Rune Factory Frontier Mist – The Main Heroine of the Series

Rune Factory Frontier MistMist is the main heroine and one of the characters from Rune Factory Frontier game. She’s the main reason why Raguna, our main protagonist starts to living in Trampoli village. She’s a random and weird girl who loves to say random things, that constantly makes me laugh whenever I talked to her. However, she’s a kind girl who helped Raguna in the first series of Rune Factory.

Mist Storyline

According to Raguna, when he had lost everything including his memory and a place to live. When he was on the verge of collapse, he met her. Mist provided him with food, a home, and new memories. This is the story of the first series of the game.

But the story continues to the Rune Factory Frontier when Mist suddenly disappeared without a single word to anybody. That very next day, Raguna left the town behind to search for her.

However, Raguna’s journey is not as long as we thought because we can meet with Mist in the next day in the church. After the reunion, Mist asked Raguna to live in this village and the game started.

Mist giving me the first tools like a tin can and a hoe, along with the turnip seeds. She has a high expectation for me to become a good earthmate.

Mist is Sick

Mist is always standing in front of my house doing random things everyday around 12 to 5 pm, however, she suddenly disappeared (again) without a single word to me. It happened in Spring 4 Year 1. Did she leave the town again? Nope, it’s not like that at all. Actually, Mist catches a cold and lying in the bed in her house.

Sister Stella told me this information and asked me to go check up on her. Well, this is not something serious matter, and even I don’t really know whether there’s a correlation in the story progress or not. But it’s still included into Mist event, right?

In the next morning, she’s healthy and playful again, and start to talk a random thing as usual. Back to normal…

The Weeds

This is also a necessary event to make our main story line moves forward. As we know that we need to beat all of the dungeons to clear the main quest, so in this quest you will open the first dungeon in Trampoli village called Green Ruins.

One day Mist will ask you to weed her lawn. There’s a lot of wild plant in front of her house so you need to clean it up. The dungeon is located right in the middle of the clump.

In order to complete this quest, you have to get your free Cheap Sickle first that you can acquire from someone in the village, Erik. Just talk to him several times and he will give you the free sickle for sure. Also, make sure you have enough energy before you starting to weed Mist’s lawn. Using sickle will consume your RP, or HP if you have no RP left in your bar.

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