Rune Factory Frontier Rosetta – The Businesswoman with Great Talent

Rosetta is one of the Rune Factory Frontier characters and included as a bachelorette you can marry with. She’s a businesswoman with great talent to run a grocery store. At first, Rosetta doesn’t live in Trampoli village until she fights with her father and left the town she lives in. She runs away to the Trampoli village and then runs a Grocery called Materia.

You can buy everything related to flower seeds in her Materia, including the rare ones but were sold with a crazy price. You can find a single seed which is sold around 12K gold. The flowers themselves should be planted at the right time. There is specific season you can grow those flowers. However, the problem is there are specific flowers take more than 90 days or even a year to grow, so it’s impossible to plant them in your field. But you can grow them in the dungeon like Whale Island instead that not affected by seasons. Which means you can grow any of seeds throughout the year.

Before she moved to the Trampoli village, you can still meet with Rosetta around 5 to 6 pm in front of your house. She will take everything you sell in the shipping box. Around that time, you can give her a gift or just take a mild conversation. Surely, it’s only a “mild” because around that time there’s no special event could be triggered.

However, after she moved to the Trampoli village, she will be seen in her Materia from 9 to 5 pm, while after 5 pm she will visit your house to buy everything you put in the shipping box beforehand. So, make sure you put everything you want to sell in the shipping box before 5 pm. If you put the items after 5 pm, they will be taken in the next day at 5 pm as usual.

Rosetta loves Cherry Pie and likes strawberry, hot milk, etc. However, please note that Rosetta really hates Milk, but likes hot milk. I don’t know the exact reason but maybe, she just doesn’t want to cook the milk in her house. Since the cherry pie is really hard to get in your first year in Trampoli village, so giving her one strawberry per day could be a great idea, while hot milk is slightly pricey.

*** Minor Spoiler ***

Fight with Father

In the Spring 9, Rosetta will be seen in front of Mist‘s house. Just speak to her and she will tell you about her problem. She runs away from home after having an argument with her father and will stay at Mist’s house for the time being.

Rune Factory Frontier Rosetta - Fight with Father

Despite it is really a sad thing to see someone’s fighting with her family, however, this is surely a great story development in the game. Without this event, you can move the main story further that I will explain completely below.

*** to be continued

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