Oracle Freya (Oracle Elder): Spin-off Class of Kali Coming to Dragon Nest Japan

Today, Hangame Japan announced that a spin-off class of Kali, Oracle Freya, will come to Japan. Dragon Nest R players can create this exclusive class starting from September 20 this month, until the next update in October 2017. The publisher also provides some information including story, skill, movie, and one other hidden information that will be announced soon.


So far, there are only 4 skills announced by the publisher, namely:

  1. Oracle Force
  2. Spinning Spada
  3. Ancient Grace
  4. Kelaunos

Please note that the skill’s name may be different with Dragon Nest in your country.

The further information of Oracle Freya will be updated after we found new information in the official website of Hangame Japan. So, stay tuned in DyweiWorld blog!

From me

Honestly, I never used or played the Kali class before. So, I feel that the Oracle Freya will be my first primary specialization class of the Kali. There are also rumors that Oracle Freya will be a strong class for both PVE and PVP. So, not only for your hobby as an adventurer who hunts the Dragon down in Nest, you can also beat your strong opponent in Colosseum.

Check out my char creation and skills preview below!

I also predicted that this class will arrive in several countries like SEA, Indonesia, and North America around December (Christmas event), or in January next year.

Update: I’ve used this class and I love it. She’s very agile and give me great experience when using this special character. Anyway, don’t forget to read my Oracle Elder guide. Thanks.

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