How to Get Hammer in Rune Factory Frontier

Rune Factory Frontier HammerHammer is one of the most necessary tools in Rune Factory Frontier series. However, you need to get this hammer from one of the characters in the game. You can’t buy it from any stores in Trampoli Village’s Business District, except you create it by yourself using your forge facility. But, you have to get some money first to buy the facility, buy the recipe books, and wait until the holiday comes. It’s too long, right? So, the simplest thing to do is to get the hammer from someone in the village, and I will tell you how to do it.

Anyway, according to Erik, hammers are tools to break rocks. Not only that, you can use a hammer to undo the tilling you’ve done. But not all hammers could break all rocks, there are some specific hammers to break larger rocks both in your field and dungeon. I also will give you some information and tips how to make your hammer could break those big rocks through forging.

How to Get Your First Free Hammer

Just like what I mentioned above, I prefer to get my first hammer from someone, rather than to create one using forging facility. To get your first hammer, the first thing you have to do is visiting the floating island called Whale Island. There, you will meet with Melody right in the Whale Island Cave Depths area. If you don’t know how to get to the Whale Island, you can read our tutorial here.

In Whale Island Cave Depths, you will trigger an event involving Melody who wants to open the bathhouse. She will ask you to break rock using her hammer and you will find the Hot Springs. Make sure you have enough energy to break the rock. If not, you will pass out instantly.

After this, I don’t really know why, but Melody left without asking me to return the hammer. Whether she forgot about the hammer because she’s too happy, or maybe she doesn’t need the hammer anymore, or maybe she gave it to me as a token of gratitude. It’s still a mystery…

Anyway, here’s the video about Melody first appearance event where she gave me a hammer.

This hammer called a Cheap Hammer. It can only break the smallest rocks in your field and you can use it for mining. In order to break the larger rocks, you have to upgrade your hammer first.

-to be continued-

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