House Expansion in Rune Factory Frontier

House expansion is one of the necessary thing to do in the game, again. By expanding your house, you can get the facility including kitchen, forge, lab, and even 2nd floor. These expansion is a vital point to help you clear the dungeon, because – maybe you already know – you need more powerful weapons in order to beat the dungeons and its bosses, and to make great weapons, you need a better forge.

The facilities themselves can be bought in a peddler called Lute which he always come to the village every Holiday. Despite you can buy the simplest facilities, but the stronger weapons, accessories, and even more delicious and expensive foods, could only be made by better facilities. The problem is, Lute won’t let you to have a better facilities before you expand your house. So, in other word, expanding your house is really a necessary thing to do.

Plus, you also can’t tame the monster if you don’t have a barn. Despite it is separated with your house, I will also include the barn as the house expansion tutorial. It’s simply because the home expansion and building a barn are produced by the same person, Kross, which also needs the same material, lumbers.

Since the house expansion needs lots of money and lumbers, so you have to do it gradually, except you are cheating. lol. While I don’t recommend you to cheat the game, because it’s gonna be boring and not excited at all, I have great recommendation which part in your house should you expand first.

  1. Barn. This is the cheapest house expansion you can make. You only need 10 lumbers and 1.000 Gold. Plus, you can tame a monster like Silver Wolf and it will help your exploration in the dungeons and beat the boss.
  2. Forge Expansion. The second house expansion on your list. You need this forge expansion to make a better weapons and accessories, so you can clear the deepest dungeons more easily, like Lava Ruins and Snow Ruins.
  3. Kitchen. I wish you already have a kitchen in the Summer. It’s because Summer is a fishing time. You can catch expensive fishes by fishing in the dock like Snapper and Tuna after 6 pm. And the price will go higher and higher if you cook them. I always make around 5K-10K gold in a day by fishing and cooking alone in the Summer.
  4. Lab. You can create medicine and soil care products. One of the most necessary items in the game is maybe Energy Drink, Antidote, and another poisons which can help you keep safe and sound. You can also make soil care products such as Greenery and Formula C to make your crop grows faster. Since there are several flowers take more than 90 days to grow, you definitely need this lab to make those product because waiting flowers to grow too long is really suck. Also, there’s specific event which involving the lab. If you want to clear all event in the game, don’t forget this facility.
  5. 2nd Floor (Bedroom). This is the last thing you have to do. Bedroom in 2nd floor will be needed when you decide to marry someone, have a child, and create a happy family in Trampoli village.

That’s the list of house expansion and which part should be your priority. And now, let me explain one by one in detail.


Just like mention above, you need 10 lumbers and 1K gold to make a barn, I mean to make Kross create one for you. I recommend you to create this barn in the second week of your arrival in Trampoli village, right after you found the Green Ruins. It’s because you need Silver Wolf to help you exploring the Green Ruins and beat the boss. Trust me, by partying with monster, you can beat the dungeon more easily.

After you create the barn, there’s one event involving the monsters. Just visit the Whale Island’s Cave Depth, and you will find a baby elephunt. It will follow you and live on your barn after that.

When you see it in your barn, don’t panic. lol… It’s only an event involving one of the characters in the game, Biancha. You don’t need to rub it, and even to feed it. Just ignore it… Because there’s nothing happened until Summer when Bianca and Tabatha arrive in the village.

Back to the topic! After you have a barn, you can keep the monster. Each monsters have specific job to do. And my recommendation is:

  • Silver Wolf: You will a “rider” and it will help you exploring the dungeon.
  • Buffamo (Cow): It will produce milk.
  • Fluffy (Sheep): It will produce wool.
  • Ant: It will help you to harvest the crops.
  • Little Mage: It will gather lumber.

Those are my most favorite monster on the game. But of course, you can choose your favorite monsters as you wish. But please, don’t forget the Silver Wolf, ever! haha…

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