Rune Factory Frontier Mining Guide

Mining is one of the most important aspects in Rune Factory Frontier game. Without doing this activity, you can’t make more powerful weapons, more powerful accessories, and upgrade your farming tools. Even to make a hammer, a tool for mining in the dungeon, you need some materials that could only be found in mining. This is just like we questioned about chicken and an egg, which comes first?

Luckily, the problem about mining and hammer isn’t as complicated as chicken and egg, despite you can solve it very easily by reading my mining guide here. Even you don’t need to spend your money to buy a hammer from the blacksmith Ganesha in Trampoli’s Business District. In fact, you can get your first hammer for free.

So, before we start to talk about mining and how to mine in Rune Factory Frontier, let’s focus on how to get the hammer first. The first step you have to do is accessing the Whale Island in Spring 2 or 3. If you don’t know how to do it, you can read my other tutorial about how to get to Whale Island, and also how to get a hammer. In those tutorials, I wrote that Melody, one of the characters from Rune Factory Frontier, will ask you to break the rock and finally you will find the hot springs. Then she will give you the hammer and you can use it for mining and break some rocks.

At this point, you can mine some minerals in dungeons as you please. However, there is two kind of rocks you need to know. The first ones are rocks that block the pathway, usually, you need stronger hammer by upgrade it into a silver hammer or above to unlock the secret path in dungeons. And the other ones are rocks that produce some minerals such as scrap irons, irons, coppers, silvers, golds, or even platinum.

The rocks that produce some minerals could be destroyed by your first hammer called Cheap Hammer, so you don’t need to worry in case you haven’t upgraded it yet. For more detail, just check the video below!

How to Get Rare Ores

Despite you can get some minerals like iron and silver from monsters drop such as Golem in dungeons, however, the easiest way is to find them by mined. Rune Factory Frontier has huge dungeons, and these places will provide you some valuable items and minerals. The items themselves are adjusted to the level of the dungeon you visit.

For example, you can find scrap irons and irons easily in the dungeons that are easier to conquer despite you still have a low level, however, some rarer and more valuable minerals such as golds and platinum could only be found in the deeper part of the dungeon like Snow Ruins.

For more detail, here the list of how to get…

  • Scrap Iron. This mineral may be the easiest to find. You can get this scrap iron in all of the dungeons you visit. In fact, scrap irons could be found in deepest part of dungeons and tend to act as a zonk. However, scrap irons still can be used to leveling up your character’s forge skills, and as a gift for Ganesha.
  • Iron. The basic mineral that could be found in the dungeons surface. You can make some standards farming tools, accessories, and weapons by utilizing this mineral. Even irons could be the great milestone to leveling up your forge and craft skills. Several places that filled with irons include:
    Whale Island (Whale Island Cave Surface, Whale Island Cave Depth).
    Green Ruins 1st Floor
  • Copper. You can also get this mineral by opening treasure chests in Whale Island Fin. However, you can also find it by mined. Several places that filled with coppers include:
    Whale Island (Whale Island Cave Depth).
  • Silver. (soon)
  • Gold. (soon)
  • Platinum. (soon)

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