Rune Factory Frontier Lara – Events, Likes and All About Her

Lara is one of the bachelorettes and characters from Rune Factory Frontier series. She also appeared in Rune Factory first series, however, for the certain reason she followed me to the Tampoli village. No, I’m kidding. She’s not following me – she actually comes over just to work as a nun and a licensed nurse in Trampoli village.

You don’t need some tricks to meet with Lara, just live your life as usual and she definitely will visit the Trampoli village in Spring 5 by herself. The first time I met her was followed by a little drama. I got out of the house and then fainted. Lara found me lying in my lawn and brought me to the infirmary to get a treatment. I think that was counted as her events, but not as love or heart events.

For more detail, check out the video below:

At this point, she will stay in the Trampoli village as a nun and nurse. You can also buy several pharmacy items starting from grass except for black and white grass, poison, soil care products, and rare flowers. She’s someone who loves sweet things, so I recommend you to give her strawberry jam or even chocolate cake.

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