How to Get Pet Glove in Rune Factory Frontier

Rune Factory Frontier series provides a “befriend with monsters” system, so you can ride the specific monsters or make them work for you, starting from your daily chores, break rocks, to gather some lumber. You can also get several animal products such milk, wool, and egg, just like Harvest Moon series.

However, it’s different with Harvest Moon which usually you can get the animals by buying them from the farm, in Rune Factory Frontier series you have to hunt by yourself and tame them so they will be yours and do some of the specific tasks. In RFF version, the animals called the monsters, despite it’s only a chicken or duck, they are still counted as monsters.

In order to tame the monsters, you need a tool called Pet Glove, and through this article, I’m going to give you some information how to get pet glove easily.

Actually, this is maybe the easiest tutorial I’ve ever made in Rune Factory Frontier guide, so this post will be very short. Let’s Start!

How to Get Pet Glove

In order to get free Pet Glove, you have to access one of the dungeons in the game. You can access the Whale Island, Green Ruins, Lava Ruins, or Snow Ruins. But the fastest way to get the Pet Glove is by visiting the floating island in the sky, the Whale Island. Thus you can acquire the Pet Glove almost at the start of the game. I personally got this Pet Glove around Spring 3 Year 1 after I accessed the Whale Island.

In case you still unknown to access the floating island, you can read my tutorial about how to get to Whale Island easily.

After you visited one of the dungeons in the game (Whale Island), just talk to Kross and he will definitely give you the Pet Glove for free. Kross is one of the characters from Rune Factory Frontier who loves monsters, along with Tabatha. So it really makes sense if he carries the Pet Glove all the time. But because he doesn’t use it anymore, he gave it to me instead.

Kross even told me how to use it and how to tame the monster. He said that just equip this Pet Glove and rub the monster with it. If you can manage to communicate with them (you will see the “love” emoticon-like floating around the monster), they will be your friends. But there is a chance that you will be smacked around badly until that happens. So, it’s recommended if you have enough level, maybe as same as the monsters have.

So, I follow his recommendation and start to tame a silver wolf, because it’s the coolest monster in the game, at least in my opinion. Please note that you have to build your barn first before tame the monsters. Just check the video below how to tame the Silver Wolf.

In the video above, I tried to tame the Silver Wolf when I was still in low level. It’s not recommended unless you’re bringing enough energy drink with you, and you already know the monster’s movement.

There are monsters that will refuse to accept you no matter what. It’s because maybe you still have low level than the monster itself. By the way, even if you manage to befriend with the monster, it won’t be your companion if it doesn’t have a place to live. You can build the barn (where the monster will stay as your friend) with 10 lumber and 1,000 gold.

Also, you have to check your friendship with them even after you’ve become friends. You have to use the Pet Glove once a day inside the barn.

Good luck and happy taming!

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