Rune Factory Frontier Selphy – An Aristocrat Girl who Loves Books

Selphy is one of the bachelorettes and characters of Rune Factory Frontier games. She comes from nowhere and her real identity is still a mystery. She was first found passed out in front of my house, and then was taken to the infirmary by Lara. According to her, she was traveling (ran away) and hadn’t eaten anything in a week, and almost die. Because of that, Lara asks her to stay in Trampoli village to recuperate.

There’s a possibility that Selphy is an aristocrat or maybe a real princess, and her real name maybe Selphius Josephine. However, she changed it to Selphy to hide her real identity. The reason she ran away or her family is still unknown. I hope there is/are sequels that will provide more information about Selphy and her background, because all of the characters in Rune Factory are really interesting, especially the bachelorettes.

After the incident, Selphy starting to live in Trampoli village. She becomes a librarian and you can meet her in Rune Archive. She’s always reading random books behind her desk. You can buy any of books including cooking recipes, forging, and pharmacy. Just visit the Rune Archive one day after Lara took care of her, and you will trigger an anime cut scene.

Selphy told me that she loves foods that could be held by one hand like rice balls and sandwich. While rice balls could make her happy, giving her sandwich will make her say “I love you”.

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