Rune Factory Frontier Characters

One of the things that make me love this game is its characters. Both characters development and characters designs. As you know that almost all Rune Factory series has an anime-like character design, except Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. I mean, all characters from Rune Factory series were drawn by hand, while RF:ToD were drawn by 3DCG. However, the cut scenes still bring the anime style.

In Rune Factory Frontier, you will meet lots of characters including the 12 maidens and other additional characters. These Rune Factory Frontier characters are really important to the story itself and they tend to not act like filler or something. Each character has their own story and will develop the main story throughout the gameplay.

My favorite characters are the protagonist Raguna, the maidens Mist, Rosetta, Lara, and the cute Candy. But through this article, I won’t talk those characters alone, but all of the characters from the game. And maybe I would make the specific information about Rune Factory Frontier characters for you. But for now, I’ll give you an overall information.



The protagonist is you, or you are a protagonist, or you are the one who plays the protagonist in this game. The real name is Raguna, but you can name it whatever you like, for example with my name, Dywei. This game is actually a sequel of the first series of Rune Factory, where Raguna lost his memories and a place to live, then a strange girl named Mist saved him from the collapse. Mist provided him a food and new memories.

That’s a story from the first season of Rune Factory.

And after that, in Rune Factory Frontier, Mist suddenly disappeared without a single word to anybody. Raguna (or you) start to seeking for and found her in a village called Trampoli. Mist said that she was called by someone, but she’s still not sure the person in question. Thanks to her random traits, she asked you to also live in Trampoli village. From here, the game is started.

From all the series, Raguna is my most favorite main protagonists. He’s a gentle and caring person. He could also communicate with other characters well and to be a good listener when someone needs him for help.

12 Maidens


Rune Factory Frontier Mist

The main heroine of the series. Mist is a random girl with strange personality. However, according to Rosetta, Mist is very popular among men in her previous village. I admit that she’s really cute, and also she tends to make me laugh whenever I talked to her. For example, she will start to talking nonsense things like dreams or urban legend without looking at the situation. Maybe she’s someone who’s really bad to read mood.

Mist loves turnip, so it’s really the best gift for her. However, don’t turn your turnip into a pickled turnip. She really hates it and she will say that she doesn’t like sour things even it is made from her favorite vegetables.



Rosetta could be counted into the tsundere girls. Yeah, every series should have a tsundere character, if not, it will be failed. Rosetta is actually a business-woman. She runs a grocery shop which to be a rival of Danny. You can buy anything related to flowers here. But villagers could also buy several vegetables that were taken from your field.

Rosetta will visit your house every 5 pm to buy everything from your shipping box, even the weeds. She loves strawberry and there’s a little possibility that she’s already liked you since the game started, but it’s not enough to ask her for a date. She’s constantly saying “did you like me?” or something related to the date. And of course, with a tsundere tone.



Rune Factory Frontier Lara

I considered Lara as an angel. She’s so beautiful and the most dependable person in this village. She takes care of people and lives in the church with sister Stella. As you know that Kross is hard to notice by other people, and all villagers tend to think him like a ghost. However, Lara could see and notice him very well. You can buy several items relating to Pharmacy, like the energy drink, formula C, and several rare plants here.



Rune Factory Frontier Eunice

The second heroine that appears in this game after Mist. Eunice is a fat girl who lives with her family and owned an inn. Eunice has a unique personality, she loves to clean-up everything and washing clothes. So, you will see her cleaning up in the yard or inside the bar, and drying clothes. You can also find her in grocery every 3-6 pm.



Rune Factory Frontier Anette

Our only mailmen in this game. Anette doesn’t live in Trampoli, but you can meet here anytime around 6:46 am in front of your house, 9 am in Business District, and sometimes in Erik’s house. She’s a cheerful girl who loves fruits, so the strawberry could be the best gift to give to her. Honestly, Anette is a fast runner. I tried several times to catch her but I can’t. She’s too fast even when I riding my silver wolf.



Rune Factory Frontier Melody

A girl with a wizard costume complete with her hat. But actually, she’s not a wizard. She just loves the wizard and has a dream to become one. Melody runs the bathhouse. This is very necessary because you need to restore your energy to keep you as productive as possible. So, the developer introduces her almost at the start of the game. You can trigger an event in Whale Island and she will start to run the bathhouse called Laga Spring. You have to get an access to the Whale Island first, in case you don’t know how, I already created a tutorial how to get to Whale Island.



Rune Factory Frontier Selphy

She’s a mysterious girl that appears out of nowhere and fainted in my lawn, and starting to live in Trampoli village as a librarian. However, she tends to sell several unnecessary books and she uses the money for herself. As mentioned before, she’s a mysterious girl. I don’t know who she really is, but in several occasions, she slips her tongue by saying her real name as “Selphia Josephy…” or something and maybe a princess or a girl from aristocrat family.



Rune Factory Frontier Cinnamon

A prodigy girl who forgets about the magic. She’s a really quiet girl but will give you information about the constellation. You have to talk to her as much as possible to get the information according to when the constellations will appear. Cinnamon also a fisherman who will give you her old fishing pole. Just talk to her when she’s fishing in the river or on the beach. She will definitely give you a fishing pole for free. You can also give a fish as a gift for her.


Maiden of the East. I don’t know exactly where she comes from but I think she’s a Japanese (not China or Korea). You can see her interior room that resembles the Japanese style. Uzuki comes to the village in search for her missing brother. She brings her caretaker, a stubborn old coot, Tsubute. They always fight each other even for nothing. She owned a Naginata and it seemed that she comes from Samurai family.


A wealthy girl that will insult you anytime you meet her. She will say that you smell, or say that you’re a lowly human whose hobby is riding a monster. Bianca is another tsundere with an arrogant style. But she tends to be so kind towards monsters, especially Francoise, a baby Elefun that was found in the Whale Island. I don’t know what gift should I give to her. Throughout the gameplay, I’ve tried giving her lots of different things but she still has the same reactions.


Tabatha is a dark-elf race who becomes Bianca’s maid and serves for Sainte-Coquille family. According to Bianca, Tabatha has the same age as her. Tabatha loves all kind of monsters, so she will appear in front of your barn every morning. She also loves porridge and oatmeal. Make sure you give her those foods to get lots of affection.


Rune Factory Frontier Iris

There are 2 Irises name Iris Blanche and Iris Noire who lives in Whale Island and in the Snow Ruins. Iris is the last of vampire tribe. She only could be met after 6 pm in Whale Island, or in the bar after you triggered an event that makes them start to live in Trampoli village. Just like a normal vampire, she loves blood. However, you can replace that “food” with tomato juice.

Supporting Characters


Stella is someone who builds the church and the village. She’s a nun who lives in the church and unofficially becomes chief of the village. Stella is someone who asked me watering the weird plants located in front of the clock tower, and then the beanstalk grows largely, giving me an access to visit the Whale Island. There is a little mystery relating to Sister Stella. It seems that there is a time slip where we can meet the young Stella who had a plan to build a church and the village. According to her, the house that I live in and the clock tower are already there even before she arrived in Trampoli village.


Erik is a self-centered guy who lives in the Southern area of Trampoli village, becomes Kross and Bianca’s neighbors. He calls you young man instead of your real name. You can get lots of information from him relating to the farming, even the tools you have and got from people in the village. You can buy all of the seeds here. Make sure you choose the seeds according to the seasons, except you want to grow it in the dungeon.


Just like Erik, Kross is someone who lives in the Southern area of Trampoli village. He’s hardly noticed by everyone in the village thus makes him considered like a ghost. However, Kross is actually a nice guy, with a little melancholy personality. You can expand your house and make your own barn through this guy. Just prepare some money and lumbers that needed, and he will make what you want rapidly.


Turner is a fat-guy, the owner of the Inn. He’s Eunice father and loves wine. He’s always drinking anytime he got the chance, especially at night in the bar. He constantly invites you to join with him, but because you as the main protagonist (Raguna) is still under 20, he can’t really drink it. There’s no specific or special event relating to Turner, except in Ganesha’s boat race cup.


Rita is Turner’s wife and Eunice’s mother. She’s a Barmistress of her bar called Snowstyle Tavern. Just like her husband, there’s no specific event relating to her. However, she will give you a random gift every time you build an extension. Starting from cheap juice to the Mix Ole that you can sell it around 5000 gold. She loves the cheap band and the wine. Just try to give her that, and she will really happy for it.


He’s a rude guy who lives in Business District. Danny runs the grocery store right in the next of Materia, Rosetta’s store. He thinks that Rosetta is a cheater because she stole his customers, and also there’s an incident in business district involving these 2 characters. Danny is actually a someone who lack in motivation.


A sexy blacksmith elf who lives in Business District, but she’s actually a single mother. She loves everything related to the blacksmith just like ore, especially the demon blood. You can find that rare item in Snow Ruins. You can find lots of material here, even my first sword was bought in her place. But several items like crystals were sold at a crazy price, maybe around 2.500 Gold to 5.000 Gold.


An elf boy who lives with his mother, Ganesha, in Business district. He has a huge dream to becomes the adventurer and turns out to be your fan. He will constantly ask you to take him to the dungeon, however, Ganesha forbids you to do so.


An old man who lives in the clock tower with his grandchildren, Cinnamon and Candy. He’s a stubborn person that constantly ask you to bring him rare items that he needs, even one of the rarest and most expensive one. However, he will give you a good staff in exchange. That’s a good milestone for you to become a wizard who uses a magic as your main attack if you opt to become a magician.


A cute girl with an ability to speak with spirit through songs. She’s Kanno’s granddaughter and Cinnamon’s little sisters. As having the same age as Marco, she also becomes Marco’s good friend and always seen with him. You can ask her to do something related to the spirit, like making rune stone, or special days without rain or the sun, or even growing specific plants like the bamboo shoot, mushroom, and lumber.


Nolan is a former king of the kingdom. He really loves bathhouse and always seen in Laga Spring (Melody’s bathhouse) around 3 pm. There are some events relating to him, and the biggest one is related to Melody.


He’s a peddler who visits the village once a week. You can find him every Holiday after 9 am in the public square. He will sell everything you need in the game, like facilities, cooking material, pharmacy, fridge, and other miscellaneous. Even though you can see him in Lake Poli in weekday, however for several reasons, you can’t buy anything from him. He also the one who gives me an information how to access the Whale Island in Holiday.


She’s another dark-elf and little sister of Tabatha. She comes to the village for her sister with a specific reason. It’s different with other characters from Rune Factory, she really loves flop – becomes the first person who could accept my failed dishes gladly. Minerva is actually included in Tabatha’s heart event, so make sure she has enough affection for you to make this characters appear in the village.


A mysterious man who appears out of nowhere. He loves to harass me all the time. He’s very cruel and actually is a special agent from the enemy empire. As the story progresses, along with enough affection from Kross, you will fight him sometimes in Summer, and after that, you will learn someone’s story in the past.


The real antagonist and the boss of the main story. He’s an acquaintance of Iris who gives you an access to the whole area in Whale Island. You will fight him in order to save Mist, and he’s the sole reason why you heard a singing voice in the Public Square.

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