Rune Factory Frontier Iris – The Last Vampire Tribe

Iris is one of the Bachelorettes from Rune Factory Frontier. She’s a mysterious girl who lives in Tower of Rest of Whale Island. Iris loves flowers, so the first quest relating to her is involving the flowers. The first time I met her was in Whale Island around 6 pm when I was looking for several rare items from treasure chests. Accidentally I triggered an event that shows a mysterious girl watering flowers and then she went inside the tower.

At first, I really clueless what should I do next since I don’t know how to open the tower door, although it’s written there that I should visit the place after 6 pm. And also I don’t know how to meet that mysterious girl. Until finally a Materia Grocery opened.

** Minor Spoiler **


Meeting Iris Blanche

As you know that Rune Factory Frontier characters‘ story is related to each other, and in this event involving Rosetta who open her own grocery called Materia. I don’t really remember when she opened that grocery but I believe that she did in the first year of Spring. Just go to the Business District and you will see the new building appear right to the next of Danny’s shop.

After several times I visited her in grocery, Rosetta talked about Moondrop Flowers that would bloom awesomely in a specific place. Again, I accidentally found the place in Whale Island, there is an empty little field located right in the front of the Tower where the mysterious girl is living in. So I decided to plant the Moondrop seeds there. Anyway, you can buy the seeds along with other flower seeds in Materia. Some of them are cheap, but most of them are sold at a crazy price.

I went to the Whale Island every day to watering that plant until it bloomed perfectly. I managed to trigger an event and anime cut-scene about that mysterious girl. She told her name, “Iris”, and since then I can meet her in Tower of Rest after 6 pm. You can also visit the Tower of Rest before 6 pm, however, you will see her sleeping in her bed.

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