Rune Factory Frontier Cinnamon – A Prodigy Magic User

Cinnamon is one of the characters and bachelorettes in Rune Factory Frontier game. She is very quiet and hard to speak with people. Even sometimes I don’t understand what she’s talking about. Cinnamon has a little sister named Candy, and she comes with her to the Trampoli village to take care of their grandfather, Kanno, who lives in Clock Tower.

Despite Kanno at first ask them to make foods, however, Cinnamon never prepared any kind of foods, and most of the house chores are done by Candy. Instead, you will often see her fishing outside, including in the river near to your house, in lake Poli, and in the dock.

Cinnamon comes to the village with Candy by riding the spirit, but the landing failed because they are too heavy and the spirits are mad. However, thanks to Raguna, they’re safe because they landed right on his back. For more detail, just check out the video below.

To trigger the event, or to make Candy and Cinnamon come to the village, you have to speak to Kanno in Clock Tower first several times until he mentioned about food. He complains that there’s no one in the village who bring him any foods, so he asks his granddaughters to come to take care of him.

Cinnamon is also a magic user, a prodigy who can use magic since the young age. But for certain reason, she stops using any magic. She also has a passion for fishing and celestial observation. She will often tell you what kind of constellation will appear tonight. So, just speak to her as often as possible. The constellation itself will give you special event involving one of the bachelorettes in town.

Fishing Pole

Just like another farming tools, you can also get your first fishing pole for free. The only thing you have to do is find Cinnamon when she’s fishing outside, like in the river near to your house, or in the Lake Poli. I usually find her in the river around 12-5 pm.

Speak to her several times and she will mention about her hobby, fishing. Since you’re curious about that, she will give you a fishing pole for free and you can start to catch any fishes. There are lots of high-price fishes in the beach, but you only can catch them in Summer.

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