Shooting Star Dragon Nest Guide Level 95 in 2020

Play a chibi character never makes me bored, especially the class that I play this time. Shooting Star is a good one, maybe this is the strongest class I’ve ever played after Ray Mechanic.

After she got remake in 2020, there is a huge change of how she fights. I personally divided into 2 pattern, that’s the DPS and Spam pattern, that I will show you in detail below

Also, she really needs to use the attribute attack, which is also I will explain why. I am using Ice Element. But that doesn’t matter which element you want to use as long as you know how to build it properly.

Overall, this guide is about how to build your Shooting Star that’s focus on PATK, AGI, and Elemental Attack. Understanding buff and debuff potential, PVE skill build, skill rotation and combo, heraldry build, talisman build, and costume build that will boost your attack.

At the end of the day, you can play Shooting Star as a solo player in any Nests (except raid nest) at least level 7. And you can build it as short as 1-2 weeks.

But before you read this guide deeper, make sure you watch my videos below to ensure that my fighting style fits for you!

So, let’s started!

Latest Update: September 2020 SEA Patch


Shooting Star has a very unique buff, just like any other academic class in Dragon Nest. Sometimes you will get attack power increase, cooldown decrease, final damage increase, and much more.

And also, Shooting Star has debuff that makes the enemies suffer from additional damage and decreasing their elemental resistance. Because of it, you need to turn your Shooting Star into elemental attacker.

Buff Potential

Shooting Star literally has only 1 buff, it is called Auto Dispenser. Just throw it up and it will produce some foods that give you different buffs.

The foods that come out is random, so if you are lucky enough, you will gain the most complete buff that increase your final damage, critical, attack power, action speed, movement speed, while reducing your cooldown skills or even resetting all of your skills’ cooldown.

Debuff Potential

Just like what I said above that Shooting Star’s debuff could make your enemies receive more damage while reducing their elemental attack resistance.

  1. Biochemical Missiles Ex. The Ex means that the regular Biochemical Missiles doesn’t act as debuff. So, if you are Gear Master, there’s no meaning to activate this skill except in PVP. This skill could make your enemies suffer from damage around 20% and lasts for 60 seconds. Cooldown 25 seconds.
  2. Chemical Grenade. It will reduce enemies’ all attribute resistance around 20% and lasts for 40 seconds. Cooldown 5 seconds. Because of this skill, I recommend you to turn your Shooting Star into elemental attacker by using elemental jade. Any elemental is okay!

Class Mastery

Class Mastery will make you have a certain fighting style. I personally have 2 pattern because of it.

  1. Class Mastery 1. After you use AP Launcer 2 times, the skill will turn into “overheat mode”. It will give a huge attack on the enemies. The shells change from piercing into explosive.
  2. Class Mastery 2. After using Chemical Grenade, Mine Thrower can be casted as an instant. The regular and instant doesn’t share cooldown so it can be used 2 times in a row.
  3. Class Mastery 3. Includes into Spamming Pattern. It only increases Quick Shot attack power while reducing Demolition and Summon Buster when the skill is used.

After you understand about its potential, so let’s dive deeper.

Skill Tree

Here is the skill showcase of Shooting Star.

Skill Build PVE

Before updating this post, I don’t use some skills including Ping Pong Bomb, Cannon Blaster, and Demolition. But after remake, I changed this class greatly.

This is for PVE. Despite many people think that Ping Pong Bomb sucks, but I love it! If you give max level, it can give a huge damage as well.

Skill Rotation and Combo

My skill rotation and combo is focusing on 2 patterns, they are Debuff DPS pattern and Spamming Pattern.

The first pattern is to make enemies suffer from debuff while giving a huge damage using DPS skill, while the spamming pattern is used to reducing Demolition and Summon Buster skills while waiting first pattern cooldowning.


  1. Summon Auto Dispenser and eat everything in sight!
    If you summon it in the nest, save the chickens for later. Also, if you see Milk and Cheese, choose cheese instead.
  2. Summon Alfredo.

Debuff DPS Pattern

  1. Biochemical Missiles. This skill acts as debuff and make enemies more prone to damage around 20%.
  2. Shooting Tactics. Oftentimes, I use this skill to give proper distance between I and enemies, so I can launch Mine Thrower in the right position.
  3. Class Master 2. By using Chemical Grenade, you can use Mine Thrower as an instant. It’s little tricky because you need in the right position. That’s why Shooting Tactics is needed.
  4. Mine Thrower. Remember, the regular and instant doesn’t share cooldown, so you can use it 2 times in a row.
  5. Splash Ex. After it gained Ex, you can hold Left Mouse button to shot shells automatically.


Pre-spamming is only consists of 2 skills, they are:

  • Summon Buster. It is ultimate skill of Shooting Star. So powerful but has 125 seconds cooldown. That’s why Spamming Pattern is needed.
  • Demolition. Just like summon buster, so powerful but with 90 seconds cooldown.

You can use these skills anytime they are available to be used, of course after enemies suffer from debuffs.

Spamming Pattern

In awakening skill tab, there is a passive skill called Quick Draw that can reduce Pre-Spamming cooldown by any seconds. Please note that if you use this Spamming pattern while Pre-Spamming skills are available to be used, the you will lose the potential.

Make sure you use this Spamming Pattern if Pre-Spamming skills are cooldowning.

The Spamming Pattern includes: Ping Pong Bomb, AP Launcer, Cannon Blaster, and Quick Shot. By using these 4 skills continuously, Pre-Spamming cooldown will reduce greatly.

Sometimes I also use the Chemical Grenade and Splash Ex in between.

Use this Spamming Pattern until Biochemical Missiles is available to use again, then back to Debuff DPS Pattern.

On Several Situation

  • Alfredo Recall. To calling Alfredo if he too far away from you or battle area.
  • Rocket Jump or Shooting Tactics to dodge or stay away from AoE of enemies attack.
  • Transitional Damage. If enemies launched attack that will give me a huge damage.

Item Build

First thing first, Shooting Star is using 2 main stats, these are Physical Attack and Agility.

But don’t forget that we need to build her as elemental attacker. So, make sure you get Elemental Conversion Jade.


After world remaster 3 has been released to the public, we can acquire the Skilla set easier, just doing the main quest and you will get Lapis and other items for crafting Skilla.

Here is my gear:

  • Skilla Set. Craft through blacksmith. You can get the material needed by clearing the main quest combined with clearing Mission Board quest or other ways.
  • Legion Malachite Rings. You can buy them in the Trading House.
  • Heavenly Corundum Necklace. You can buy it in the Trading House, as well.
  • Determination Earring. Free equipment after you reached level 95. I don’t change the earring because I need elemental stats on it.

While for Dragon Jade, I’m using:

  • Iceberg Jade. This is Elemental Conversion Jade that can change your original attack into ice elemental attack. You can choose the other ECJ. I chose this because I got it in Nest. Attach into your Skill Cannon
  • Attack Jade. Should have Attack Power and Ice stats. If you have AGI or Critical on it as additional stats, it’s better. Attached into Threaded loop and 2 rings
  • Defense Jade. Should have Attack Power and AGI stat on it. While for 3rd stat, I mixed with Vitality and Critical. 4 VIT and 3 CRIT. Attach into your Armors, Earring, and Necklace.

And for the costume sets, I’m using Mystery Solver set you can buy through David using Hero’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears point.

Heraldry and Skill Plates

For the heraldry I’m using:

  • Destruction
  • Wind
  • Ultimate
  • Fatal
  • Tent
  • Iron Wall
  • Limitation
  • Health

And for the Skill Heraldry includes:

  • Splash. Damage 20%
  • Mine Thrower. Damage 20%
  • AP Launcer. Damage 20%
  • Cannon Blaster. Damage 20%
  • Biochemical Missiles (Goddess). Damage 57%
  • Skill up Heraldry. Splash +1


For the talisman, I’m using Talisman Slot Extension Coupon 30 Days. I bought it through David using Hero’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears point. So, I can open 4 additional slots!

  • 200%. Destruction, Wind, Ultimate
  • 175%. Fatal, Limitation, Bear
  • 125%. Iron Wall, Tent, Health
  • 100%. Life Vitality


By using this build, I personally get stats like:

  • ATK: 3,2 M
  • Physical Defence: 72%
  • Magical Defence: 65%
  • Critical: 95% (too much. Maximum is 89%)
  • Critical Damage: 277%
  • Ice Attribute: 69.10%
  • Final Damage: 56%

Please note that the stat above is in city before getting buff through Auto Dispenser.

I hope this guide will help you! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to my other Youtube Channel here.

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