Rune Factory Frontier Anette – The Mailman of Trampoli

Anette is one the Rune Factory Frontier characters and bachelorettes in the series. She’s the only mailman in the Trampoli village and could be seen around 6:45 am in front of your house, delivering mails to everyone in town until 9:00 am which the Business District is her last destination, and sometimes could be seen in Erik’s house after that.

As the mailman, she’s very cheerful and a fast runner. But she will be angry when you call her midget or short. She has kind of height issues and has a dream to become tall. She makes some efforts like wearing shoes that make her looks like a tall person, or drinking milk every day, however, it didn’t make any change at all.

Anette told me that she loves fruits. She then said that fruits don’t need to add sugar because it’s already sweet. So, the best gift to give to her is, of course, fruits. I’m always giving her strawberry from time to time because it is the easiest plant to grow.

***Minor Spoiler***

The first time I met Anette on Spring 3, Year 1. She visits my house and looks angry because I didn’t fill out the application. “You have to fill out the application if you moved“, she said. However, we had nice self-introduction and conversation after that.

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