3 Best VRchat Japan Worlds to Improve Your Japanese Language

Hey weebs! Are you looking for the Japan Worlds in VRchat? Here, I have 3 best lists for you! so you can improve your Japanese language like anime boy/girl.

Little Story of My Journey

Let’s be honest, as a weebs, we really want to know which place the Japanese people gathered in VRchat, so we can learn Japanese through the game with kaiwa without paying a single cent, or just to show off some words or lines you remember in the anime.

I remember when the first time I played the game, I carried out an important mission! That’s to find some places where the Japanese people are, and speak like real Japanese!

Well, actually, I learned Japanese for years, even in Japan itself, I attend Japanese school run by volunteers. I can practice my Japanese, speaking in Japanese, and chatting with some Japanese! That’s the best things I have ever done in my life so far.

But now, I am not in Japan! There’s a pandemic, the virus outbreak, called the Covid-19, that forced me to return to where I live in before.

Most people will never use the Japanese outside Japan! If I insisted, people will call me weebs for sure! I don’t want that happen!

That situation will make me forget the Japanese I have learned for years! My efforts will be wasted in vain. I better die if that happen!

That’s why, I started my journey in the new sekai! new world! it’s called the VRchat world!

VRChat, hmmm…

VRChat is basically a MMOVR game! stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Reality! It can be downloaded for free through steam

It is created by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey, which means that the game is non-Japanese game. But don’t worry, it’s because you still can so many Japanese in that world! I don’t know why but maybe, there are so many cute avatars on the game, so it is attracting so many Japanese to play. As you maybe know that Japanese people love cute thing! Kawaiii.. 

Not in Japan Shrine

When I played this game for the first time, I asked several players to tell me where the Japanese people are usually online! I open my discord account and join the VRchat community in its server, and asked the exact same questions to them.

Many chatters answer, Japan Shrine!

Finally, I found the best place even before I play the game! So I rushed my self to install the game, dived in, and accessing the Japan Shrine, but there is no Japanese people inside, not a single person!

And I realized that’s the biggest mistake people ever made!

Did they trick me?

Not really, I still can find the non-Japanese (maybe weebs) are roaming around and speak in Japan language with western accent, sounds like in the anime! Some can speak fluently, some can not! 

Here’s the best example of my video showing that Japan Shrine just filled with non-Japanese, while one of the places I recommend (Poppy Street) is a great place to improve your Japanese.

Yeah, for now, I can speak Japanese as usual, but I still feel there is a big hole inside my chest! I just want to find real Japanese, but my personal informants gave me the wrong information, or maybe they just don’t know where!

The fact is, you still can find one or two Japanese, but it’s not a place for Japanese to gather to.

That’s why, it’s different with the other people, I don’t recommend you to go to Japan Shrine if you want to meet with lots of Japanese people! 

But, dive into the 3 worlds I choose below!

Best VRchat Japan Worlds

Without further ado, here are the best 3 VRchat Japan worlds to improve your Japanese language skill!

1. Poppy Street – ポピー横丁

Poppy Street, or Poppy Yokochou, is authored by Coquelicotz, and become the most popular worlds for Japanese, according to me. lol

And also, this worlds is also the first world with full of Japanese people I’ve found before the rest. There is a limit until 40 players, it’s a little much, so if you don’t have good internet speed or connection (like high latency), you will have a very hard time, and suffering from disconnection error message.

At first, I was using the 10mbps speed. But it can’t handle the VRchat, so I upgraded to 50mbps, and it can run normally even there are so many players online the same worlds!

Oh c’mon, I don’t live in the developed country like USA, Japan, German, French, or others. I live in the developing country that even 10mbps will make you spend extra money! And I upgraded into 50mbps? that’s even miracle for me.

The place itself will make you feel inside the poppy hill in Japan. I don’t know whether this place is inspired from the Poppy Hill or not, I just feel that both of them have the same atmosphere. 

The map itself is T-Shaped, with filled with bars. 

You can meet a lot of Japanese people along the way.

2. Suzuran Shukaijou – すずらん集会場 –

It is still inside the bar! Maybe Japanese people just love drink! Authored by Nekoro.

The second place I found for Japanese worlds in VRchat. But sometimes it’s really hard to find them in several cases. It’s because the place is limited into 25 chatters.

Well, to be honest, I don’t come to this place too often, because I just don’t like the atmosphere, the lighting and some un-moveable objects.

But if your mission to find Japanese people, this place is still highly recommended! But you won’t find me there!

3. [JP] Tutorial World

It’s really weird to find out that there are so many people in this tutorial world. It should like a world of beginning in the RPG game.

You can find so many tutorial written on the wall, in Japanese! 

So many Japanese gathered in this place, that’s a prove that Japanese love to read manual in game! 

But it’s different with the world’s name, this place full of weird or fun people! This is my most favorite place so far. I always come to this place first before the others when I dive into VRchat sekai.

So, what do you think about these worlds? If you have any questions or objections about this topic, just leave the comment below.

Or, if you have some suggestions of VRchat Japan worlds you want to try, tell me in the comment below! I’ll check it out for you and review it whether there are Japanese or not!

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