Mastering Moonlord Dragon Nest lvl 95 – Item and Skill Build

Back then, when I tried the Dragon Nest for the first time, I’m a dilemma whether Gladiator or Moonlord should I chose as my second specialization? In the end, I chose Gladiator and then never used the Moonlord since then.

So, this is my first time using Moonlord but I found several interesting things according to this class. Hope this Moonlord guide will help you.

So, in this guide, I will talk about the buff and debuff potential. There is also a skill rotation that needs 2 kinds of patterns. Those patterns affect each other. For example, Smash X skill needs Moon Blade Dance, and the Moon Blade needs Class Mastery 1, etc. All of this aspect would be explained below.

Also, the skill effects of Moonlord needs high defense. I’ll show you why and how to boost your defense through equipment.

Moonlord has also a bubble buff called the “Magic Energy” to activate some skills. I have adjusted to skill rotation between gain and spend this Sword Energy. Keep reading!

So, without further ado, let’s talk about Moonlord of Dragon Nest.

LATEST UPDATE: July 2020 SEA Patches


Moonlord has several buffs that will make you stronger like increasing your MATK and all your stats, adding “Sword Energy”, and reducing certain of skills cooldown.

Also, you will be equipped with debuffs that will make your enemies receive more damages and reducing critical resistance. So, adding some critical stats (both chance and damage) is a good idea for your build.

Buffs Potential

So, let’s talk about the buff’s potential first. Moonlord has 3 kinds of buffs including:

  • Courage: all attack increase and stats increase by 8%, including your MATK, the main of your stats.
  • Brave: all attack power increase by 30% and lasts for 20 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds.
  • Class Mastery 1: INT up by 50% and allows you to create “Magic Energy”

Magic Energy is so necessary to activate the Moon Blade Dance, and the Moon Blade Dance is necessary to reduce Smash X cooldown, one of your most potential skills.

Debuffs Potential

Besides managing your Magic Energy through skill rotation, you also need to consider your debuffs skill to make your enemies more vulnerable. Here are some you need to consider:

  • Provoking Slam: The enemies will receive more damage for both magical and physical attacks by 20%.
  • Cyclone Slash Ex: The debuff effects will active after you unlocked its ex skill in level 55. So, using Cyclone Slash as Gladiator won’t make any debuff effect on the enemies. The Cyclone Slash Ex will make your enemies more vulnerable to receive critical hits by 20%.

Class Mastery

  1. Class Mastery 1: It acts as a passive buff that gives you 50% of INT, and Magic Energy after you use Cyclone Slash and Flash Stance.
  2. Class Mastery 2: When Provoking Slam is used, Halfmoon Slash changes to instant for a while and can be used quickly and immediately. Own ATK increases by 25%. Halfmoon Slash doesn’t share a cooldown with instant so you can use it 2 times in a row.
  3. Class Mastery 3: Improve Impact Wave. After using Impact Wave, Crescent Cleave EX and Moon Blade Dance EX can be linked. Impact Wave cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds. Linked Moon Blade Dance EX action speed increases by 25%. Linked Crescent Cleave EX hits increased by 2 times.

If you confuse about reading the theory above, you can forget it for now, but just focus on how to use this class instead through this tutorial of the skill tree and skill rotation!

Skill Tree

As a PVE player, I highlighted some skills like Halfmoon Slash, Smash X, and Linked Crescent Cleave. Those 3 skills are my main trump cards when using this class.

Before that, please watch my video below showing all of the main skills of Moonlord.

Skill Build PVE

Despite I said this build for PVE, I’ve experienced using it in PVP, but sure with different techniques and skill rotation. But sorry, I won’t talk about PVP here, you can explore it by yourself.

I will only focus on PVE and how to use it properly. Despite this build and skill rotation is not the best out there, but this could be your main information to develop your Moonlord! Good Luck!

For the Halfmoon Slash additional level, you can get it by using the Skill Up Heraldry, buy it using your “Hero’s blood, sweat and tears” point through Adventure Guild Member David.

Skill Rotation and Combo

Just like what I said before that this combo has 2 kinds of patterns, which affect each other. The pattern one to give more damage to enemies while getting Magic Sword to active patter 2, and pattern 2 is used to reduce skill in pattern 1.

Please watch the video below as an example when using Moonlord using this build. The video below is made by me, so make sure you subscribe to my channel.

Let’s do it!

Pattern 1

The pattern 1 has 3 purposes, give enemies debuffs, hit them with DPS skills, and gain Magic Energy.

  1. Courage and Moon Bladder. These 2 skills are buffs, use them before fighting the enemies.
  2. Cyclone Slash. Make the enemies more vulnerable to Critical hits.
  3. Moonlight Splitter. It has good damage after gain awakening skills.
  4. Brave. This is a buff that will make your attack power increases.
  5. Class Master 2. By using the Provoking Slam, the Halfmoon Slash instant will be activated. Provoking Slam itself acts as a debuff and Halfmoon Slash is one of the highest DPS. So, the damage will be awesome.
  6. Smash X. One of your main skills and DPS, but the cooldown is 70 seconds. But after performing Pattern 2, the skill cooldown will be reduced gradually.
  7. Halfmoon Slash EX. The instant and EX doesn’t share a cooldown, so basically you can use it 2 times in a row, but I’m always using Smash X in between.

When performing 5 to 7, I’m using it like crazy without dodging despite the enemies attack me. That’s why you need to boost your own defense stats.

Pattern 2

While the pattern 2 has 2 purposes, to give enemies damage using Class Mastery 3 and reducing the cooldown of Smash X.

  1. Cyclone Slash. Don’t confuse, Cyclone Slash cooldown is reduced greatly for Moonlord. You can use it again after performing pattern 1 above.
  2. Moonlight Splitter. Same as above.
  3. Class Mastery 3. You can link Impact Wave with Crescent Cleave.
  4. Moon Blade Dance. Use it and click the left mouse in the end to give one other hit. If this skill hits successfully to the enemies, Smash X cooldown starting to reduce.
  5. Great Wave or Flash Stance. Use one of them until Impact Wave and Moon Blade Dance are available again to use.
  6. Class Mastery 3. Link Impact Wave with Moon Blade Dance. Again, the success of the skill to hit the enemies would reduce Smash X cooldown.

On Several Situations

  • Relieve. To cure 5 debuffs.
  • Parrying. To parry.
  • Dash Slash. To break barrier

Item Build

I’m personally using the elemental jade, light, because I heard people said that elemental Moonlord is better than the usual one. Since I don’t have enough time to prove it or make it comparison, so I won’t give any more comments according to this theory.

Now, it’s up to you whether you want to use elemental Moonlord or not.


After world remaster 3 has been released to the public, we can acquire the Skilla set easier, just doing the main quest and you will get Lapis and other items for crafting Skilla.

Here is my gear:

  • Skilla Set. Craft through blacksmith. You can get the material needed by clearing the main quest around 380 times.
  • Legion Malachite Rings. You can buy them in the Trading House.
  • Heavenly Corundum Necklace. You can buy it in the Trading House, as well.
  • Young Loffy’s Earring. Acquire through Story Teller Kathy.

While for Dragon Jade, I’m using:

  • Lightning Jade. This Conversion Jade that coverts your attack into a light element. Attached into my Sword.
  • Attack Jade. Should have Magic Attack and Light stats. Attached into Gauntlet and 2 rings
  • Defense Jade. Should have a Magic attack, INT, Vit/Crit stats. Attached to armors and necklace.

And for the costume sets, I’m using Mystery Solver set you can buy through David using Hero’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears point.

Heraldry and Skill Plates

For the heraldry I’m using:

  • Magic
  • Intellect
  • Fatal
  • Limitation
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Ultimate
  • Health

And for the Skill Heraldry includes:

  • Moonlight Splitter. Damage 20%
  • Crescent Cleve. Damage 20%
  • Moon Blade Dance. Damage 20%
  • Impact Wave. Cooldown 20%
  • Halfmoon Slash (Goddess). Damage 57%
  • Skill up Heraldry. Halfmoon Slash


  • 200%. Magic and Intellect
  • 175%. Wise and Ultimate
  • 125%. Iron Wall and Tent
  • 100%. Fatal and Health

Hope this guide is useful. If you have any idea or suggestion, leave the comment below and let’s discuss it.

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