly when you knockdown.
  3. Brave (Awakening). Plain Brave is the buff, so you can use it no matter you are Gladiator or Moonlord. But if you choose to become Gladiator, this Brave is awakened after you gained awakening skill. All ATK increased by 30% and lasted for 20 seconds. And you can gain Physical Rising when the explosion hits the enemies. Cooldown 5 seconds.
  4. Class Mastery 1. A passive buff. It will be activated for every successful physical attack and you can gain STR by 50% and Physical Rising for a maximum of 20 bubbles. When Physical Rising reaches the maximum, cooldown of main skills will be reduced by 20%.

Make sure you use these buffs so you can create more damage to the enemies. Especially the Physical Rising that would activate the Finish Attack and Hyper Drive.

Debuff Potential

Gladiator is equipped with the debuff as well. Those who suffer from this debuff, they will gain 20% more damage and prone to the critical attack from your hit.

  1. Front Shove Awakened. Recovers 3% of your Max HP when the attack hits enemies. The target’s critical resistance is reduced by 20%.
  2. Provoking Slam. Physical and Magic damage increase by 20%. So this debuff could be used for both Gladiator and Moonlord.

Some players ask me whether they should use the Cyclone Slash or not as Gladiator? Well, it depends. If you are a PVP player, sure this skill will help you a lot, but if you mean to use it as a debuff, it won’t work at all. Debuff potential of this skill only affected for Moonlord only.

Class Mastery

  1. Class Mastery 1. Just like what I said above, Class Mastery 1 is very crucial for you to gain the Physical Rising. The bubbles could be used to activate the Finish Attack and Hyper Drive.
  2. Class Mastery 2. Related to Dash Kick and Line Drive. This CM2 will let you use Line Drive 2 times in a row.
  3. Class Mastery 3. The Heavy Slash skill will activate the Finish Attack instant skill.

Skill Tree

As a PVE player, I only focus on the biggest DPS of Gladiator skill that I’ve mentioned above. So, I don’t use Moonlord skill at all.

Here is all of the Gladiator Skills in level 95

Skill Build PVE

Don’t use this skill build for PVP, you will be an easy target. Just use this build for PVE only, because the skill rotation has been matched for both timing and calculation.

For the Extra Line Drive level, you can get it by using the Skill Up Heraldry, buy it using your “Hero’s blood, sweat and tears” point through Adventure Guild Member David.

Skill Rotation and Combo

My skill rotation is divided into 3 phases. What should I call it? Let’s give them a name! Surprise Attack, Debuff Phase, and DPS Attack.

Just like what I said before that most of the time I’m relying on the Finish Attack and Hyper Drive, which both them include in the Surprise and DPS Attack phase.

Surprise Attack

For the Surprise Attack phase, it depends on how much Physical Rising you own at the moment. In case you don’t have any, you can use this combo:

  1. Front Shove and Provoking Slam to give debuff, and use the Brave to increase your stats.
  2. Use Ultimate Skill Infinity Edge. Just focus on attacking the enemies, you are invincible during this state.
  3. Activate the Class Mastery 3 (Heavy Slash linked to Finish Attack instant).
  4. Hyper Drive, Side Dodge, and then click space to activate the Evasion Slash.

In case you have 20 Physical Rising:

  1. Front Shove and Provoking Slam to give debuff.
  2. Activate Class Mastery 3.
  3. Brave to increase your stats. If the explode hits the enemies successfully, you will gain extra Physical Rising.
  4. Hyper Drive. You can use it after gaining Physical Rising from Brave.
  5. Side Dodge, and then click space to activate the Evasion Slash.

In case you don’t have Physical Rising and Ultimate Skill (cooldown):

  1. Front Shove and Provoking Slam to give debuff.
  2. Brave to increase your stats. Make sure the explode hit the enemies, you will gain Physical Rising instantly.
  3. Hyper Drive, Side Dodge, and then click space to activate the Evasion Slash.

Just choose one of the three above depending on the situations.

Debuff and DPS Phase

After you give the enemies one of the 3 surprise attacks above, you can continue your dance with:

  1. Provoking Slam and Brave.
  2. Class Mastery 2. Use Dash Combo to activate the Line Drive instant skill. Hold the W button while using the Line Drive. It will give more damages to the enemies.
  3. Still Class Mastery 2. After Line Drive animation ended, click the right button on your mouse to hotkey the Dash Kick. If it hits successfully, the Line Drive instant skill will be available once again. So you can use it twice in a row.
  4. Front Shove. Make sure you hold W button as well when using this skill.
  5. Triple Slash. Sometimes I’m using the left button, sometimes right button. Depends on the situation.
  6. Then click the Space to activate the hotkey of Evasion Slash.

Now, we are entering the DPS Phase.

  1. Provoking Slam and activate the Class Mastery 3 (Heavy Slash linked to Finish Attack instant).
  2. But if the boss monster HP is below 50%, just use Finish Attack plainly.
  3. Brave. You will gain Physical Rising again and you can use the skill…
  4. Hyper Drive, Side Dodge, and then click space to activate the Evasion Slash.

On Several Situation:

  • Always activate Courage before fighting the enemies. It buffs and lasts for 900 seconds. You can set and forget it.
  • Hacking Stance. Sometimes I use it to gain Physical Rising, or to the bunch of little monsters.
  • Relieve. Anytime you suffer from debuff or knockdown.
  • Parrying. To parry enemies’ attack.

That’s very easy, right?

Equipment Build

It’s up to you if you want to use the elemental jade or not, but I personally chose to use the lightning conversion jade to make my hit has light attribute on it.

Weapons, Armors and Accessories

In the last update, the World Remaster 3, there is a big update regarding the main quest. Every time you finish the one quest, you will get a good amount of items including Lapis, High-Grade Garnet, and Essence of Life.

Just get those items as much as possible to create Skilla weapons and armors.

And for accessories, I bought 2 pieces Legion Malachite Rings and Heavenly Corundum Necklace in Trading House. Those 3 accessories would give you additional stats. To buy them, you need a budget of around 15K-20K gold.

On those gears, I also attached the Dragon Jade including:

  • Sword: Lightning Dragon Jade. Remember I’m using a light attribute. This jade will convert your attack into an elemental attack.
  • Gauntlet and Rings: Attack Jade with Light attribute state.
  • Armors, Earring, and Necklace: Defence Jade with ATK and STR stats.

I just focus on how to stack ATK and STR so far.

For the costumes and accessories, I prefer to using one set of Mystery Solvers which can be bought through David using “Hero’s blood, sweat, and tears” points.

Heraldry and Skill Plates

For the heraldry I’m using:

  • Destruction
  • Bear
  • Fatal
  • Ultimate
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Health
  • Limitation
  • For extra spaces: Wind and other plate types with STR as a third stat.

And for the Skill Heraldry includes:

  • Line Drive: Damage 20%
  • Finish Attack: Damage 20%
  • Deep Straight (Front Shove): Damage 20%
  • Infinity Edge: Cooldown 20%
  • Triple Slash: Goddess Damage 57%
  • Skill Up Heraldry: Line Drive

For Goddess Heraldry, you can buy it through Heraldry scholars Stas in Saint Heaven.


  • 200%: Destruction and Bear
  • 175%: Fatal and Ultimate
  • 125%: Tent and Iron Wall
  • 100%: Vitality and Limitation


By using this build, I personally get stats like:

  • ATK: 2,1 M
  • Physical Defence: 75%
  • Magical Defence: 72%
  • Critical: 53%
  • Critical Damage: 248%
  • Light Attribute: 61.70%
  • Final Damage: 50%

I hope this guide will help you! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to my other Youtube Channel here.

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