Mastering Shooting Star in Dragon Nest level 95 – Equipment and Skill Build

Play a chibi character never makes me bored, especially the class that I play this time. Shooting Star is a good one, maybe this is the strongest class I’ve ever played after Ray Mechanic. She has a spamable skill called Splash, and insane damages of Mine Thrower. But we have to make the enemies more vulnerable by throwing the Chemical Grenades and Biochemical Missiles ex first.

But this class needs more speed. I mean, it’s really hard to use this class when you’re slow. For example, the Class Mastery 2 needs a rotation like Chemical Grenades => Biochemical Missiles ex => Mine Thrower ex Instant => Mine Thrower ex. With this, the enemies will receive a very huge damage. And this rotation needs fast action speeds, especially for Biochemical Missiles ex.

But yeah… I’m still learning it so far. There’s no need for you to follow this post. I have to conduct several tests about this class before. But if you want to follow this diary, I hope this Mastering Shooting Star session would be useful for you! Also, because of this post is kind of research or whatever you wanna call it, just leave a comment below if you have any suggestion or tips.

Shooting Star Dragon Nest
Shooting Star casting Splash Ex and Alfredo Drill


Shooting Star is the secondary specialization of Engineer after Academic. Her rival is Gear Master. She focuses on middle-range attacker which is assisted by a robot named Alfredo.

Well, I will stop to give you some buff and debuff potential information. But instead, I will write a kind of diary about this class starting from leveling-up to developing Shooting Star. I hope we can learn and master this class together.

First thing first, I’ve created my own diary on Youtube in this link. That’s my Youtube Channel anyway, so I hope you will subscribe!

Engineer Skill I Use

In level 16, I activated the Ping-pong Bomb skills. It’s written as a ‘debuff’ in the description, but actually, it is not. It can move 8 times to the enemies with 307% attack power. And also I got a skill called Biochemical Grenades that’s gonna be the most important skill when using this class, as it can reduce all attribute resistance by 20% for 11 seconds (level 1).

Rocket Jump can be used for escaping from the enemy’s attack when the dodge itself is needed to activate this skill. And then Alfredo Stomp will provoke the enemies, so they won’t look after me while I’m hitting them.

In level 24, I activated 3 skills at the same time. That’s Reload Real Bullet (Ammo Recharge), Alfredo Berserker, and Cannon Blaster.

  • Reload Real Bullet acts as a buff, while it also can hit the enemies. This skill will give us 5 bullets or ammunition per use. This ammunition (bubbles) can be used later for Splash skill.
  • Alfredo Berserker also acts as buff, but only for Alfredo. It will increase Alfredo movement speed, action speed, and damage by 40% while making him stronger by reducing damage received by 5%.
  • Cannon Blaster. Well, I still clueless how to use this skill properly, even though it’s awakened. Maybe, the only thing we can do with this skill is to reduce ultimate Demolition skill, while sadly, I never used this ultimate skill.

In level 28, I activated 2 skills. That’s Mine Thrower (Brainwaves Projection) and Transitional Damage.

  • Mine Thrower. or also known as Brainwaves Projection in the server I play, this is one of the main and most necessary skills of Shooting Star. It’s boosted with ex and Class Mastery 2, so it’s really worth! Before revamp, this skill needs ammunition, but today it is not. But it’s not spamable anymore.
  • Transitional Damages. It’s an active buff skill that gives us a “damage absorption” rate by 20% for 20 seconds. I always using this buff whenever it’s available or when the enemies launch a fatal attack.

In level 32, I activated 2 skill. That’s Biochemical Missiles and Alfredo Hurricane.

  • Biochemical Missiles. It’s written a debuff in the description, but it’s not until it’s boosted with ex skill. But just like the Mine Thrower, this skill is one of the most necessary when using Shooting Star. I’ll explain it in the Shooting Star skill section later.
  • Alfredo Hurricane. I think it has low damage after we reach 95. But we have to give it maximum level as it’s a requirement to unlock certain skills in Awakening tab.

In level 40, I activated ultimate skill called Destroy (Demolition). This skill needs 10 ammunition and has long animation. So I don’t like this skill. When I reach level 95, I replace it with Sky Line (Gear Master ultimate skill). Maybe this could be laughable, but yeah… I don’t care about what people saying. I have my own reason to use the skill or not.

Shooting Star Skill

In level 48, I complete the second job quest, and my character now turns out to be Shooting Star. In this state, I can unlock 2 skills at the same time, they are Splash and Ping-pong Explosion ex.

  • Splash is a spamable skill, as long as we have ammunition. It consumes 2 ammunition per use, so I decided to give Ammo Recharge maximum level because it will reduce its own cooldown. Splash is one of the most necessary skills for SS, but before it’s boosted by ex and Class Mastery 3, it’s really hard to use!
  • Ping-pong Bomb ex. I really love this skill when I was still leveling-up. But, when I reached level 95, the damage can’t keep up with the enemies. So, I leave it in level 1. Even I almost never used it.

In level 50, I activate the Alfredo Beam skill. It’s owned by Alfredo and it has good damage. I mean, it’s better than Alfredo Hurricane, so I decided to give it a maximum level as well. But unluckily, it’s a passive skill, so we can’t order Alfredo as we want. Alfredo decides everything both when and where he wants to use this skill.

In level 55, I activate the Ammo Recharge Ex. While it can give additional damage to the enemies when we press the [normal attack button], it also gives us additional bubbles by 2 ammunition. It also reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds. So, when I give it maximum level, I can reload the 7 ammunition every 7 seconds.

In level 60, I activate the Mine Thrower ex. The attack powers and range are boosted. The additional blasts are also added by 8 hits.

In level 65, the Class Mastery 1 is available! Basically, it’s not a skill, but we still need it as we can develop our fighting style. This CM 1 can boost our attack power by 15%, Alfredo’s hit point by 100%, movement speed by 10%, and 1 free ammunition are added every 4 seconds. To activate this skill, just use any of [bombardment skill] or Shooting Star’s skill line.

In level 70, the Biochemical Missiles is boosted by ex. Just like what I said before that this skill is not a debuff, but when it has been boosted by ex, it turns out to be a debuff. I hope the publisher (Gemscool) will fix this misinformation. When it hits the enemies, all damages received will increase by 20%. That’s why I always use the Mine Thrower Ex (both instant and standard) after this skill. The damage is insane!

In level 80, the Splash is boosted by ex. We will get 4 additional hits and can input the [Special Attack Button] to shoot the bullet continuously. It’s really handy though! And also, it’s not as hard as it used to be when we use this skill.

In level 90, the Class Mastery 2 is available! And in this state, we can use our main skill rotation like Chemical Grenades => Biochemical Missiles ex => Mine Thrower ex Instant => Mine Thrower ex. The damage is insane! It’s because the CM 2 will make Mine Thrower ex to be an instant for a while, and the instant and standard of the skill doesn’t share a cooldown, so we can hit with the disastrous skill 2 times in a row.

Awakening Skills

After I reach level 90, I also did the awakening quest and got several great skills, both active and passive.

  • Alfredo (passive). It strengthens all of Alfredo’s skills, while Alfredo himself changes his appearance to become bigger and more powerful.
  • Air Blast (passive). This skill is on the Academic tab. We have to give it maximum level to activate this passive awakening skill. After it awakened, it can be linked with Ammo Recharge Ex by clicking the special attack button.
  • Cannon Blaster (passive). Just like what I said before that I’m still confused how to use this skill effectively. After awakening, it will reduce the Demolition cooldown by 10 seconds everytime it successfully hits the enemies. However, I never used the Demolition. So, if you have any idea about this skill, leave the comment below.
  • Biochemical Research (passive). It will boost the damage of Biochemical Missiles ex by 100%. Also, Biochemical Grenades has 15 seconds cooldown. And when we use it, Alfredo will look after the hit monsters.
  • Alfredo Drill (active). It’s owned by Alfredo, the damage is insane! But we will sacrifice the Alfredo and we can’t re-summon him for a while around 15 seconds.
  • Buster Call (active). We will lock the enemies and Alfredo starts to shoot it with his cannon. There is also a surprise attack at the end of the animation. But it acts as a trap, if the enemy moves around, it’s less effective.

Skill Build

Here’s my skill build. Please don’t follow it blindly… This build is still in development. But for now, it fits with my own skill rotation. I may change this skill build anytime.

Shooting Star Academic Skill BuildShooting Star Engineer Skill BuildShooting Star Skill BuildShooting Star Awakening Build

Just like what I said before that, there are several skills that I don’t use, including Ping-pong Bomb, Cannon Blaster, and Demolition.

Skill Rotation and Combo

My combo and skill rotation focuses only on the middle-range attack while monitoring Alfredo’s active skill in Awakening skill tab. Here it is… just use it as your preferences!

(I will upload my skill tab later. I forgot to capture it)

  1. Summon Auto Dispenser and eat everything in sight!
    If you summon it in the nest, save the chickens for later. Also, if you see Milk and Cheese, choose cheese instead.
  2. Summon Alfredo and activate the Alfredo Stomp. And make sure you have 15 ammunition.
  3. Use Summon Buster. This skill is a trap type skill, make sure you put the trap in the right place.
  4. Throw the Biochemical Grenades. It will activate the CM 2 while giving a debuff to the enemies (reduce attribute resistance).
  5. Launch Biochemical Missiles ex and make the enemies more vulnerable.
  6. Use the Mine Thrower ex Instant.
    Remember that the instant will be activated right after you throw the Biochemical Grenades.
    So, you have to do it fast (good timing) between 4-6. For this reason, I think I will stack the action speed through accessories like wings and costumes.
  7. Use the Mine Thrower ex. The instant and standard don’t share the cooldown, so you can use it 2 times in a row.
  8. Activate the CM 3 by linking Quick Shot and Splash Ex. With 15 ammunition, you can shot the ammo around 7 times.
  9. Use Air Shot and linking it with Ammo Recharge ex by clicking the Special Attack Button to get 7 ammunition.
  10. Order Alfredo to use the Alfredo Drill.
  11. Activate the CM 3 again just like number 8.
  12. Back to number 2.

In several situations, I also use:

  • Biochemical Grenades and Biochemical Missiles between number 10 and 11, if they are available to be used.
  • Sky Line ultimate skill anytime when the enemies stay in one place.

Equipment Build

For the equipment, I will change them from time to time, in order to balance the stats, especially the Vitality and Critical chance. I hope you will follow my progress below. I will update the video periodically.

Epic Equipment Users

This set is for the first time build, and it won’t cost you a lot. For now, I will boost my Defense first because as a solo player, I don’t want to die a lot. Also, it’s because Shooting Star owns a Biochemical Grenades that reduce attribute resistance of the enemies, I’m using the Elemental Conversion Jade.

  • Heroic Nerris Cannon with Agi: Lightning Elemental Conversion Jade level 95 (I’ll change it later with Abyss/Dark)
  • Heroic Nerris Threaded Loop with Agi: Light jewels level 93.
  • Heroic Nerris Armors: Wind with Vitality stats level 93.
  • 2 pair of Rings (Agi+patk): Light jewels level 93.
  • Necklace and Earring (Agi): Wind with Vitality stats level 93.

Unique Equipment Users

After you do the daily quest every day, you may get some gold to grow your character. Make sure you get this set after that:

  • Medea Cannon with Agi and Str: Lightning Elemental Conversion Jade level 95 (I’ll change it later with Abyss/Dark)
  • Medea Threaded Loop with Agi and Str: Light jewels level 93.
  • Medea Armors (not yet. still struggling to get this set).

Legend Equipment Users

In legend set, you don’t have to worry about the stat, since all of them have the same levels. In this state, I plan to start balancing between Vitality and Critical chance. -Still struggling-

Heraldry and Skill Plates

For now, I’m only using the single stat of heraldry. I got them free by doing Main Quest, plus, I bought an Ultimate heraldry plate (Agi as a secondary stat) in Trading House around 2K gold.

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Fatal
  • Bear
  • Ultimate
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall/Shining
  • Health

and for the skill plates include:

  • Mine Thrower (damage). This is one of the disastrous skill you have.
  • Splash (damage). Don’t forget about this spammable skill, as well.
  • Biochemical Missiles (damage) – personal preference. I may change it later.
  • Biochemical Grenades (debuff duration) – personal preference. I may change it later.


Well, for the talisman, it almost same with the Heraldry.

  • Destruction (200%)
  • Wind (200%)
  • Bear (175%)
  • Fatal (175%)
  • Limit (125%) – I wanna buy an Ultimate, but the price is crazy.
  • Health (125%)
  • Tent (100%)
  • Shining/Iron Wall (100%).

Alright… Hope this diary will be useful for you. Remember, don’t follow this post blindly, I may update this post from time to time. Use with your own risk!

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